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Summer 2 2018

Week 5

The bugs were finally finished and ready for the Music Festival.  They looked fabulous!






The Music Festival was great fun and the children joined in with enthusiasm.  The shakers were admired by all!



Drawing lions

Practising repeating patterns with the colours of the South African flag.




Art Attack




Water and sand play





Week 4

This week’s African inspired recipe was the treat of Coconut Ice. 

“Has it got sugar in it?  Quite a lot of treats have sugar in.  if you have sugar all the time, then your teeth will go rotten and get holes in.”

We looked at a whole coconut.

 “It’s so hard.”

“You can’t break it.”

“Chop it up with a knife.”

“My daddy has a sledgehammer.”

“It feels a bit prickly.  It must have come off a prickly tree.”

“I can hear water.”

“We need to empty it out.”

We compared it to the desiccated coconut.

“This one is heavy and hard and that one’s chopped up.”

“I think they must have used a really sharp knife to chop it up.”


We needed a sieve.

“So the big lumps go away.”

“They crack in the holes.”

“The holes are so tiny, the big bits can’t go in.”

We also needed a tin opener.

“Is it kinetic?”

“I think it’s magnetic.”






Exploring balance 





Inspired by Sports Day,  the children invented their own obstacle races.



Making non-standard-measure measuring tapes




Our bug instruments are almost finished. 





Week 3

Making parachutes with Mrs Williams.



Drawing crocodiles.



Inspired by Africa we made bean cakes in Cookery using red kidney beans.

We compared the dry and the fresh breadcrumbs.

“The fresh is all squishy and it sticks together.  The dry is all crumbly.”

“You leave the dry ones out for a long time to get dry.”

“These onions make my eyes water.”

“It’s the juice.”

“Yeah.  It’s spicy juice.”

We looked at the red kidney beans.

“They look like rice inside.  Whoops!  I’ve just eaten the one I was investigating!

The onions came apart but still fitted back together again.

“This is absolutely magic!”





Filling our musical bugs with beans.




Sports Day this week was great fun.  Please see the Gallery for photos.


Practising counting in twos by using 2ps to buy building items.




Free play





Week 2

 Learning to draw lions.



Inspired by Africa, we looked at sweet potatoes in Cookery today, comparing them to ordinary potatoes.


  “That one is long and that one is round.”

“It’s curved like a ball.”

“They both have the same skin.”

“The sweet potato skin is a lot darker than the other one.”

“That one feels rough and that one feels smooth.”

“I thought they were the same inside but they’re different.”

“That one is yellow and orangey and that one isn’t.”

“They’re both strong.”

“They’re both slippy.”

“You can boil them both.”

“You can eat them both!”


The children enjoyed reading the spice names and smelling!


“Paprika – that rhymes with Africa!”

“The colour is just like fire.”

“It smells like sauce.”

“That’s a nice smell.”

Cumin: “That’s for spicy sauce.”

“The ginger is ‘just like biscuits’.


We grated the ginger.


“There’s powder coming out…There’s little cuts on it.”

“Let’s mix it all together… Are you hiding the oil, Mrs Watson?!... It might go slimy… How much do we need, by the way?… 2 spoons …Big or little ones?... Hmmm … What does this pattern look like?

“A lion’s mane!”



Card games to practice ‘before’ and’ after’ with numbers.


Inspired by Hand’s Surprise we investigated and unusual fruit – pomegranates.

“Please don’t squirt in my face!”

“It’s bleeding – who’s cut their finger?!”

“We’ve opened it!”

“They look like diamonds…these ones are attached.”

“Those are the bits you eat.”

“There’s more under the whiteness.”

“I’m going to peel the skin off.”

“I love investigating!”

“The seeds are very juicy – they’re not hard.”

“They split if we squeeze them.”

“They just go into nothing – it’s like a toffee shock in The Faraway Tree.  You suck it and it will go to nothing.”

“If we open the seed, there’s a seed inside!”

“This bit looks like a tooth!”

“They taste nice!”





Adding wings and legs to our bug instruments.




 If a butterfly has 6 legs, how many is that in each side?


Week 1

We are focusing on Africa this half term so, inspired by the story of Handa's Surprise,  began the week by painting African animals using hand prints.




Forest School





This half term's DT project is some bug theme musical shakers to use at the music festival in July.  Having drawn plans, we began by putting a first layer of papier mache on balloons - very messy!