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Sport @ Clifton: Spring Term 2018

Eagles win Dodgeball Competition at the Worcestershire Winter Games: 12th February 2018

We were so excited that Clifton had been specially invited by our School Games Organiser, Mr Rickard, to attend a Dodgeball competition at the Worcestershire Winter Games. Even though we had never played in a Dodgeball tournament before, we were ready to give it a go! We certainly felt part of it wearing our school games T-shirts! Our value on the back was 'Determination' which we thought suited Clifton really well!


We watched the opening ceremony and couldn't believe just how many people were there - over 800 children participated in a range of sports such as: Football, Netball, Hockey, Sportshall Athletics, New Age Kurling and of course Dodgeball. 


In our tournament, there were 8 teams and we played lots of matches as they were only 2 minutes long but could be even shorter if you got the other team out! Both Clifton teams played really well and really got into it after a few matches. We stopped worrying about the ball hitting us and just went for it. There were many superb catches and brilliant examples of dodging by all of us. 




At the end, we were presented with a certificate and it was announced that Clifton A had come top as they have won most of their matches! Clifton B had come 4th! We were really proud of ourselves!

After the tournament, we were able to visit the Cultural Village where there were 6 challenges for us to have a go at. You could dance, weight-lift, skip and even make your own smoothie by getting on the smoothie bike and pedaling really fast to blend the fruit. According to Tom and Archie, the smoothie tasted delicious!





We had a brilliant day and loved playing Dodgeball. We would like to thank Mr Wimbury and Mrs Hughes for taking us and cheering us on. Most importantly, we would like to say a big thank you to Mr Rickard, who recognised all the brilliant sport that we do at Clifton and so invited us to the games. Thank you everyone!

Written by The Clifton 'Dodgers and Divers' Dodgeball Team

                           Clifton are Finalists in the Rebecca Lloyd Girls Football Tournament:                             Thursday 8th February 2018

When we got there we all were a bit nervous but when we found out we weren’t on until the 3rd match we did calm ourselves down . Our first match was against Grimley & Holt. They were a great team but we managed to keep the score to 0-0 Everyone in our team had superb sportsmanship and we all had great perseverance and determination to win the next match. We won 4 of our matches but drew 2.




It was then announced that we had won our league and got through to the final: Clifton vs Martley

It was time to face our local rivals! We scored from the centre but unluckily one of our team members had hand-balled it which then gave Martley a penalty! We got a goal back but Martley scored 3 more! The bell then rung for the end of the match.


We were sat down in our schools and we found out that in 4th place was Broadheath, 3rd place Broadwas, in 2nd place was Clifton and in 1st place was Martley. We would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Allen, Mrs Hughes and last but not least Mrs Conner and the young leaders who had organised this wonderful event. Thank you and congratulations to Martley!

Written by Sophia, Willow and Emily

Eagles compete in the School Games Sportshall Athletics Tournament: 18th January 2018

On the 18th January, two teams from Eagles class competed in the Sportshall Athletics tournament against 8 other schools. We were all a bit nervous as it was the first time that some of us had ever done the sport before. Each team member had to do 2 track events and 2 field events to earn points for the team. Events included:

  • Obstacle Race
  • Sprints
  • Over and Under Relay
  • Javelin
  • Long Jump
  • Vertical Jump 

It was really busy because lots of people were doing their events at different times so we had to keep checking! We had a great time and we are now waiting to see if we have scored enough points to get through to the School Games Finals later on this term. 





Thank you to Mr Rickard who organised the event and to Mrs Hughes and Mrs Conner who cheered us on all evening! 

Written by Willow, Emma and Mia

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