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Fledglings Spring 2017

Week 7

We had a go at some traditional Chinese writing.



Adding the last details to our house models.


We worked out how to get the doll to the treasure without going near the dragons, then we tested our programme with the Beebot.



Making fortune cookies for our visitors to the open afternoon.




It was lovely to show our families what we had been up to!


Our story is finally finished!






Week 6

 Cooking rice:


We felt the rice.

“It’s hard…it feels a bit like wood.”

“It’s sharp on the ends.

“They slide off each other.”

“Because they’re sloped.”

“They make a clacky noise.”

“It sounds like raindrops.”

“It’s hard like ice.”

“But ice melts.”

“Rice isn’t freezing.”

“It’s all dry so it doesn’t stick together.”


“It’s not white because it’s not the same colour as the bowl.”

“I think they’re whitey yellow.”

How does the rice get from China to here?

“They put it in a basket and bring it on a aeroplane.”


When the rice is  cooked it will be…

“Warm and wet.”

“They will be squishy and easy to break.”


We had some eggs.  Mrs Watson dropped one.

“It’s too hard…it’s a snack egg…it came from a chicken.  Maybe it came from a daddy.”

“My daddy had an egg and that happened!  He must have cooked it.  He put it in his lunchbox.  He drived a bit and then he had a break.”

“My egg’s like an oval standing up.”



Do we need knives and forks?

“No!  Chopsticks!  I think I know all about China.”

“How do you say ‘gates’ in Chinese?”

“I know everything except that.”


The children loved eating with the chopsticks.

“It’s like we’re knitting.  We’re knitting egg and rice!”

“I’ve got the hang of this now.”

“I wish I lived in China because this food is tasty!”



Plumbing Role Play – we watched a video about sewage and the drainage system, then set about doing our own plumbing.



“We need pipes.”

“Let’s build a house.”

“First we need to put the pipes underground.”

“This is the toilet.  I’m having a wee wee.  It’s going into the ‘zooer’”

 “Sometimes you can see the pipes.  In the bathroom you can see them.”

“I dropped my toy down the toilet.  It will go all through the pipes and into the sea.”

“I’ve just checked the pipes.  It’s all good.  I’m going to be a pipe worker at home too.”

“We have to make it level because so the other pipe can attach to the other and the water will go along.”


Our day out at Avoncroft







We began painting our house models.






Week 4

For Funky Fingers we painted sticks to make cherry blossom later in the week.



We read the story of Mr Wolf’s Pancakes:  Mr Wolf wants to make pancakes but the fairytale characters are very mean and won’t help him – but they do want to eat the pancakes.  Mr Wolf, however, is not very pleased and eats the characters up!

The children loved the story and asked if we could make pancakes.  The children wanted to be wolves with imaginary mean children instead of fairytale characters.  The wolves were hungry (“Real wolves don’t eat pancakes.  They eat meat.” ) and asked the ‘children’ if they would help but the ‘children’ said ‘no’.

“Let’s eat pancakes – but we need to eat some children first!”

“We need flour and milk and eggs.”


“And butter!  So that we can melt it in the pan, then put pancake mixture in, then it won’t stick.”

“Mr Wolf didn’t use butter but we need it otherewise the pancakes will stick.”

Luckily one of the wolves was an electrician because the mixer wouldn’t work.

“Put the plug in.  There’s little holes and when you switch it on, the electricity will come through into the mixer.”

“Then switch the mixer on.”

“It’s making the mixture look like bubble bath!”

“Because the things go really fast and  make the bubbles – with air.”


“We want the pancakes to be circles.”

“’Cos the pan is a circle.”

“If we had a square pan it would be a square pancake.”

“What if we had an oval pan or a rectangle?”

“An octagon?”


Oh no!  The imaginary children were coming  - they could smell the pancakes.  What should we do?

“Eat them up!”

“Mmm yum.  I’ve ate all the children but I’m very hungry still.”

So we just had to eat the pancakes!  We all tried them just plain.

“It’s really good, isn’t it?”


Then we tried one with a bit of lemon and a tiny bit of sugar and we all liked them.

“Wolves teeth will fall out if they have a lot of sugar.  They will just have to suck.”

“They can only eat tomato soup.”

“They can only slurp.”


On Tuesday afternoon we watched a video about a Chinese tea ceremony.  We were surprised to find out that tea was made from leaves!  We looked at some fresh mint.

“Mmm.  It smells like bubble gum.”

“No, chewing gum.”

In the video we watched the lady pour water from a jug to a pot and then back into the jug.  She did this several times and it looked like dancing with the cup and the jug.  Each time she finished, she placed her hands one on top of the other.  The tea leaves were placed on a wooden tray before tipping it into the hot water.

“It’s a whirlpool!”


We did our own little tea ceremony.

We danced with the cup.

We poured the tea in so carefully.

We placed one hand on top of the other to rest them.

We also made some tea with some fresh mint leaves. – “Just the same!”

“I really like this tea.

