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Sport @ Clifton - Autumn Term 2016 Highlights

Autumn Term 2016 - Sporting Highlights

Super 3rd Place at Sporthall Athletics Competition - 22nd November 2016

On Tuesday 22nd November 2016, a team of 6 girls and 6 boys represented Clifton in the cluster Sports hall Athletics championships. For some of us, it was the first time we had done anything like this; Mrs Hughes did warn us that it was slightly complicated! We sorted out which events we were all doing before we went which wasn't easy as each team member could only do 2 track and 2 field events. During the competition we competed against 10 other schools in:

Obstacle races

Lots of different relay races

Vertical Jump


Chest Push

Long Jump

Speed Bounce

However quick our times were or our distances were, these all got awarded points for the team - so every point was crucial.






At the end of the evening, we were all really tired but excited to find out how many points each of our teams had managed to get. Overall, as a school, we scored 277 points which meant that we came third overall. We were all really proud of ourselves and we can't wait to compete again in the next competition in January. Thank you to all of the Young Leaders who helped us. Also, thank you to Mrs Symmonds and Mr Taylor who organised the competition.    


                                                                                           Written by Archie, Emily and Daisy

Clifton Runs for Haiti

On Thursday 10th November, the school had a very exhausting day raising money our elected charity for this year - UNICEF. The school council wanted to organise an event to remind people about the work that UNICEF do all around the world, in particular, how they are helping the people of Haiti recover after the terrible Hurricane that devastated the region in October. To raise money, the whole school did the Run for Haiti. As a school, we tried to run the equivalent distance from Worcester to Haiti. We all ran together, trying to do as many laps as we could to reach our total.

Our aim was to try and run over 700 laps as a school which would represent the 7,997km from Worcester to Haiti and ... we achieved our aim! Many of us did over 15 laps each which was tough going but it was brilliant to know that we were helping others at the same time. Overall we raised £110 which is a superb effort. Look out for the next fundraising event coming soon this term!

To find out all about the work of UNICEF click on the logo :     

Cheerleading Extravaganza! November 2016

On Monday 7th November, over 20 of our KS2 children participated in an evening of tumbles, gymnastics and pom pom waving! It was the first time that we had been to an evening like this and it was so much fun. There were three different activities to do: a gymnastic sequence, making a human pyramid  and learning a dance sequence with those all-important pom poms. At the end of the evening, we performed one of our routines to the rest of the children and staff. 

I loved doing the pyramid - you had to be very strong especially if you were the person at the bottom! You had to carry the weight of a person standing on you! Chloe Year 4 

Here are some pictures of the evening. Thank you to all of the Young Leaders who helped to make the evening a big success! 




Football League Begins Again

The Chantry Football League began again on 3rd October. We were hoping to improve on our 6th place last season. The first fixtures were against Broadwas and Great Witley. Clifton played well in both matches with lots of goals. Deakon scored an amazing individual goal! At the end of the event, Clifton had won both of our matches beating Broadwas 3-2 and Great Witley 4-2. Deakon was named as the Players' player of the evening. Well Done to him! We are looking forward to our next matches against Hallow and Ashley in November. 




 Written by Archie, Kai and Archie

Tag Rugby Success - 27th September 2016 

On the 27th September, 14 children from Eagles attended a Tag Rugby Tournament held at Tenbury High School. Each team played 4 matches and scored some amazing tries. At the end of the pool matches, we found out that Clifton A had won their division and would go through to the final against Burford Primary School. It was a tense final with Burford scoring first but then Lia got Clifton on the scoreboard. It kept going like this until it was 2-2. IN the last few seconds of the final, Emily got the ball and ran down the wing to score the winning try to make the score 3-2 to Clifton. What an amazing result! Both teams played with superb sportmanship and kept going even when they were feeling a little tired! Thank you so much to all of the parents who stayed and cheered us on; thank you to Mr Taylor at Tenbury for organising the tournament and finally thank you to Mrs Hughes for being a strict yet fair referee! 





Woodpeckers have a 'Toe-tapping' time at Dance Festival

Woodpeckers had a great time at the dance festival on 14th September. The theme was 'Carnivals'. During the morning, we had a go at many activities including; Street Dance, Salsa dancing, Zumba and Cheerleading. The dance instructors taught us lots of different moves such as 'The Wave' and 'The Octopus' which was a bit like two waves put together. We all really liked shaking the pom poms when we were learning the cheerleading dance. At the end, we all got together and each group performed one of the dances they had learnt throughout the morning. 

I really loved the Street Dance when we did the wave with our arms. It felt really cool to feel the movement in my arms.                                 Jonah Yr4
It was my first dance festival. I loved performing the street dance to the other children watching. I felt that I were really good at learning the moves. I can't wait until next years festival!                                              Katerina Yr3



Written by Jonah and Katerina

Year 5 Leadership Training  - September 2016

Four children in Year 5 were specially selected to join Mrs Hughes at the Chantry High School for a morning of Sports Leadership training. The morning started with some 'getting to know you' activities and then we had to think about the skills and values that a good leader needs. To put this into practise, we were asked to create our own activity and then teach it to the rest of the other Sports Leaders. It was a really enjoyable morning and we got to make some new friends too. Our job now is to discuss how Sports Leaders can be used in the playground at lunchtimes with the help of Mr Wimbury.