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Sport @ Clifton - Spring Term 2016 Highlights

What a busy term we have had. We competed in Girls Football, Athletics, Tag Rugby, Mini-Olympics, Orienteering, the cluster Football League as well as participating in the Sports 4 Schools event where we raised over £1000! We hope you enjoy reading about it all!

Worcester Warriors Tackling Numbers 

On Tuesday 22nd March, Year 3/4 represented Clifton at the Tackling Numbers Tag Rugby Tournament held at the home of Worcester Warriors. This was a celebration of their participation in the Tackling Numbers sessions that Woodpeckers took part in with Worcester Warriors in the Autumn term. It was a great afternoon of superb rugby. Mrs Quill was so proud of the sportsmanship, determination and teamwork shown by every one. Well done Woodpeckers - you did Clifton proud!



What a week! Netball, Tag Rugby and Orienteering!

What a busy week we have had this week with so much sport going on! Here is a brief overview!


ON Tuesday 15th March, the Clifton Hawks Netball Team represented our school at the cluster Netball Tournament. Mrs Massey had been putting on extra coaching sessions so that we could feel really ready. The tournament went well with many goals scored by all. Mrs Massey was really pleased at how well the team worked together and supported each other. Overall, the team were placed a brilliant 3rd overall! Well done to all of the team and Mrs Massey for being a super coach!



On Wednesday 16th March, Year 5 represented Clifton at a Tag Rugby Tournament held at Bromyard Rugby Club. The afternoon started with a coaching session for all to 'brush up' on their rugby skills and then a tournament afterwards. In total, there were 13 teams representing a whole range of schools from Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Many tries were scored by our team, with the biggest win being 8-0. We narrowly missed out on a place in the semi-finals by 1 try and came 5th overall! A super afternoon full of superb rugby!



On the same day as the Year 5 Rugby - Year 6 participated in the School Games Level Two Orienteering competition for the second year. As we had been last year, we knew a little more about what to expect. The teams had 20 minutes to locate the controls on the map and write down the answer to the maths question on each one. There were a few that were really tricky to find. At the end the number found by each school was added up. Clifton found 55 out of the possible 60 which awarded us 3rd place! 

KS1 Mini Olympics Spectacular!  

What an amazing evening our two teams from Clifton had when they represented our school at the inter-school's Mini-Olympics Championships on Tuesday 8th March. The aim was to celebrate the fact that it is the Olympics this year in Brazil and have lots of fun too! Each school were asked to make a flag of a country that will be at the Olympics and come dressed in the flag's colours too. We were the USA! 

After a very loud opening ceremony, the races began. The teams earned points by how quickly they completed the races. At the end of all the races, the winners were announced. The Year 2 team came 4th and the Year 1 team came first and won the competition. What a brilliant result! Well done to you all!


Cluster Football League matches - Round 2

On Monday 7th March, Clifton played their second round of matches in the cluster league. In this round we played Hallow Primary School and Astley Primary School. We played well against Hallow but lost 2-1. Astley were up next and it was a tough match but we persevered and won 3-2. Nathan and Evie were given Man of the Matches which was voted on by the other schools. 

A good night for Clifton and we are certainly ready for Round 3 - where we are hosting Martley Primary School and Abberley Primary School.



Clifton win the Quicksticks Trophy for a second year! 

On Monday 29th February 2016, two teams from Clifton competed for a second time in the cluster Quicksticks Hockey tournament. We were all very excited as we won the competition last year and we hoped to bring the trophy back again. 

It was an exciting evening with many goals scored. At the end of our pool matches the winners were announced who would go through to the final. Mrs Conner and Mrs Hughes were delighted when Clifton A got through as did Clifton B but then they weren't sure who to cheer for!! It was a super final with Clifton A winning narrowly 2-1.

What a great evening for Clifton sport. Both teams represented the school brilliantly and were so happy to retain the trophy for a second time. 



Rich Parker - GB Vert Skater visits Clifton

On Friday 26th February, we were very lucky to be visited by Rich Parker, a GB Vert Skater as part of our Sports for School fundraising event. The first part of the visit was for all of us to complete our circuit of activities with Rich motivating us to get through the four exercises. They were hard, especially the Press ups!





After taking a breath, Rich then led an assembly where he talked about his sport and how he first started. He even showed off some of his skills by asking 3 of the teachers to lie on the floor and then he jumped over them. They looked slightly scared but they survived! The school council asked him lots of questions that they have selected from the many ideas from the classes. In this video he has been asked the question:

What was your first trick you ever performed?

To find out more about the School Council interview click here to go to the School Council pages of the website.

Overall, we had a great time and loved hearing all about an amazing sport! Thank you to Rich for coming into our school, motivating us and inspiring us with your story. We hope that we raise lots of money!

