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Summer 2 2017

Week 6

The children are loving making their shoe models and some children have even made extra ones in their own time.  Today we added some more refinements, such as buttons and Velcro, heels, lace hole and laces.



Making gelato

We compared frozen strawberries with fresh ones.

“These are stuck together because they’re frozen.”


“They have those white bits on.”

“It’s called frost.”

“These are warm…and squishy…and so soft.”

“The juice inside these ones is frozen.  This one isn’t.”

“If you drop the frozen ones, they make a louder sound and these make a quieter one.”

“We need to put them in the blazer…You might think it’s like a drink but the strawberries are hard so when you blaze them up, they go like ice cream.  If you want a strawberry drink, you have to use soft strawberries.”

“I’m going to tell Mum how to make it cos it’s easy – just 2 things – frozen strawberries and cream.”

 The children made some gelato bunting and priced the ice cream using Euros.




Investigating balancing.





Today the children added colour to their shoe models.




Activities with the Beebots.




On Wednesday we went to the Early Years Music Festival at the Chantry.  The theme was ‘The Circus’.  A great time was had by all!



Investigating loose parts and patterns.







Week 5

We had a transition sports morning with the children from Nursery.  It was great fun!





Cookery this week was pesto.

“I had pesto for tea.  It’s green.  Mummy got it from a shop.”

 We needed cheese.  “Is it mozzarella cheese?  They eat that in Italy…. The holes on the grater are so small, the cheese gets small.”

“It tastes like Belgian cheese.”

“It tastes different to cheese in this country.  It tastes a bit funnier because we haven’t tasted it before.”

“The basil looks like a gondola!”





“It’s all smudged now.”

“You can hear it glooping.”

 “It looks like seaweed.”

“Sometimes you can eat seaweed.” – But they weren’t keen on the idea of seaweed pesto!

“I like to make pesto better than buying it.  It’s more fun.”

“it’s good to make pesto so you know what’s in it.”

“This is better than the shopkeeper’s.”

“I think it needs more olive oil to make it runnier.”


Water play




Week 4

The children are very excited to start making their shoes!



Italy is famous for its tunnels.  One road apparently has 52!  We had a go at building our own with a challenge of getting a vehicle all the way through without prodding.  Eventually string was attached to vehicles, threaded through the tunnels, then pulled to make the vehicle move.



We can’t study Italy without making pizzas!  The children were encouraged to try a variety of toppings and they were a huge hit!





On Thursday we investigated the strength of spaghetti.  The children were not hopeful, but after a lot of trial and error, they finally managed to balance great piles of things on top without any snapping!  Very exciting!





Week 3

We made soda bread.  The children thought they would save a bit for the poor little elves as they did look thin!

We talked about how flour is made.  Some thought it was made in a factory and some said that seeds had to be ground in a windmill.



But why was this flour brown and not white?

They children thought maybe it had food colouring in it, or it was a different sort of corn or that someone had put porridge in it.

We talked about the covering of the seeds and remembered they were brown!  The children worked out that they must throw the brown bit away to make it white.



The bread was delicious and the children wanted to leave some for the elves.  The next morning, the elves had left a tiny thank you letter.  The children were keen to write back so we did our own tiny letters with the help of the photocopier.



Italian gelato maths – making and selling.



Maths with Roman numerals.


As we are thinking about Italy this half term, we looked at the leaning tower of Pisa.  This inspired a challenge:  could the children build a tower by using just balloons and masking tape?  It turns out that they could!




Papercraft gondolas and an improvised one to sit in!



This week we started some mosaics, just like the Romans used to do.


Week 2

Whilst I was in France with the year 6 children some of the highlights of the week for the Fledglings were…

making plans for their next DT project of shoes,


running a shoe shop (the shoes only had a price for one shoe so the children were able to practise their understanding of doubles),

"You could just count it again."

"Put 9 in one shoe and 9 in the other."

"Just put them next to each other."

"You could count them in 2s or 4s."



and finding ways to measure the length and width of feet,





making venetian bridges – this one was tall for boats to go under and was only for pedestrians,

 exploring pasta,



and discovering that the elves had invited friends around for a picnic!



Week 1

The children wanted to make a supermarket.

"It's got clothes in, and food."

The clothes were arranged into 'ladies' and 'men' and lots of signs were made to help the shoppers.

"I'm going to make money.  You just do circles.  You have to put numbers on them."

"Beep! beep!...This is next...beep!"

"I've got quite a lot of stuff."



"My shop is not part of the supermarket.  It's in London.  I've had it about 25 years.  Everyone likes my clothes and they wear it for fashion.  They're very expensive.  There's one that's 100p."

"I've checked my money.  For your country it's a different 'p'.  Here's a dollar."

"Let me write down what you've buyed."

"I'm going home in my rocket (with his shopping) to the planet Star Wars."


Spaying tissue paper with water...

"Oh no!  It's gone brown - the orange on the purple goes brown!"

"Mine's leaking...I need to write my name on the dry bit...or the writing will go funny."




We put glass beads, frogs, a log and lily pads in the water tray.

 "This lily pad is sinking ... with 4 beads on."

"The wood's floating - and boats are made of wood!"

Soon the beads came out of the water but the children were careful not to drop them.

"They're getting weaker and weaker every time you drop them."

We wondered about the difference between a pond and the sea."

"A pond is more shallow."

"It's colder."

"It's littler...The sea is more bigger."

What about the water?

"Has it got sugar in it?"  We talked about some animals liking salt water and some liking fresh water and that they die if they are in the wrong water.  The children were worried.

"You need animals to help you...and to eat."

Some one asked why we don't eat dogs.

"They're hairy."

"In China they eat dogs...My sister told me."

"There aren't much flies at the seaside for frogs."

"Oh no!  This fish is out of the water.  Fishes need to go in water - splash!"


We have been reading the story of The Elves and the Shoemaker and strange things have been happening in the classroom.  One morning we found the remnants of someone's breakfast, then found an elf nearby.  Later that day we found the same elf trying to drive away in his car! 



We thought as there were small creatures in the classroom, we would go and see if we could find any creatures in the woods.


There were plenty, but the children were careful to put them back where they had found them after they'd had a good look.


Drawing elves and making castles for them.


Quiet reading time.