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Sport @ Clifton - Summer Term 2017

P.E and School Sport Survey 2017

We love to hear your views about P.E and School Sport in order to celebrate what we do well and also think how we can make sport in school even better. Please take this survey in order to let us know your opinions. You can either complete it below or click on the link. Make sure you answer all of the questions and that you click on SUBMIT once you have completed the survey.



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Year 6 Transition Sports Day - 27th June 2017

On 27th June, all of year 6 went to Chantry High School with Mr Wimbury to participate in the final cluster sports event of the year - the Transition Sports Day. We all had to wear a particular team colour and we did lots of activities in these teams. We were all mixed up with year 6's from other schools so that we could meet new people and hopefully make new friends ready for year 7 in September. We did lots of fun activities: our favourite was the High Jump! At each activity we were awarded bronze, silver or gold; Nell was talent spotted. We had a great afternoon and we enjoyed making new friends.






Report written by Year 6

Sports Day 2017

On Monday 26th June, the four houses in school competed in an afternoon of races for the Clifton Sports Day Trophy. There were lots of races including: sprints, obstacles and even a dressing up race. It was a great afternoon with lots of cheering as well as determination shown on the track. As always, our Young Leaders ran the afternoon superbly, making sure everything went smoothly. Thank you to the many parents who were able to join us for the afternoon to cheer the competitors on! 

When the overall scores were announced, there was only 1 point between first and second so it was very close. A big congratulations to TIgers house who won the trophy for this year with 78 points!

Year 5 and 6 Rounders Competition Winners - 19th June 2017

For one of our final tournaments of the year, a team from Year 5 and 6 went to Chantry in order to compete in a Rounders tournament. We were really looking forward to it as we had all gone to the after school club on Mondays to practise and so we were feeling confident.

Our first match was against Broadwas which we lost 6-7 but then we really began to warm up. After that we won all of our matches:

Martley v Clifton - 4-11

Broadheath v Clifton - 4-7

Astley v Clifton - 2-9

Hallow v Clifton - 4-6




At the end, we all waited to see who would win the Rounder Shield and we were really happy when Clifton was announced the winners! We were really proud of ourselves. Well done to Lia and Deakon who got talent spotted by the Young Leaders. Thank you to all the teachers who have helped us to improve our rounders skills and helped us to win!


Year 1 and 2 Indoor Football - Winners! 12th JUne 2017

Two teams from Robins class went to the Year 1 and 2 Indoor Football Tournament. There were lots of other teams there. Each team played on a different pitch. Mr Wimbury and Miss Evans helped Team A; Mrs Fisher and Mrs Conner helped Team B. We played lots of matches and we tried hard to do well in every match. For some of us, it was the first time we had ever played football in a tournament and everyone tried really hard. William, Jack, Riley, Alex, Grace and Harry all scored goals and Freddie was a superb goalkeeper. 



After all the teams has played their games in their group, we all sat down and found out if we had done well. Team B came 5th and Toby won the 'Star Performer' award. In Team A, Harry won the 'Star Performer' award. Our favourite part was when they told everyone that Team A had won the trophy and were CHAMPIONS! We were all very excited to go and get the trophy and our parents and teachers were all very proud of us. Thank you Mrs Fisher, Mrs Conner, Mr Wimbury and Miss Evans for taking us and supporting us in every match.


Written by William, Grace, Daniel and Alex

Clifton Cross Country Success - 25th May 2017

On Thursday 25th May, many people from KS2 went to the Cross Country event at The Chantry. Many of the children took part for the first time, and really enjoyed the experience. Despite the very hot weather, and the fact that the first-timers were quite nervous, no-one gave up, and everyone gave their very best effort. It helped to have spectators cheering us along (special thanks to Mrs Conner and Mrs Allen!)

There were 4 teams that participated in the races and each race was over 1km in length. The course was tough and long especially in the hot sunshine. When we finished a race, the Young Leaders gave us each a card with a number on which was our place in the race.       



