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Fledglings Summer 1 2017

Week 5

We made ‘shchi’, Russia’s favourite cabbage soup with barley.



“It looks yucky but it tastes nice.”

“I like it.  I like all of it – all the vegetables.  Can I have some more?”

“Russia people like it because it’s got beans (barley) in it.”

“It’s so the people in Siberia can get warmed up.”


We focussed on measuring this week.




We had a great time playing outside this week…



but on Thursday it was just too hot so we stayed indoors in the afternoon.  The children managed to find a way to make a tent inside instead.


We finally finished our matryoshka dolls by stuffing them and sewing up the ends.  The children are so proud!



Investigating bubbles.




Week 4

Sewing out Matryoshka dolls.


Acting out and making a sound track for the book, “Whatever Next!”


This week we made Moon Rocks (rock cakes).


“Moon rocks might be loose and fall off and hit the Earth.  The rock might explode.”

“It’s like it has little holes – the raisins could be the holes – the craters.”

“If you put 2 moon rocks together, it would make a n=mini moon that you could eat.”

“A sphere.” 

We thought the flour was white until we put the sugar and baking powder in.”

“It’s gone yellow.”

“Maybe the light is shining on the flour…or it might be shining on the sugar and making the flour dark.”

“the sugar is more lighter than the flour.”

“Sugar is just a different sort of white.”


We had to do some rubbing in…

“It’s when you rub your fingers together.  Your tips.  Not this bit – your palm.”

“We want the butter to be camouflaged.”



We spaced them out on the tray…

“Or they will stick together and we will have one big moon rock.”

“We could cut it in half – 2 pieces.”

“Cut it into eighths.  If you cut something into eight pieces, it makes eighths.”



“They look like real rock cakes.”

“If they were real they would be horrible.  Your teeth would fall out.”

“We’re on the moon, eating rock cakes.”

“My rock cake is flying away because space doesn’t have any gravity.”

“I’m just boiling.”

“It’s not any temperature.  There’s no weather on the moon.”

“It’s slightly cold and slightly hot.”

“There’s no water on the moon.”

“We’ll get some out of our rocket.”



We read a book, “How to catch a Star”.

“It’s not a good idea to catch a star because the sun is brighter than the stars and you can’t see them.  They are always there, you just can’t see them.”

 “You think stars are close but they’re really far away.”


On Wednesday something strange happened.  One of the children had written a note encouraging all the others to take on a role in role play and not just be themselves.  It was stuck up by the door on a rainy afternoon.   Later in the day the note had changed – different colours had appeared and the writing was now difficult to read.


“Maybe the aliens did it?”

“But how did they get the colours?”

“Did they use paint?”

“We made the cabbage water colourful – maybe they did that.”

“How did the water dry up?”

“Good answer!”

“Maybe they used a hairdryer.”

We decided to investigate.


“It’s like when there’s oil on the road – it goes into different colours.”

“The purple is going violet!... Now there’s pink, purple, blue and a tiny bit of yellow.”



Week 3

This week we made Russian blinis.

We had to separate the egg yolk from the white but luckily, we had a new gadget.

The children predicted that the egg white would drip through and it did. 




“It’s all drippy.”

“And slimy.”

“It’s see-through.”

“The egg white is dripping down into the bowl.”

We tried to think of a name for the gadget.

“A egg keeper.”

“Or a egg nest.”

“An egg selector.”

“Or egg collector.”

Next we whisked the egg white.  What was the difference?

“Before it was see-through.”

“Now it’s white.  Before it was whitey-yellow.”

“Before it was drippy like a rain-drop.”

“The whisk makes it all bubble up and so it’s all sticky and stiff.”

“Maybe the whisker made it solid…No, it’s not solid – and you can’t see through it.”

Now we needed to stir it gently…

“Because so the bubbles don’t break.”


In Russia they have a special week just for pancakes and it’s called Maslenitsa.  So as not to be boring, they have different toppings.  We tried to think of a few.

Monday: jam

Tuesday: honey

Wednesday: vanilla ice cream

Thursday: raspberries

Friday: fish

Saturday: strawberries

Sunday: blueberries


“Blinis are yummy! – Because they taste Russian!”


In the afternoon the children painted a very large rocket.  Once it was dry it had to be tested out!



A walk to see the bluebells.








Making rocket pictures with sticks.  Some of the children even put on the sun and measured the relative distance away for the other planets.




Russians love cabbage so on Thursday we investigated 4 different kinds.

“I’m going to make cabbage soup.”

“That’s cool!”

“Or I might make fruit salad – no, vegetable salad.”

“We’re chefs!  We’re going to make the teachers some lunch.”




“This cabbage is like the Russian dolls – a cabbage inside a cabbage inside a cabbage!”


“My cabbage looks like broken flowers.  It’s so beautiful.”

 “We need warm water.  It will cook better.   Warm water makes everything warm.”

The colour leached out of the red cabbage when we put it in the warm water and made the water turn blue.  It even stained the children’s fingers and some fabric.


“Oh no!  I’m turning into a cabbage!”

"I wonder if the white cabbage will turn red if I rub it with my (stained) fingers."

The children were keen to have a taste and thought it was very funny when their tongues turned purple too!”




Week 2

This week we read the book Whatever Next , which inspired some role play.

