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Robins and Fledglings this year will be enjoying weekly, afternoon Forest School sessions. This involves interaction with each other where  communication is learnt and confidence gained.

Fledglings experienced digging for... Worms, and found lots of roots, plastic and broken clay artifacts. What a find in our What's Under Your Feet DIG!

What's Under Your Feet?


Robins enjoyed the jigsaw run which was followed by parachute games. A very sticky, muddy session today.

Parachute and Jigsaw activity


Fledglings experienced the texture and versatility of clay this afternoon. "It feels hard, cold and sticky" were just a few of the references the children gave us as they shaped, rolled and folded the clay. We even made up a silly song as they acquired the desired results for their finished item.

Working with clay


With the rain comes many opportunities to use the pools of water to our advantage. The children in Fledglings were firstly tasked to build a Lego boat that would float. Following this they attempted to build a wooden structure by weaving and again tested it on the water. Each time the children predicted a float or sink with a thumbs up or down. The other items we tried were sponges, paper straws, cones, plastic cups, corks, a banana, oranges and finally conkers.  Many of their predictions were correct but occasionally they were surprised at a result. Everyone had a thoroughly wet and muddy  experience but they did enjoy the testing we carried out. 

Float or Sink?


Even after a morning of torrential rain the Robins were eager to get outside to create smelly potions, splash in the many puddles we encountered and played a warming game of Duck, Duck, Goose.  Well done everyone for embracing the elements today.

Witches Potions


Fledglings were very responsible this afternoon whilst using the saws. I saw a of perseverance and determination to finish the job of sawing. The children enjoyed decorating their finished cookies and proudly wore them after they were drilled and strung. 

Making Tree Cookies



During the session today the children were asked to look at tree skeletons, what different trees look like when dormant and to use a mirror to view the canopy of the forest school area. Our other objective was for children who missed out on tree cookie sawing last week to complete this task.  


Tree cookies cont'd and using charcoal to sketch trees.


This session the fledglings tried their hands at using charcoal for the tree skeletons. For a first attempt their drawings were fabulous showing structure and depth. The follow on activity involved finding nature to attach to the drawing they were given. Once again a lot of thought had been given to create a  picture that related to reality. Free play was enjoyed by all, including requiring a  pass word for the style and I'm reliably informed we have doors leading to the fairy kingdom. Can you spot them? 

Looking at tree skeletons


During the afternoon, half the class were successful in sawing and decorating a tree cookie. Next week, the rest of the children will also participate in this activity.  Sawing can be difficult  also there is the risk factor but the children listened well to the safety instructions as well as supported the child sawing by holding the protruding wood which made the whole experience an enjoyable one.

Wooden Cookies


Each child went home with a school, made badge today which they crafted from different bark rubbings.  A  small area of the multi-coloured rubbings were cut out and then the badge was constructed using our badge making kit in school. Mirrors were also used  to see if we could find a tree canopy that matched the markings drawn onto the different lines we have in the palms of our hands with a water marker.

During free play the children enjoyed playing in yesterdays constructed den . Peep Po!

Badge Making and Find My Tree


Our afternoon started with the children identifying British birds and their songs for the RSPB Big School Bird Watch. This was important because it would direct their gaze to any bird song they might hear later in the afternoon and also help them to recognise which bird might be hiding in the surrounding trees and bushes of the school site. After an eventful time it was decided that the 10 crows we saw circling  the far off tree out numbered  our sparrow population of 7.

You could join in for the Garden Birdwatch 2024 which is on the weekend of the 26th - 28th January .

Join here - RSPB Garden Birdwatch



Bird Watching 2024



 Fledglings enjoyed their afternoon of sharing in games, hide and seek without peeking and nest building using the tweezers. 

Bird Nest Building and find the tweezers


 Robins enjoyed building bird nests with the tweezers that acted like a birds beak. They discovered it wasn't as easy as it might seem. One nest was made from mud and the children were surprised that any birds made a nest from mud. A great learning afternoon for everyone which finished with parachute games.

Bird Nest Building