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Spring 2 2018

Week 5

 Making clocks


Still thinking about Brazil, we made pineapple, banana and coconut ice cream today with fresh and frozen pineapple.

“The pineapple’s limey green…inside it’s slimy and outside it’s hard.”

"I’ve never tasted these flavours before.  I think it’s going to be really nice.”

“This is my very first pineapple.  It’s so juicy.  I’m going to ask Mummy if I can buy more pineapples.”

“It feels like a rhino skin.”

“Or crocodile.”

“It could be a dinosaur – some dinasaurs have thick spikey skin.”

“It’s soft and slippy on the other side.”



“There’s water in coconuts.”

“You mean milk.”

We looked at the creamed coconut.

“They must have squashed it up.”

“It smells just like coconut milk…It’s a really strong taste, isn’t it?”

We needed to freeze the ice cream.”

“When you put warm things in the freezer, the freezer freezes the hotness and then it becomes really cold.”

“The juices turn into ice.”

The ice cream was very tasty.

“I’ve eaten a lot.  I better stop and leave room for my lunch!”




Role play: when Jesus washed the disciples’ feet during the last supper.


 “Who are you?”


“Do you want your feet washed?”

“Yes,…It’s a bit tricky, isn’t it?”

“Thank you, Jesus.”

“My feet are so dirty.”

“And mine.  I’ve been jumping in the sand.”

 Jesus was very reluctant to wash Jesus’ feet at first, but we all decided that Jesus was very kind and washed them after all.

“This is so comfortable.  Thank you, Jesus.”


Signs of Spring –  we looked for frogspawn and frogs but couldn’t see any.


Making Easter cards




Week 4

 Forest School:  how many things can you find to fit in a matchbox and making nests.





Our house models are finally finished!



Making maps of the classroom and using them to get around the room and using in role play.



Working out ‘half’ using Numicon and playdough.



Maps using famous landmarks in Brazil.




Easter egg repeating patterns.



Investigating dried ingredients:



“The biscuit’s gone all soggy and wrinkly.”

“It’s gone all cocoa!... It smells cocoa-y!”

“I’m whisking beans and cornflakes.”

“I’m crushing these – they’re hard!”

“Mine’s gone all dark so you can’t see anything of it.”

“Mine’s getting yuckier and yuckier!”

“We’re turning into artists – we’re making all sorts of gooey stuff.”

“This’ll make it thicker…yeah!  It did a little bit.”

“Mine smells delicious.”

“Mine smells yummy like breakfast.”


 Drawing plans for our next DT project – an aeroplane, but first, we compared aeroplanes to cars.

“Cars don’t have wings.”

“Cars don’t have loads and loads of seats.”

“They’ve both got wheels.”

“Planes have lots of windows on both sides.”

“Aeroplanes are wider than a car.”

“When aeroplanes take off, their wheels go up inside.”

“Don’t open the window or you will get sucked out!”





Week 3


 This week we’ve been looking at avocados.



“They must be from Brazil!”  We saw the place where the stalk had been attached and guessed that avocados grow on trees.

“It’s not very smooth.”

“It’s lumpy.”

“And bumpy…and knobbly.”

“It’s got thick skin.”

“Like a rhinoceros horn!”

“If you get a knife and cut it, there’s seeds inside.”

“We tried it – and found a stone!

The children, of course, wanted to see what was inside the stone.  “I wonder if we could cut it with a knife.”

“There’s more layers of skin inside, then there’s a tiny pip in the middle.”

How could we make the guacamole smooth?

“Squash it down.”

“Break it up first.”

“If you put loads of spoons on top, it would squish it quicker.”

“What about a mixer?”

“What about mixing it really fast?”

“We’re going to get achy arms,” so we used a blender.



“It’s whisked it round and the lumps have disappeared.”

“The blades cutted it.”

“So basically, all the lumps got cut away.”


Drawing pictures to help with word problems.



The What-Shape-Would-You-Like Shop.

“I need a square – it’s got 4 sides and 4 corners and they do not roll.”

“Yeah!  It’s got 4 sides and they’re all short.”




We’ve been reading the Easter story and talking about The Last Supper.  The children were inspired!

“We need to connect the tables.”

“Let’s make the table beautiful.”


“We need plates … and knives and forks.”

“This is my blood.”

“Hmm, I love wine.”

“You’re going to get me into trouble!”

“This is my tummy (body).  You can’t have any more bread – you were horrible to Jesus.”


Lots of the friends decided to go to church after the supper.

“I’m going up home.”

“We will get tired walking everywhere.  Maybe we could go on a camel.”