We thought about the differences between making tea at home and making it in China.

“You have to be so careful and dance.”

“My mummy makes tea but she is much faster.  We make tea for Grandma and Grandpa when they come.”

“You can’t just plonk your tea down in China.”

We talked about tea being about being respectful.  Children in China make a cup of tea for their parents when they have been naughty, to say sorry.

“Ah!  That’s so kind.  We don’t do that.”





On Wednesday we thought we would make a fire, just like the 3 little pigs.

Why did we take water with us?

“To unlight the fire.”

We also had firelighters.  We gave them a sniff. 

“It smells like petrol for the car.”

“At home we have a firelighter.  It’s full of gas and you switch it on.”


How would we make the fire?

“First you need some wood, then you put logs on then you light the fire.”

“You put the match in.”


After some discussion we scrunched up paper, then collected twigs and piled them into a mountain.  We added some kindling from a bag because it was much drier than the wood on the ground.  Finally we lit it with a match.

“You need to scrap the match on the box.”



“The paper is burning first.”

“I would not like to be that wood – it’s hot!”

The flames are orange.”


“I can hear a popping noise.”

“I think it’s the flames.”

“I think it’s the wood.”

“I can see it’s burning and going down.”

“I think the dragon’s coming down the chimney!”


We took our gloves off to feel the heat.  We could feel it better from one side than from the other.

“Mrs Watson, our side is not going.”

“Maybe you didn’t put some lighters on this side.”

“That stick is really white now.”

“The flames are having a little dance.”

“I went to somewhere old in this kind of world and we went into a ladies house and she had to cook her food on the fire.”


What will happen when we put water on it?

“Go out.”


“Volcanoes explode.”


“No, it won’t do that.  It will just smoke everyone in the face.”



We practised tying knots by making cherry blossom – it was harder than it looked!




On Thursday we explored electricity – how to make a bulb light up.

“Do you connect these in here?”

“I just lighted it up!”

“I’m trying it but it’s not even working.”

“How did you attach it?”

“I put it on the sides…I clipped it on the side of the battery thing and it lighted up.

“My battery is warm.”


“The electricity man put the electricity in the battery and put a lid on it.  Then the electricity goes in the bulb.”

We even managed to make several bulb light up at once by connecting several circuits.  Later we tried switches too.





Week 3

The Chinese love badminton so we had a go!


The 3 Pigs would need workmen such as electricians to help them complete their houses.  It’s hard work being a workman so we set about making some healthy sandwiches for them…but why do we need healthy food?

“We will grow.”

“Our bones will get bigger.”

“Milk is good for you ‘cos it has good stuff in it.”

“Vitamins.  If you eat lots of good stuff with vitamins, you won’t get sick.”

The children were not too sure about cucumber.

“Cucumber is really slimy…I can see lines on it.”

“I can see a flower in it.”

“I’ll just try a bit on its own and if I like it, I’ll put it in my sandwich.”




“Tomatoes have got seeds and slime and juice.”

“it looks like it’s got a thousands of seeds.”

“They watered it to get the water inside – it’s the juicy stuff that’s squeezing out.”

“We make sandwiches differently at home.  We just use bread in a pile, take a bit, put something in – cheese, ham… and then we eat it.  It’s square bread.”


Role Play:  Electicians

“I’m calling the people who’s all their electricity has broken…I’m going on a motorbike to help them.  They actually live in Martley…  “I’m coming!””

“I’m putting the electricity back on.  It went off.”

“My television went off at home and a man came to fix it.  The man’s got loads of tools.  He’s an old man and he’s from Belgium.  He’s a fixer man…I attached something together but when I switch this, it doesn’t work.  I think it needs batteries.”

Some built houses before doing the electrics.  “I need a switch to turn the electricity off so you can’t get hurt.”

“My house is level, even the wonky bits… I put in a telly.  It’s got a plug.  The electricity goes through the wire and into the telly to make it work.”

“The electricity, it goes down here and through the holes into the house.”

“I need to put wire in my alarm.”

 “Look at the wire – it goes all the way to the washing machine…We need a piece of tape to stick it – it needs to stay on.”



“This is the power for the TV.”

“This is going to the oven – I’ve connected it.”

“This isn’t really like in a house ‘cos you can see too much wires.”


The electricians had a lunch break.

“We are so hungry because of the jobs.”

“I’m drinking my pub drink.”

“I wish we had tea.  I loved the tea.”

“Next time we are working, we will definitely have tea.”

“When I was little I had triangle sandwiches.  Now I have rectangles.  These are circle sandwiches.  When you cut them, half of it was half of a moon.”


Art Attack – experimenting with texture for the wolf’s fur.

“It’s going all zebra-ry.”                                                                                              

“The flour makes it look like snow.  It’s so good – try it!”

“Mine’s all bumpy – I put pasta and oats in.”

“The flour’s disappearing!”

“Yours is going darker and mine is going lighter.”