“I’m wearing this because space suits are shiny and white.”


“I’ve got space boots.  They’re so you can jump up and down on the moon.”

“I’ve got strawberries for a snack on the moon.”

"This is my rocket.  I’m the pilot.  Owls flew in through the window."

“I’m checking the people in.”

 “I’m the pilot of the rocket.  I’ve got the controls.  This is my space helmet so I can breathe on the moon.  You can’t breathe in space.”

“You can’t breathe when you go really high up.  There is air but you can’t really breathe it."

“I’m doing the names for the people who work on the rocket.”

“If there’s any baddies on the rocket, I’ll ring the police to come up on a special plane.”


Gravity Painting!



Playdough and 3D shapes.


Drawing astronauts.



Going to the moon:

We put on our space suits, our space boots and our helmets, then went through the rocket hatch.  


“Can someone move that moon rock?”

“How do we sit on the moon?  You’ll just float away.”

“It’s difficult to walk on the moon – there are 3 wobbly rocks.”

“And a crocodile in the lava!”

“That’s a volcano so don’t fall in there.  It’s full of lava.”

“This is bad news – planets are in danger from volcanoes.”

“I’m digging to make craters.”

“I’ve found a slug – but there aren’t any on the moon because when someone goes there, there’s only rocks.”

We needed water but there isn’t any on the moon.

“We brought some in the rocket.”

“I’ve found roots from trees but there’s no trees on the moon!”

“The crater’s very big.  I’ve got a clean hand to hold the bottle and a dirty hand to play.”


On Friday we began making our matryoshka dolls.

 In the afternoon we explored some new den making equipment with Mrs Williams.




Week 1

We began the week by reading the story of Baba Yaga, a Russian fairytale about a witch, so in Cookery we decided to make witches' broomsticks.

We wondered how we could make them edible as we can’t eat wood!


“A long cookie.”

“Not chocolate – it will melt.”

We found some Twiglets – “They’re called twiglets because they are twigs, but small – like piglet!”

We tried to use twiglets that weren’t too knobbly, “because the knobbles are big.”

“So it doesn’t break the cheese.”


We needed to cut up some cheese strings.  How many pieces do you think you would have if you cut it into thirds?

“3 ‘cos ‘third’ is a bit like 3.”

“3 thirds make a whole one.”


“I’m concentrating to make it all broomy.”


 “You have to make sure it goes to the bottom without ripping it off.”

“Who wants to sing my ‘Don’t give up, keep on trying' song?”

“I’m too concentrating.”

We decided the broomsticks would be no good for Baba Yaga.

“She’s too tall.”

“She’s 3 metres tall.”

“She’s too big.”

“She’ll break it to pieces.”

“They could be for fairy witches.”

“Or a mouse witch.”

“We need huge ingredients to make one for Baba Yaga.”

“If Baba Yaga is really tall we could make a hole and stick some cheese in, then another hole and some more cheese.”

“Cheese first then a twiglet, then cheese then a twiglet until it’s very high.”



The children loved the story of Baba Yaga so much they took turns to be her with the other children asking questions.


“I’m going to eat you all up!”

“Why have you got metal teeth?”

“So I can crunch your bones.”

“Why have you got sharp nails?”

“So I can climb up trees with them.”

“Why do you climb up trees?”

“So I can get to my hut and look out for children to eat.  Actually, it’s not my job.  I have black geese that fly around and look for children playing on their own.”

“Why is your nose really big?”

“So I can sniff people.”

“Where do you live?”

“In the forest, in the trees where the sun can’t get through.”


This morning the children made witches potions.  The chat got more and more gory as they went on!

“Mine will make you invisible.”

“Or turn you into a frog.”


“Ooo!  That looks gross.”

“Mine looks like porridge with coffee in.”

“Can you pass me the Rice Krispies.”

“can I have some water ‘cos I don’t like the colour…Oh! It’s gone the same colour.  If I stir it, it might change.”

“I’ve got too much water in mine.”

“We could share.”  Water was carefully spooned out.



“I’m going to turn into a witch.”

“Mine will make me invisible.  It will make me hide-ier so I can hide better.”

“I’m going to turn into Sleeping Beauty.”

“Drink your potion and find out – only joking!”


“Mmm, mmm, mmm.  Yummy.  Yummy children in my tummy.”

“Can I have some blood to put in?”

“Yeah!  Children’s blood!  I love children in my belly!”


“I need some children’s fingernails.”

“And crushed up bones.”

“I want to put an eyeball in mine.”

“This is children’s noses… and brains.”

“Can I have some lips.”

“This lip’s got blood on it – here.”



Making Baba-Yaga’s house.


We planned our next DT project – Russian nesting dolls, or matryoshka.


"I'm concentrating - that's why it's taking a while."

"A minute ago they just looked rubbish.  Now it's really good and patterny."

"I'm taking my time."

"Then it will be so neat.  if you draw fast, it makes it really our of the lines."

"I've never drawed this beautiful before."

"Do you want yours to be a boy?" (Then we remembered matryoshka means 'little maiden'.)

"Oh!  maybe it will have to be called a 'matrioka' instead."

"Oh my goodness!  This looks really good!"

"I like your."

"Oh, thank you."

"I'm persevering.  If you persevere, you get gooder and gooder."


 A real live matryoshka!