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Fledglings Spring 2 2017

Week 6

Cookery:  Mrs Watson said she had been outside this morning and got some twigs.

“It’s breakfast!”

“I have twigs for breakfast.”

“They’re like sticks.”

“Birds make nests with twigs.”

“Let’s make nests we can eat.” – So we did!


 “How do they stick together?...Thread them in and out?”

“They’re not strong enough.  We could put them in the oven to make them hard.”

 “We could balance them in a cup cake case then put them in the oven to hard them.  Then they will stay still.”

“The juice in the leaves helps the nest twigs to stick together.”

“Melt the chocolate – like glue!”


Why is the chocolate melting and not the glass bowl?

“The glass is too hard.”

“Too thick.”

“The hotness is getting through the glass to melt the chocolate and it goes through the glass.”

“Glass could burn in a fire because it’s so hot and the sides of the glass would burn.”

“But they would actually still be glass.  It’s actually made out of sand.”

 We shared the eggs out…”One for me, one for you…one for us, one for them.”

“6 each!”

“I’ll count them all…24 altogether!”

“Double 24 is 48!”




Putting the finishing touches to our aeroplanes.



Multi-skills with Robins Class.



Water Play



Our art work inspired by the Brazilian artist Romero Britto looks fantastic!


Fun with a pinata!




Week 5

Last week we read a book called The Parrot Tico Tango , which was full of Brazilian fruits so this week we made a fruit salad with some of them – and a few alternatives.

We started with figs.

“They look like pumpkins

“Seeds!  Look!”


“They’re colourful seeds.”

“They’re a bit gooey – there’s loads of juice and seeds.”

“It’s squishy – just a bit like playdough.”

Next a mango.

 “It’s an enormous seed – it makes the fruit grow bigger.”




“Physalis – it’s got 3 claps!”

“The skin is eating paper.”

“The leaves are to keep it safe.”

“It’s a bud – the birds won’t know it’s there.”

“I think the leaves are flowers.  They feel like paper.  It’s like the leaves when they come off the tree in this country.”



“I can’t cut the grapes.”

“That’s because the skin’s a bit thick.”

We tried sawing with the knife instead of pushing down.

    “It works!”



“It smells nice.”

 “I think it will be hard – we will have to do good chopping….Oh, when you put your finger on it, it’s goes juicy.”

“It’s juicy on the inside and hard on the outside.”

“Let’s scoop out the seeds.”

“The animals get the seeds out.”

“With their beaks and claws.”



“Hold it with your claw hand.”

“So it doesn’t hurt your finger.”


We couldn’t wait to try the finished salad – it looked so colourful.



With the Easter bunny in mind we also read Guess How Much I love You, , which inspired us to do some measuring around the classroom and also some doubling of numbers as the children had to measure ‘there and back’.



In the afternoon we thought about the famous egg, Humpty Dumpty.


“Why did he even bother sitting on a wall?  He knows he will crack!”

“I think he lives in a castle in Brazil.”

“How about we build a wall next to the castle/”

“Or he could be on the castle wall.”

“He could go in a lift up to the top of the castle and then fall off.”

We decided the story must have happened a long time ago because of the King’s horses and King’s men.  How would it be different today?

“The police would rescue you.”

“Or the fire engine.”

“Or the ambulance.”

We wondered what happened to Humpty after the fall.

“He broke his rib.”

“He cracked his head… the brain is inside and it’s important.”

“He broke his leg bone.”

The King’s men might bring…


“Super sellotape.”


“A bandage.”

“They could sew him up.”

“Doctor’s have special thread to sew people up.”


The children built a wall.


“I know why Humpty Dumpty hurt himself – the wall wasn’t in the right pattern.”

“Maybe he just wanted to see the view.”

It was suggested the children do a ‘show’ so they acted out the rhyme whilst saying it.



The fruit salad was a hit!


“I love pineapple.”

“I’m going to try this fig…it’s delicious!”

“Hey!  I forgot to try the papaya…  I like it!”

“I had 2 physalis and I want some more…”

“Can I try one?”


Block Play:  the children had lots of different ideas – a cave for Jesus, a chair for a soft toy, a road for fashion people (catwalk), a castle, a dragon. 



Soon the catwalk turned into a ‘show’ with all the children joining in.

“I’ve made comfy seats – they cost more.”

“If you’ve got a ticket, please come in this way.”

“I’ve got some food in my handbag for the show.  Chicken – my baby loves chicken.”