“My wolf looks really hairy ‘cos I’ve got shredded wheat in the paint.”

“Mine is very bumpy now.”

“There’s loads more texture on it now!”



We added detail to our Doubling Dragons.


Tai chi with Woodpeckers.



Fortune cookies made by a Woodpecker.


We made days of the week wheels.



The Chinese love cherry blossom, but as there isn’t any at the moment, we investigated petals instead.

“We could make perfume.”

“So we smell pretty.”

“Like our mums!”

“My mummy says I can’t have make-up.”

“So does mine.”




“I can break into the rose – I can see a bit of the pollen…This bit is the best smell – smell it!...I can pull the flowers out of the buds – they’re like onions.”

“I’ve found a seed – oh!  I’ve dropped it – it’s so tiny.”

“Smell mine – it’s quite strong.”

After pulling the flowers apart and mixing with water the children were keen to use more tools, such as a masher, a garlic press, a slotted spoon, a steak hammer and even chopsticks.



We began adding details to our house models.







Week 2

Woodpeckers Class are also thinking about China this term so they invited us down to taste the spring rolls they had made – delicious!


On Tuesday it was our turn to cook.  We decided to make biscuits for a builders’ tea break this afternoon!

“When the oven is hot, the cakes rise up and there’s bubbles in them.”

We looked at the dry mixture.

“We would have to use a spoon and we don’t eat biscuits with a spoon.  We eat them with our fingers.”

“The flour is not sticky and the other stuff is sticky.  If we put it all over the table and our hands, it won’t even stick.”

“Just stick them together with the butter and syrup.”

“We stuck our snowmen together with glue – made out of chocolate!”

“I’m eating an oat.  Where do oats come from?”

“Oak trees!”


In the afternoon the children were builders.

“Let’s get to work – I definitely need a roof.”

“You have to design your house first because it is  so important, or you won’t know what it looks like.”


  “What happened?”

“I hurt my leg.”

“Oh dear!  Somebody dropped a brick.”  She wrote it in the builders’ accident book.”


Lots of designs were made and labelled and lists written for materials.

“Look after my list.  It’s to see if it’s wrong or good.”

“Boss, we’ve run out of bricks.”

“We need some more bricks – we’ve runned out…He says it’s gonna take 5 minutes.”

“I’m building a play area for mouses…mice.”

“Look!  It will be strong.  Here’s the pattern.”

“Hey Boss, Look!  It’s properly straight and strong.  It’s in the middle.”


“These tins could be for the birds not to come down the chimlees.”



Soon the builders needed a tea break.


“Do you know what’s the best thing about tea?  Dunking your biscuits!”

“When you put them in your tea it’s even nicer.”

“I can see the stuff we put in.”

“The oats.”

“I can see air bubbles in my tea.  They’re really tiny.”

“Try your tea – it’s really yummy.”

“It’s making my heart go nice and warm.”


“There’s five biscuits left.  We could cut them in half and we might have 1 each.”

“There would be 10.”

“Actually, there’s 2 more biscuits – 7.”

“So there will be14.  That’s too many.  Each teacher could have one, but there would be 3 left.”


On Wednesday we had a film afternoon to raise money for blankets for the children in Syria.  We all met in the hall – in our pyjamas – before going off to watch our chosen film.


We began Thursday just as Chinese children do – with Tai Chi!


Continuing our work on telling the time, we made clocks to use for the story of What’s the Time, Mr Wolf?



Practising drawing pigs.


The fund-raising event for Syria had made an impression.

“Why don’t we make a tent like those poor people who don’t have houses?  They just live in tents.  They need blankets, don’t they?”


On Friday we woke up to snow, which caused great excitement.

We brought a snowball into the classroom and watched as it slowly melted throughout the morning.



Work on our house models began!





Week 1

Our story for the next few weeks will be The 3 Little Pigs so after reading it we experimented with making different kinds of pink paint…


“We need red and white.”

“Does it matter if I put the red in first or the white?”

“Mine’s going darker – I put more red in.”

“Now I need to make light pink – I need to put white it…it’s changed!  Light pink!”


The children loved the part of the story where the wolf falls down the chimney and into a pot of boiling water (“I thought it was custard.”) so we explored ways of making a big splash and the children came up with lots of different methods, some of which worked better than others.

We tried throwing the balls straight into a bucket, which started well.  We tried holding the ball at different heights and dropping them.


We tried pushing the balls down the guttering…  “It’s not splashing now – there’s too many balls.”


We propped the guttering on an empty crate to keep it out of the bucket, to see if that made a difference.

We tried raising the level of the guttering…then shooting the ball up so it fell from a height….and finally we tried whizzing the ball around the spiral and into the water.



The next day we walked around the village, looking at all the different parts of houses, then labelled photos once we were back in school - Sorry!  I forgot the camera.


We used our pink paint to explore the idea of doubles in Maths.


To make strong brick walls the bricks need to be in a careful pattern.



On Friday, we planned our house models, ready to start building next week.