“I’m a bit sad ‘cause all my friends have gone.”


Block Challenge:  To make Jesus’ tomb.  “We’ll use these long ones…and it needs to be quite wide.”

“I’m putting a door on so Jesus can’t get out ever.”

“Hey!  There’s a gap – fill it up!”

“The roof was stone, so we’ve put stones on.”

“And made it pretty.”

“I’m going to be Jesus.  I’ll come back to life in a minute.”





Art work:






Putting the finishing touches to the house models.



“I’m gonna use this shiny stuff, cos lights are shiny.”

“I’m using sticks for the window frames because they are wood.”

“I’m using more sticks – I want thick window frames.”










Week 2

As coffee is grown in Brazil we compared it with cocoa.


“They must have smashed the bean up (to make coffee).”

“They’re not the same because this one is lighter.”

“I’m going to feel it…This one’s a bit lumpy and got bigger pieces.  It’s a bit like crunchy.”

“The chocolate is a bit softer.”

“The chocolate is a bit darker.”

“That one feels crumbly and that one’s not crumbly.”

“This one smells like chocolate and this one smells like coffee.”

“Yeah!  They smell a bit different.”

“I actually like the coffee smell best and it looks a bit more crumblier.”

“Coffee is way more stronger flavour.  Chocolate is much more smooth when you touch it.”

“The chocolate, when you drop it, it spills some because the chocolate has bigger bits that crash on the side so it spills.  The coffee powder, because it’s so small, it will balance on.”



 “I can’t see the sugar but I can hear it…It’s scratchy.”


Are coffee and chocolate healthy?

“No, my muscles feel kind of strong.  I eat broccoli every night and carrots.”

“I eat every single day vegetables.  That’s why it makes me so strong.”

“I’m 100 strong.  My daddy makes me eat strong stuff like meat.”


The ‘How Much Would You Like?’ café:

 We decided that we could have a full, half full or empty cup of water (nobody chose empty!) and a whole or a half a cake.



 “Would you like full or empty or none?”

“Can I have nearly full so I don’t spill it?”

“Please can I have half.”

“I’d like full please.”

“If you have a lot you will spill it.”

“You mean ‘full’!”

“Mine is empty.”

“I have 5 bits in mine.”

“Do you mean 5kg of water?”


“Empty means you don’t have any drink.”

“Actually it means ‘nothing’.”

“It’s empty – you can put your hand in and not get wet!”

“She always wants full so now it’s empty.”

“Please can I have a whole cup for my baby!”

“You can’t have a full glass because the jug is empty.”

“We only have whole plates of food here.”





Investigation:  toys had become frozen in ice – how would we get them out?

 “Oh no!  Our toys!”

“We might have to crack them with something.”

“Put them into hot water.  It will melt because when it gets hotter, it will start melting.”

Get a knife and cut it in half.”

“Get a really hard toy and smash it.”

“But it would break the toy as well.”

“You could get a knife – I will show you…See if you can get it on the side of the toy so it doesn’t break it.”

“We could get a fork and smash it.”

“You could smash it in a bowl so it doesn’t fall on the floor.”




 Some tried using sticks – “It’s no good – they’re not strong enough.”

Some tried using knives – “It’s working!”

“Let’s twist it…It takes a long time.”

“Turn it over – it easier because the toy is less deep this side.”


There were lots of bits of ice left –

“It will melt quicker because it’s less.”


Enjoying books together.



Art Attack

 “I’m going to make…

A bird…an ice cream… a butterfly …The Mary Rose… a rocket… a caterpillar…”


“I’m going to put this under here to stop the caterpillar eating any more!”

“I thought how tall it would be and I cutted it, but not too thick.”

“I shared my glue.”

“Sharing is the nicest thing – and love is the nicest thing too!”

“This is an aeroplane with feathers and spikey bits.  I had to cut it out ‘cause it was too big.  I put tape on so it doesn’t fall off.  That’s his driving seat.  He’s going on an adventure to the dinosaurs I go to with my daddy and all the people get off…I’ll put this here so he can sit on his chair.  I need to put this here ‘cause it’s wonky…I’ll put some sticky tape on…It’s a little tiny square – oh! Not quite much.  Let’s try again…I done it, Mrs Johns!  Da, daaa!”


 “This is a plane that turns into a lion.”

“It’s a butterfly – it’s a bit delicate…. So, I cutted some of the gold off and then I stuck on some of that and I got some of those bendy things and a stick and some feathers.  I wanted the butterfly to look pretty.”


“It’s a party!”