“I’m on the watching seat.”

“Welcome to the show!”

“We need a musical instrument to start the show – click these like this.”

“We’ll have a café after the show – I’ve only got 4 chairs so you’ll have to take it in turns.”

“We need toilets, if anyone needs the toilet.”

“Do you mean a pretend one?”

“Yes, just pretend.”

“The show is starting.  Please take your seats.  Please turn your phones off and anything electric off.  Thank you.”



Coding:  Can you get the parrot Tico Tango to the mango without him going near and stealing the other fruits?  We tested our instructions with the Beebot.



Using bubble wrap to print colourful Easter eggs.




Drawing frogs.



Making Easter hats!


We looked at various landmarks in Brazil and made imaginary maps to get us from the airport in Rio to a school.


Painting our aeroplane models.


 Week 4

This week we've written a story inspired by a Brazilian one - Slowly, Slowly, Slowly, said the Sloth by Eric Carle.  Our version has springtime animals instead of rain forest ones.  The children not only wrote the story but also set up the photos and did the audio.



In Cookery we looked at pineapples as they are grown in Brazil.


“Maybe they start off in pods and out pops a pineapple…They might grow underground…or on the beach.”

“Or in trees?”

“Or in Israel.”

“Let’s be gardeners!  We could look in a pineapple book…Or a pineapple dictionary.”

“Or look on the computer.  It has Google and Google knows everything.”

“Coconuts grow on trees on an island.”

“Palm trees actually.”

“Bananas grow on trees too.”


Our recipe was Pineapple-coconut ice-cream and there were only 3 ingredients! – Pineapple, coconut milk and banana.

“It’s hot in Brazil – that’s why they like ice-cream.”

“When I have ice cream, we don’t make it.  We just get it from the shop.  Someone else makes it – the workers in the batteries.”

We tried to open the tin of coconut milk but it was tricky, so we used a battery operated opener instead.


“The cog’s are doing it.”


The milk was solid as it had been in the freezer!

“Do we blender it up?...Or will it melt?...No, the blender’s not hot.”


“The fruit will be chopped.”

We all agreed it was the best ice cream ever!

“I can see yellow tiny bits in mine – bits of pineapple.”

“I wish Mrs Johns could try some of this because it’s so delicious!”

We talked about ice cream in shops having lots of sugar in.  We tasted ours…

“It doesn’t need sugar!   It’s healthy!  Mum would like this ice cream because she’s off sugar.”


In the afternoon we read about Jesus washing the disciples feet and decided to do the same!

"I loved it because it's so warm.  My feet were dirty because we've been walking down the street with no socks.  they only had sandals.  Jesus wanted to wash their feet because he thought it might be fun."




Drawing maps to get us around the classroom.



Block Play:  the challenge was to build the tallest tower that you could balance an egg on top.

“Let’s do it as a team…Everyone needs a helmet because if the stuff falls, your head will be safe…. "


“All of the bricks are level so the egg might balance.”



"Guys!  You don’t need a hard hat for these boxes because they’re not wooden.”


The children completed the challenge by using cardboard boxes as they proved easier to balance really high.  You can just see the the egg (in a plastic bag!) balanced right at the top.


Drawing parrots.



Art Attack.

Everyone had a different idea – a cape, a headband, a pirate ship, a person – no, an alien, a Barbie house, a boat, a dress for a doll and cards.





Adding fins and landing gear to our planes.







Week 3

In Nifty Numbers we turn 2D shapes into aliens, adding body parts depending on the number of sides or corners a shape had.  For example,  triangle aliens  had 3 eyes, legs, mouths etc.



In Cookery this week we made Guacamole.

First we looked at the avocado…


 “Do they grow on trees?”

“I think they grow in Brazil, on trees.”

“It’s so hot there – burning hot.”

“It’s by the equator.”

“It’s 30 (degrees).”

And in Clifton?

“It’s about 13 today.”


“There’s a nut inside!”

“A squirrel’s nut!... It’s the seed.”

“Don’t throw the seed away…let’s do some gardening next time and grow it.”

 “It’s very warm in Brazil…  let’s plant it inside in the warm.”

“If you eat too much avocado, you might go green.”

“It feels gooey.”


“We’re scooping! – Put your spoon in, get it flat, pick up a bit and lift it out.”

“If you mush it like a jacket potato, it mashes.”


Next we looked at the lime.

“It’s like a lemon…it is a lemon – it just has a green cover on it.”

