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Woodpeckers Archive 2014-2015

                                          Greater Spotted Woodpecker

Stone Age Cave Art: June 2015

Over recent weeks the children have been looking closely at Stone Age art, and thinking about how and why Stone Age people created these pictures. They have really enjoyed being 'experimental archeologists' and trying to re-create their own cave paintings using sand, charcoal and scratch art.


To gain a greater understanding of how the paintings were created, we completed our pictures under the table, or up against the wall just like real Stone Age people. It was great fun and we are really pleased with the results.




Brilliant Bishops Wood: June 2015

On Wednesday 10th June, children from Woodpeckers class all enjoyed a super Stone Age day at Bishops Wood Centre in Stourport-Upon-Severn. We were met by our guide Helen, who talked us through a Stone Age time-line before showing us a range of Stone Age artefacts. 


Next we went on a walk through the woods, and Helen showed us how Stone Age people might have created fire by hitting two pieces of flint together.


Once the fire had been lit, we spilt into three groups to take part in a variety of fun activities. The first was having a go at creating a spark with the flints, we all really loved this! The next activity was using copper and steel to create Stone Age Jewellery. The final activity was to go hunting and gathering, just like real Stone Age people. Some of us were better at this than others!


Whilst we had our lunch, Helen told us all about recycling and how important it was to think about what went into our bins. After we had finished eating, she weighed all our waste packaging and took our food waste for compost. We were really pleased to get a certificate which told us we only had 50g of waste. Well done Woodpeckers!


After lunch we all walked back to the woods where Helen told us to collect logs. She showed us how to carry them safely, then took us to the area where we were going to build our Stone Age shelters. We had to work co-operatively to place the logs in the right place which helped make the shelter strong. We were really proud of our shelter, especially when Helen told us it had only taken us 14 minutes to build!


Our final activity was cave painting. We all worked around a huge piece of paper, and used chalk, charcoal and wet clay to create stone Age art. It was very messy but great fun!



We were sad to say goodbye to Helen, she had been such a fantastic guide and had helped to make our trip to Bishopswood one to remember. Hopefully we can go back soon!

Performance Poetry: June 2015

This week in English we have really enjoyed reading a variety of classic poetry. We began by looking at the poems of Charles Causley and Eleanor Farjeon, whose poems are still popular with children today. We used the poem 'Sounds in The Evening' by Eleanor Farjeon, as inspiration for our own poems set in the Stone Age. We thought about sounds we might hear. Below are some of their amazing ideas.

The rapid flow of the deafening river.

The piercing roar of a fierce sabre tooth,

The deafening stomp of an ancient mammoth.

The rapid pounding of a wounded antelope.

The majestic footsteps of determined hunters.

The delicate dripping of the quiet raindrops.

The viscious howling of a starving wolf.

The shrill swaying of large trees.

The extraordinary trumpet of the hairy mammoth.

The shrill cackle of an eagle flying high in the sky.

We finished the week by learning the poems off by heart, and tried to use our voices and actions to perform them. It took a lots of practise but we had lots of fun. Take a look at some of our performances below. (suitable for IPads)




African Masks: April 2015

To finish our African topic off in style, Woodpeckers designed and made their own African masks.  We started by looking at a variety of different masks, evaluating what we liked and identifying designs we thought were effective. Then the children sketched some ideas, before finally making their own. Take a look at the gallery below, we think they look very authentic!

The Solar Eclipse: March 2015

Today we were very lucky to experience the Solar Eclipse, an event that is a very rare occurance. This is when then moon moves directly in front of the sun, and blocks the light creating a shadow on Earth. We used pin hole cameras to view the eclipse, which meant our eyes were protected from the powerful rays. It was a very strange but magical experience.


Persuasive adverts: March 2015

This week in our Topic lessons, we have enjoyed evaluating, writing and performing adverts to sell a variety of sweet treats! We then used the Green Screen App to film our creations.

How persuasive do you think they are?



Science: Electricity. March 2015

In Science this week, Woodpeckers were asked a variety of questions to make them think about electrical insulators and conductors. 

Why aren't wires made from wood?

Should we make crocodile clips from plastic?

Why is the filament of a bulb made from metal?

Why is plastic used to coat wires?

They were then asked to test a variety of materials in a simple circuit to see which materials would allow the electricty flow, and a bulb to light up.

Take a look at the pictures below and ask your child what they discovered!




Comic Relief: March 2015

As part of our topic on Africa, Woodpeckers were given the responsibilty of organising this year's Comic Relief fundraising. The children had lots of fantastic ideas, but we eventually decided on a Comic Relief themed 'Bake-off', and a funny face photobooth. Mrs Hughes helped us to use the Green Screen App on the Ipads to create some amazing backgrounds, and the whole school enjoyed dressing up and creating some VERY funny faces. The Bake-off was also a huge success, and over £100 was raised. We were incredibly proud of how the children rose to the challenge, and the efforts they put into making the day such a success. We would like to say a big thank you to all those parents who supported their child, we hope you like their funny face photos!

To view more funny faces click on the link below.



Garden Project Artwork: February 2015

The children continue to work hard to create amazing artwork for our Garden Project. This week they have been busy creating pebble doormice and greater crested newts, aswell as clay adders, all of which can all be found on the Malvern hills. I think they will look amazing in our garden!


                         Clay adder       

Woodpeckers learn the Waka Waka: January 2015

As part of our topic on Africa, Woodpeckers have been learning the Waka Waka, which was the 2010 World Cup anthem. After learning the basic steps, the children were asked to work in pairs and come up with their own movement sequence to the music.They had to incorporate African dance movements, as well as dance in time! Take a look at the clips below.






Eid Celebrations: Oct 2014

During the last week of  half term, Woodpeckers class learnt all about how Muslims worship, in particular, we had been finding out about the month of Ramadan. This is a special time of the year where Muslims 'fast' between sunrise and sunset. This means they are not able to eat or drink between these times as a way of reflecting on how lucky they are, and to think of others who are less fortunate. It was an exciting week, where we cooked up a special feast, just as Muslims do to celebrate Eid. It was delicious!


Cycling Proficiency: Oct 2014

What an exciting opportunity Year 4 Woodpeckers have had this week! We have all been working hard towards gaining  our level 1 Bikeabilty award.

The aim was to learn how to keep our bikes roadworthy, and be able to ride our bikes safely and confidently.

Our training took place on the school playground, and we are thrilled to tell you that we all passed! We can now look forward to Level 2 in Eagles Class.


A Trip to the Rainforest: Oct 2014

On Monday 13th October, Woodpeckers class enjoyed a taste of the Amazon on our fantastic trip to 'The Living Rainforest' We enjoyed an amazing tour of the plants and wildlife, and learnt lots of new and exciting facts about how they have adapted to living in such a unique environment.

 The children really impressed their guides with the amount of information they had remembered from our class work, and they were confidently able ask and answer questions. We were also impressed by their impeccable behaviour. Well done Woodpeckers!

The trip proved to be a wonderful inspiration for our Literacy work this week, and the children have enjoyed writing letters to persuade the Brazilian Government to stop cutting down the Rainforests.