Special mentions are needed for Jonah, who came third overall in the Year 3&4 boys section, and to Henry, who was second overall in the Year 5&6 boys section.  A huge ‘Well done’ to everyone who took part in the run. 



                                                                                                                            Report by Lia & Henry C

Quicksticks Hockey Tournament Sports Report - 15th May 2017

Two teams from Woodpeckers class had a brilliant time playing the the Year 3 and 4  Quicksticks hockey tournament on Monday 15th May. There were lots of schools  there so we knew that the matches would be tough. But the training sessions with Mrs Hughes at lunchtimes helped us to feel confident.

When we arrived, we were told all the rules and how to play safely so we didn't get       injured. During the tournament, Clifton A won 5 matches and drew 1 and Clifton B won 3 of their matches. Clifton A even won one match 5-0. Many of us scored goals: the top scorers were Callum, Emma and Jessie. 



 After all the matches were finished, the Young Leaders announced the two players from each school that had been talent spotted.The people from our school were Callum and Jessie. Then they announced where each team had come in the overall league. Clifton B came 5th and Clifton A had come second overall - we were all very proud of ourselves as for many of us, it was the first time that we had played a hockey competition. We had lots of fun and we can't wait for the Hockey club to start in the Autumn Term so we can improve our skills even more. 

Thank you to Mrs Quill, Mrs Conner and Mrs Hughes for coaching us and supporting us all the way through. 


Report Written by Willow and Mia (Year 4)

Great Gymnastics @ Key Steps Gymnastics Festival - 12th May 2017

Eagles class went to the Key Steps Gymnastics Festival at Chantry on Friday 12th May. It was really fun because we got to try things out that we've never tried before such as Vaulting. We were put into groups and over the morning, we did 9 activities: vaulting, trampete, acrobatics, balance, agility and putting a sequence of movements together on the mats. The Young Leaders helped us to remember how to land safely, using our core muscles for strength and of course getting us to point our toes! At the end, some of the Young Leaders showed off their tumbling skills - they were very impressive! Thank you to Mrs Simmonds and the Young Leaders for a super morning!




Clifton Celebrates Henry's Victorious Rugby Tour - 2nd May 2017

Henry in Year 6 belongs to Bromyard Rugby Club and he went on tour with his team last weekend. Here is a recount of the weekend from Henry:

“On Friday I went to Devon to compete in a rugby tour. On Saturday morning we caught a coach to go and play the first match. We won 9-0. Our second match was against Chard and they were a very physical team! We drew 2-2. Then we had a break and then had 1 more match. Sunday was the same format, but we played a lot more physical games. In the end Bromyard under 11s remained unbeaten throughout the whole tour.”

Well done to Henry and also Charlie (who played for the under 9's team) for their continued dedication to the sport they love. 

Many children in school attend Bromyard Rugby club every weekend to play in various teams. If you are interested in finding out more about the club then click on the logo below.

Clifton Look Ahead to the Athletics World Championships


This term, we are looking forward to the World Athletics Championships and World Para Athletics Championships being held in London this summer. 

Over 10 magical days, the world’s top athletes will bring the roar back to the iconic stadium that saw Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Usain Bolt race to glory.

The London Championships will be the 16th in the event’s 34-year history with the first IAAF World Championships being hosted in Helsinki in 1983. 

The most recent Championships in Beijing, China, in August, 2015, saw 1931 athletes participate from a record 207 national federations. Kenya topped the medal table for the first time in its history, winning 16 medals of which seven were gold. USA have topped the medal table on 10 occasions.

       Watch the video that helped London to be given the honour of hosting the championships:


There will be many athletes from around the world who will be looking forward to coming to London to compete. Here is a fun video where they are tested on their knowledge of London:


Eagles class will be having a Heptathlon competition during their P.E lessons and finding out about some of the athletes that will be competing in London. Watch this space!