We used a juicer to squeeze out the juice.

“There’s holes so the juice can go down into the pot.  The cover (peel) doesn’t go through the holes.”


We made our own tortilla chips by cutting up some wraps and baking them.  We cut out different shapes.

“My favourite shape is a rectangle because they are so straight.  Very long sides and very short.”

“I like triangles because they are like beaks and wings.”

“Elmo’s favourite shape is a triangle because he likes 3 sides.”



We had to have a taste, of course!



“It tastes more better than when it’s on its own.”

“Yummy!  I’m going to make it again and the shapes to go with it too.”

“Let’s line up in a square!”


We looked at photos of the Amazon and found out it is the longest river in the world. It crosses Equador, Peru and Brazil.

“The doctor’s river joins up to the Clifton river and it’s not even in Clifton!”

We set out to build our own very long river!



“I’ve got a challenge – whoever gets the most water in the bucket gets to have a sleepover at my house!”

Once we had managed to get the water from one end all the way to the other, we measured how long our river was by using just 2 metre rules.




The Last Supper – we watched a video.

“It’s Jesus’ last supper before he goes.”

“They had bread and wine.”

“They pretended the bread was his bones and pretended the wine was his blood.”

“It’s to help them remember him.”


“We need a long table – not a square table, a rectangle table.”


We looked at a painting of the last Supper and realised there were only chairs on one side.

“We need 12 chairs…And one more for Jesus…. Maybe we need another table.”


“Tuck in everybody!”

“Jesus, may I have a little bit more bread?”


“This is the last supper before Jesus dies.”

“I’m going to heaven to help my father.”

“I like nanna bread.”

“It’s not banana bread, it’s naan bread…. On that picture, they have long hair.  I’ve seen some boys what have long hair.  Boys usually have short.”


“Bye bye Jesus… Let’s all say it together, 1,2,3 – “

“Goodbye Jesus!”

“He says he’s going to come back soon.”

“One of you will get me into trouble – I’ll say sorry though.”

“Jesus is in heaven, but he’s still in charge of the world.”

“Oh!  We forgot the cover (tablecloth).”

“And we should have different kinds of food – so next time we’ll remember different kinds of food and a cover.”


A measuring challenge – could the children find objects to match the measurement on the cards?





We started some artwork inspired by a Brazilian artist – Romero Britto.



We had a go at drawing sloths.


Adding wings to our aeroplane models.





Week 2

As we compare the temperature in Clifton and our focus country every morning we thought it would be fun to use some real thermometers.  The children enjoyed watching the temperatures go up and down as they explored toys encased in ice.  Warm and cold hands also made a difference!



More investigation – this time coffee beans. 



In Nifty Numbers we worked out the capacity of different coffee cups and ordered them.

“Get a little pot and fill it to the top and how you measure it, you count how many go in and you write it on a piece of paper so you don’t forget.”

“You have to be careful to make sure it has the same fullness.”

“You have to remember to count!”



In Cookery we made Coffee Cakes with coffee essence.

“I think they smashed the beans with water then it went dark brown.”

“They crushed the beans for thousands of times.”

First we washed our hands.

“I squirted a gram on my hands.”

We decided to use our muscles instead of the mixer.

“Muscles are inside of our skin.”

“If you use a very hard magnifying glass, you might see inside your body.”

“Or a special camera.”

“The muscles might be inside your bones.”

“No, they are meat and they go round the edge of the bones.”

“The mixer would be quick.”

“It’s electric.”

“It has spoons that go round really fast.  The electric makes them go faster and faster and faster.  If our arms went that fast, they would break off.”

“I think it would just make them hurt.”

“Or it would give us a cramp.”

“The mixer is faster because it has 2 whisks.”  We tried 2 spoons.

“Yep!  It’s going faster.”

“The whisk is faster because it has more power.  When people make them they put power into them.”

Where does the power come from?

“Electricity maybe.”


“Double 6 is 12 and 6 more is 18.”


How long shall we put them in the oven for?

“110 minutes.”

“They’ll burn.” 

“If you put little cakes in they won’t burn because they are not at the top of the oven.  It’s really hot at the top of the oven.  So big cakes will be so tall and they will burn.”

“Do you know how to make big cakes? – You make lots of flat cakes and then you stack them.”



As we now had cakes we thought we would make a coffee shop.

“We need a red tablecloth.”

“And flowers.”

“Coffee shops have lots of tables.”


