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Sport @ Clifton - Spring Term 2017

KS2 Intra-House Rugby and Rounders Tournaments - 7th April 2017

The last day of term was a busy one as all of KS2 competed in a Rounders and Rugby tournament organised by 2 of the Young Leaders: Maddie and Emily. KS2 were put into 8 teams with 4 teams playing Rounders and 4 teams playing Tag-Rugby. All the teams played each other to see which was the winning teams. Outstanding Skills Awards were also selected by Mr Wimbury and Maddie.            


After all the games had been played in both tournaments, the Outstanding Skills Awards were handed out and the overall winners were announced. Well Done to all and a special thank you to Maddie for organising the event despite the poorly wrist!


              The Outstanding Skills Awards                                         The Winning Teams!

Young Leaders Organise Tournament to celebrate World Physical Activity Day - 6th April 2017

Our Young Sports Leaders organised an athletics tournament for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 to celebrate World Physical Activity Day. The aim of this day is for everyone to do an extra 30 minutes of exercise to begin the journey to a healthier life. This year's theme is Active People! Happy People!

The Young Leaders set up 5 activities that focused on balancing, running, throwing, object control and agility. Each team leader took their team to each activity to see how many points they could earn. After all 5 had been completed, outstanding skill awards were given out and the overall winning team was announced. 


Well done to the Overall Winning Team led by Daisy and all children who got Outstanding Skill Awards.


Thank you Young Leaders - what an amazing job! Mrs Hughes can't wait to see what you will organise for Sports Day this year!

Clifton wins Year 3 and 4 Tag Rugby Tournament - Monday 3rd April 2017    

A very excited team from Woodpeckers class represented Clifton in the cluster Tag Rugby tournament on 3rd April. For some of us, it was the first time that we had played Tag Rugby in a tournament. We did feel very confident as we had learnt lots of skills in our P.E lessons and in Mr Wimbury's coaching sessions too. We competed against other schools in the cluster and overall played 5 games. The team that scored the most wins would win the magnificent trophy. The matches were tough but we kept determined and we scored some superb tries. Our top try scorers were: Callum, Emma, Chloe, Jonah and Charlie. 



After we had played all of our games, all the schools got together to find out who had won the trophy. It was tense until the Young Leader announced that Clifton had WON! We were all so happy as we knew that we would be taking the trophy back to school to put in the trophy cabinet! We were all very proud of ourselves for working together as a team as making Clifton proud. Thank you to all of the parents who shouted and cheered, the Young Leaders who refereed the matches fairly, Mrs Hughes for organising the tournament and also Mr Wimbury for his super Tag Rugby training. 


Written by The Woodpeckers Tag Rugby Team

Cluster Football League: Round 4 and Finals - 27th March 2017

The last evening of the cluster football league was another exciting set of matches. The last two games against Broadheath and Grimley would then decide our final league positions. Our first game was against Broadheath which was a tough game. We won that game 2-0 with goals from Harvey and Callum. Broadheath won the league last year so we were very pleased with the result! Our final match of the season was against Grimley. After a nervous first half, we really got going in the second half. Goals from Henry, Jonah, Callum ensured us of the win 4-0. A great result. 



  At the end, all of the teams got together to find out their final league positions and to find out which team would go through to the county finals. We were so happy when we came second overall as this was an improvement from sixth last season. Well done too to Astley who won the overall league and will be representing our cluster at the finals. 

Overall, we have had a brilliant season and we are all very proud of ourselves. We feel that we played together really well as a team. Those of us in Year 6 are going to miss being a part of the Clifton football team but we feel really proud that we have represented Clifton with all of our school values. 

We would like to say a big thank you to all of the parents who have taken us to matches and cheered us on all season. A very special thank you to Mrs Hughes too for all of her hard work over the season.

Go Clifton!

Written by the Clifton Football Team

Clifton are victorious in boys football tournament - 20th March 2017

What a fantastic evening of football we had at the KS2 Boys Football tournament. Lots of other schools were there and it was very busy! We were in League A and we played 6 matches, winning 5 of them. Our top scorers were Callum and George with Archie being amazing in goal. 

After we played our league matches, it was announced that we had come top in our league and that we were through to the semi-final against Grimley. It was a tough match which ended 0-0 after full time so it went to Golden Goal. Just seconds later, Callum scored sending us through to the final. 


The final was against Broadheath A and it was tense. For the first few minutes, both teams really attacked and defended well. Then a sudden break from Callum meant that he scored. For the rest of the game, Broadheath tried hard to attack our goal but we kept up our superb defence. Finally, the whistle went for the end of the match and we had WON! 

We were so happy when we went up to receive the trophy as we had played really well as a team. Our parents and Mrs Hughes were really proud too. Thank you to all of the Young Leaders who helped to run the competition because they stayed happy but were also fair. We loved playing in the tournament and we can't wait to play again.


Written by Archie, Barney, Callum and Mrs Hughes

Clifton compete in the annual friendly football fixture against Bayton - 17th March 2017

It was our annual fixture against Bayton Primary this week, ending a busy week of football. A team from Year 3/4 and a team from Year 5/6 played on a very cold Friday afternoon against two very good Bayton teams. 