Clifton Gets Ready for Sports for Schools Event and Visit by UK Vert Skater Rich Parker

We are all very much looking forward to our Sports for Schools Fundraising event on Friday 26th February 2016. Pupils are working hard to get as many sponsors as they can for the event. On the day they will complete a circuit of 4 events which are:

   1) Spotty Dogs    2) Press ups   3) Star Jumps   4) Mountain Climbers


Click on the logo below to visit the Sports for Schools website to find out more:  

There are 2 ways in which to support this event through sponsorship. Either fill in the paper  sponsorship form or even easier, take a few moments to create an online fundraising page for your child at:

 It isn't just all exercise! Part of the day will be a visit from a athlete that has represented Great Britain at the highest level in their chosen sport. We are very lucky that the athlete visiting our school is Rich Parker - a GB Vert Skater!


What is Vert Skating? Vert skating is a sport that involves riding inline skates or roller skates on a vert ramp, a half-pipe with some vertical in it usually between 6in to 24in. Vert skating is a form of acrobatics performed with skates.

INTERESTING FACTS: In 2008, Rich became the second person in the world to ever land a double black flip 180 on a halfpipe.

GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT: Winning a silver medal at the 2011 X-Games in China.

ABOUT: Rich has been rollerblading since he was 10 years old and qualified as a professional skater by the age of 17. Rich won a silver medal at the 2011 X-Games and is three times European Champion. His best tricks are the Flatspin 900, 1080 and 1260.

MOTTO: "Take every opportunity.”

Here is a short video of Rich competing in America. 


This video shows the European Championships held in 2013 where Rich came 2nd.


Year 3/4 Indoor Rounders is brilliant!

On 4th February, a team of 10 Woodpecker children represented Clifton at the annual Indoor Rounders Event. We were all very excited because we had won the tournament last year and we hoped to do well again. There were lots of other teams there and the Sports Hall was packed! On our pitch, we played three games against other schools. Our batting skills were fantastic and Mrs Allen said that our throwing and catching skills improved as the tournament went on. 

Overall, we came 4th which is great as many of us had not played Indoor Rounders before. Thank you to all of the staff who organised the competition, the Young Leaders and Mrs Allen who took us and cheered us on all the way through. 

I loved every second of the tournament - I was very excited and I hoped that we could win the trophy again. Even though we didn't win, I felt proud that we had tried our best!                                                                Archie (Year 4)




Written by The Woodpecker's Rounders Team

Eagles Enjoy Sportshall Athletics Competition 

On 27th January 2016, Eagles class competed in the School Games Sportshall Athletics Level 2 event at Tenbury High School. 14 other schools from around West Worcestershire also attended and there were over 400 children competed. It was very loud! The Boys' and Girls' Teams competed in a variety of track and field events such as:

Track Field


1x1 Relay

2x2 Relay

6 relay Parlauf

4 x 1 Relay

Standing Long Jump

Standing Triple Jump

Chest Push

Speed Bounce

Vertical Jump

We really enjoyed taking part and cheering each other on in their races and field events. It was very tense at the end as the results were read out as we didn't know if we had made it through to the county finals. We were very proud of ourselves as we were placed in 4th place for the Boys and 5th for the Girls. A great result! Thank you to all of the Young Leaders, Mr Taylor and Mr Abercrombie who organised the afternoon.   



                                                                                     Written by Deakon, Kai and Nell

                             Welcome to the team Mr Wimbury!



We are delighted to welcome Mr Wimbury to the clifton team as our new P.E and Sport Apprentice. The National School Apprenticeship programme is a network of like-minded schools with a commitment to employing apprentices aged 16-23 and creating job opportunities for young people in their local communities.

Mr Wimbury brings many sporting skills and talents with a particular interest in Rugby. Alongside his own work towards a sports leadership qualification, Mr Wimbury will be  extending the sporting opportunities for all pupils at lunchtimes and as part of our After School provision.  He will also working alongside our Young Sports Leaders to enhance their leadership skills within school.  

All of us at Clifton extend a warm welcome to Mr Wimbury and we all look forward to the exciting opportunities that a P.E and Sport Apprentice will bring to the school and Mr Wimbury himself! 

                                 Girls' Football Tournament - 18th January 2016                                                            Clifton Retain the Rebecca Lloyd Trophy!                              

On 18th January 2016, 7 girls represented Clifton in the Rebecca Lloyd Girls' Football Tournament held at The Chantry High School. We were all excited to go again as Clifton won the competition last year. There were 14 teams altogether so the competition was tough! It started off well when we won our first match 4-0 thanks to Lia and Evie who scored 2 goals each. In our pool, overall we won 4 matches, drew 1 and lost 1. Many goals were scored - including Amelia who scored her very first goal. 'Safe-hands' Jasmine, our Goalkeeper, only let in 1 goal in the whole tournament. What a performance! 



Our confident performance got us through to the final against Broadwas A. We were nervous but excited to have another go at winning the trophy. The final was intense until Amelia scored her second ever goal. Then, Ellie, who had been injured just before the final, went on and within seconds had scored the winning goal! We won the final 2-0. The team was presented (again) with the Rebecca Lloyd Shield by her parents and we were given a signed Birmingham Ladies football shirt which was Rebecca's shirt that she wore on her first team debut! 


We wanted to say 'Thank you' to Mr Massey who organised the event, Mrs Symmonds for hosting us and all of the Young Leaders who were in charge of the matches. 

Here is a video (flash format only) all about Rebecca and how she is combining her college work with her football career:

 Written by Emily and Jasmine