We arranged the cups into big, medium and small and decided what the prices could be.


“The big cups could be 7 because 7 is a big number.

“I know – 20p.  That’s bigger.”

We made price labels for the cups and the cakes.


“What cup do you want?  Medium or big or small?”


“Can I have a cake and a medium cup of wine, please.”

“That’s 8p please… I will give you 2p back.”

“You gave me too much money.  You get 1p change.”

“Sometimes people in cafes have different voices.  Listen to mine – it’s Brazil.”

“Cafes have those things you choose out of (menus).”

“There’s a lot of chat, chat, chatter in cafes and there’s chatting here too!”



Nifty Numbers in the water.

How many jugs of water can we lift with the pulley?



How many smoothies can you make from one jug full?

How many squeezes of the sponge to fill the bucket?



Block Play – Jesus’ tomb.

“I’m putting conkers on to make it spooky – some caves are very spooky.”




“Jesus won’t fit in like that – he’ll be squashed.”

“These are the things to make the sun into electricity – solar panels – cos this is Jesus’ home cave…the electricity is for his TV and ‘puters and phones….These are the bulbs in the lights.”

“How will we do the roof?...Maybe we’ll just pretend there’s a roof otherwise he’ll have to slide in.”

“I’ve got a good idea.  These can be Jesus and the angel…I’ll put them in the cave.”

“Here’s the drainpipe – can somebody help us out!”

On Friday we began making our aeroplane models .







Week 1

This half term we are focusing on the Easter story and the country of Brazil.  We discovered that chocolate (cocoa) comes from Brazil…

“It grows on trees.”

“It’s seeds – white seeds.  They cook them til they go brown.”

“The seeds are sticky.”

“When they smash the bean it goes all crumbly.”

One of Brazil’s favourite things to eat is Brigadeiros, a bit like a chocolate truffle, so we had a go at making them.


First we needed condensed milk.  Was it like our snack time milk?


“It’s not white.”

“Normal milk is white.”

“It’s gooey and slimey.”

“It’s too sticky to drink.”

“It’s the same colour as the butter…  maybe it’s made out of butter.”

“It goes curly when you pour it – I saw it go curly at Dawn’s house, so I know all about condensed.”

“It tastes like icing.”


“12 is 2 sixes.”


We had to wait a while for the mixture to cool so we made “Fingerdeiros” (the children's made-up word) while we were waiting.  We dipped a finger in the chocolate mixture then into the sprinkles!




We wondered how we could cool the mixture down more quickly.

“You could put it outside – but someone might step in it and burn themselves.”

“I know!  You could put it by the window – because nobody will step on the window sill.”



The Brigadeiros were a great hit with the children!



In the afternoon the children took a flight to Brazil  - but what did they know about travelling by air?

“I went up the steps.”

“I went in a tube and there was a cockpit.”

“Yeah!  At the front.”

“It’s where the pilot sits.  He drives it.  There’s a co-pilot just in case the first pilot gets injured.”

“Inside there was some ladies who give food and they walk along with a trolley.”

“You have a table.  It has none legs and it connects to the chair.”

“There’s a bit of a leg and a wheel at the bottom.”


 The children wanted to build the aeroplane first!

“I’m the boss aeroplane maker.”

“There are buttons to make the plane twirl.”

“Nobody’s allowed in the cockpit because baddies might go in there and set the plane on fire.”

We need…

“Controls…and wings…and oval windows…”

“The boss is the pilot.  I’ll sit at the front.”

“Put engines under the wings.”


“Some people talk like this on an aeroplane.”


Ground Control to the pilot…  Have you got enough fuel?

“We’ve got 30,000kg.”

How high are you?

“20,000 metres.  It’s going to take 5 hours.”


“What would you like, sir?...  Oh no!  I forgot the cups for the drinks.  This is the cup for the Queen if she comes on the plane.”

“What would you like?”

“A drink and a chocolate cake.”


“Oh no!  I forgot seat belts.” Seat belts were passed around.

“We’ve landed now.”

“Oh no!  I don’t even know the language.  I only know ‘ola’.”


Later in the week we looked at baggage allowances during Nifty Numbers and challenged the children to comply to various limits.


Painting without brushes! 



Later in the week – when the paintings were finally dry! – we turned them into something else.




Mardi Gras masks!


It was lovely to have a little bit of warm sunshine again so we made the most of it with some water play.


We drew plans for our next model – an aeroplane.