In the Year 3 and 4 match - the final result was 1-3 to Bayton and in the Year 5 and 6 match the result was , yet again, 1-1. All teams played brilliantly and there was some fantastic football on display. Thank you to Mr Ireland who organised the fixtures and we look forward to playing Bayton again next year!




Cluster Football League Update for Round 3: Tuesday 14th March 2017

Our team was once again in action in the football league playing our next round of matches against Abberley and Martley. We played Abberley first which was a tough game. Abberley scored first but we kept going and then eventually Henry scored in the last minute so we drew that match. In our last match against Martley, we again went behind early in the game as Martley scored. Then, in the last 5 minutes Callum scored an amazing goal from almost the halfway line. This meant that we drew this match too. We had a great couple of matches and we are looking forward to testing our skills again in our next friendly match against Bayton. 


Match Report by Lia and Mrs Hughes

Year 1 and 2 compete in the MIni-Olympics - 13th February 2017

A team from Year 1 and 2 had a fantastic time at the cluster Mini-Olympics competition. They competed in lots of running races and had to work really well as a team. Well done to the boys who came in gold medal position - what a fantastic result!



Year 3 and 4 Indoor Rounders Competition - 6th February 2017

A team of Year 3 and 4 went to Chantry to start the tense and nerve-wracking competition. Our first match was against Grimley - we won! Then we competed against Broadwas - it was a very intense game but we played our best and persevered to our highest limits and we won that match as well. After that, we played Hallow and then Broadheath. They were both very close games but we lost. We all agreed that their fielding skills were very quick.

At the end of the competition we had come 5th. As a team, we had to nominate our best player for a medal and we chose Ellie. The Young Leaders at Chantry talent spotted two of our players for their skills and teamwork - well done to Callum and Willow. 




I was so proud of the team. They cheered each other on even when they were losing or forgot a rule. They always shook hands with the other teams, showing superb sportmanship. Well done team!                                                                                                                                                                                                Mrs Quill
                                                                                                                   Written by Callum and Jonah

Year 1 and 2 have fun at 'Multiskills Morning' - 30th January 2017

Year 1 and 2 had a great morning at Chantry High School competing in loads of different activities. All the activities helped to practice core skills such as balance, agility and co-ordination.



Well done to William and Jack who were picked out by the Young Leaders as being 'Star Performers'

Finally! Clifton Football Team complete their next round of cluster league matches!

On Monday 30th January - after being rearranged from October AND November - our football team finally got to play their next set of league matches against Hallow and Astley schools. The whole team were very excited to get going and see if we could carry on our winning run in the league. Even though it was very cold, foggy and the pitch was very muddy, we were determined to play our best.

Our first match was against Hallow. We started off well with a superb goal from Henry. This was only the beginning as we won 5-1 with a hat-trick from Henry and goals from Deakon. What a great result!


Our next match was against Astley, who had won their first match 10 - 1 when they played Hallow. It was a really tough match and we knew what we had to defend really well to be in with a chance of winning. Astley were a very good team but we started off well with a great goal from Henry (again!). Astley came back with a good goal of their own and then it was all to play for. We kept going - with some great shots on target - until the final whistle. We ended up drawing 1 - 1 which we all agreed was a fair result.


Well done to all of the players and parents who braved the cold to play and cheer us on. We are very proud of ourselves and we can't wait until our next round of matches in March. 


Written by Emily, Deakon, Harvey and Kai

Eagles compete in  the School Games Sports Hall Athletics Competition - 25/01/17

What a great afternoon Eagles had competing in the Sports Hall Athletics competition held at Tenbury High School. we competed in many different events such as:

  • Relays
  • Obstacle races
  • Vertical Jump
  • Long Jump
  • Javelin

It was a little bit busy as we all had to be at different events at different times but fortunately Mrs Hughes and Mrs Williams seemed to have it all sorted! Our performance in each event was recorded and changed into points for our team so every second and centimetre counted!




At the end of the event, all of the scores were added up to find out our placings -the Girls' team came 5th with 342 points and the Boys' team came 4th with 356 points. Well done to all of us - we can't wait to see if we have got enough points to go through to the Worcestershire finals. 

Girls' Football Tournament Kicks off the New Sporting Year - 16th January 2017

The new sporting year kicked off with a team of girls from year 4,5 and 6 representing the school in the Rebecca Lloyd Girls Football Tournament. We were all excited as we have won this competition twice before and we wondered if we might get the same result again this year!

We started off a bit nervous with a 0-0 draw against Hallow with Olivia making some good saves. The next two games against Broadwas and Abberley were also 0-0. We really started to get going when we played Astley who we beat 4-0 with goals scored by Emily S, Emily G and Lia. In the next few games, our confidence kept improving and Olivia kept doing some amazing saves! After we had played all of the teams, it was time to find out if we had done enough to get through to the semi-finals.


After a nervous wait, it was announced that we were third and so we had got through! We played Broadwas in the semi-final and nearly scored many times but Broadwas won 2-0. We were disappointed to not get through to the final but we were really proud of how we played as a team and kept going even when it was tough. It was a super final between Broadwas and Broadheath with Broadwas being the eventual champions for 2017.

Thank you to all of the young leaders, staff and of course, Mrs Hughes and Mrs Throup, who helped to organise the event and cheered us on ... loudly!


 Written by the Clifton Girls Football Team!