“It’s coming along – but not very well.  The tape keeps twisting…It’s a T Rex robot.  I used a yoghurt bottle, a wine bottle tube, a milk bottle and a pipe cleaner.  I just thought it up in my head and sticked it with sticky tape.”


“It’s a transformer and it’s an aeroplane fighter jet. I used 2 pieces of these, then another two – no, three – and a stick and I managed to get these beads on a stick what was blue and I put it on.  It was tricky putting this bit on ‘cause you had to wrap it around and stick it at the same time.  There’s a control room at the top.”


“It’s the Mary Rose.  I’ve worked my socks off, haven’t I?  Do you think if I show Mrs Watson she’ll say I’ve worked my socks off?  Do you think you could have worked so hard without taking your jumper off?  I’m definitely going to have to take it off now I’ve finished!  You’ll definitely have to put that photo up on the wall.  I think the Mary Rose was around in the 16th time.  That bit’s the funnel.  It’s impressive isn’t it?  I’ve worked fastly to do it haven’t I?  I’m gonna have to tell my mum this.  I think she’ll say, “That’s amazing!”


House models:

“I’ve got light pink.  I keep putting white in it.  I’ve made it more light.”

“I like dark pink, that’s why I put lots of red in it…You can get different pinks.”




“Every day it gets easier. Painting like this takes a bit pf practice…At first I wasn’t really good at painting, then I got better and better and better…I think it’s taken about 20 days to make my house.”

“The drain pipe is very complicated because when you paint it at the bottom, it touches the newspaper…if I hold my house, I can do it really fast…I’m so hot ‘cause I’m working very hard.”

A change of grip on the paint brush worked a treat!

“I’m happy about that!”




Week 1

This half term we are thinking about the country of Brazil, so we started by making brigadeiros, a kind of Brazilian sweet.

“Let’s pretend to be in a plane.”

“We could make a control room at the front with all the bits and bobs…We could put seats with a passage down it.”

On to the cooking…

What was in the tin?

 “Baked beans?”

“It tastes like sweeties,” but looked like milk.  It was in fact condensed milk.

“Someone’s put sugar in it.”


We had a decision to make – to use a spoon or a whisk?

“Spoons won’t mix so well.”

“The mixture goes through the whisk.”

We whisked the cocoa and the condensed milk.


“We could use an electric whisk because it goes even faster.”

 “When you mix it, it goes like a whirlpool.  A whirlpool is water and you can see lines in it.”

“It’s gone all lumpy.” (bubbles) “Is it air?... Because there’s a big hole at the top (of the bowl.)”

“That can’t be right…I think it’s because of the milk.”

“When we were whisking, it pushed the air into the mixture.”

“It’s changing!  It’s going dark!”

“The white milk has drinked into the chocolate.”

Later it will…?

“Get harder…it will stay the same colour but go really hard.”

“I think it will go squishy.”

If Brazilian children don’t have time to make the mixture into spheres, they make ‘spoon pips’ instead, so that is what we did.




In the afternoon we flew to Brazil.  The children carefully laid out the chairs.

“We need a passage.”

“Yeah!  So we can go to the toilet.”

“This says, “My plane ticket.”


“I’ve got seat 43.”

 “I’ve got seat 20.”

“We need to sort out the plane’s kitchen.”

 “Press the button to make it take off.”

“This is the airport – these (cones) are to show the planes the way.”

“It’s night time.”

“Let’s put it on automatic so we can go to sleep and it just goes on its own.”

“OK.  Let’s have a little nap.”

“Seat belts on everybody!”

“Click, click.”

 “It’s snack time.”


 “5 minutes to go.”

“Oh no!  We’re going down again!”

“Push the button to make it go up.  We’re landing in the wrong country….10 ,miles more…We’ve landed!”

“Take your seatbelts off now.”


What’s the weather like in Brazil?

“Really hot.”

“It’s 20.”

“I can feel the sun – it feels warm.”

 We sang Happy Birthday in Spanish before eating our Brigadeiros – a treat for the two birthday children!



Making Brazilian carnival masks.




On Wednesday it was the NSPCC dance-a-thon.  Have a look at the galleries page for photos.


Problem solving – fitting shapes into different shaped suitcases.



“I can fit more than 8.”

“You can fit 100 in.”

“No, you can’t because there’s not enough…I think I can only fit 8 and 8…16!”

“maybe they don’t fit in because there’s extra white bits (from inaccurate cutting)

“Oh!  I’ve still got more space.  I think 8 again.”

“I can fit 17.  I’m going to move them.  I’m making more space.  I think one more line… 1,2,3…  I can put 21 on!”