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Fledglings Autumn 2017

Week 6

Funky Fingers


Art – printing with fruit and vegetables




Cookery – fruit salad

Before we started, one of the children noticed something - “He’s matching face to face me” – so we talked about the word opposite.

“Fruit is healthy because it’s good for you…It makes you grow.”

“I know – you go to the doctor and he checks your belly and your back.”

“Vitamins are healthy.”

But where do they come from?

“A vitamin field.”


“In a box.”

If they’re not in a box…?

We eventually worked out they came from food.

“If you eat them, you grow and you won’t die.”

“They make you stronger.”

“If you don’t eat healthy food, you will die.  You won’t be able to keep your life.”

“They make you feel better too.”


We talked about knife safety.



We looked at the fruit.






“Oranges grow on a tree.”

“On a farm.”

“A supermarket.”

“it was raining in my garden, then the sun comed up and there was a rainbow.”

“I think oranges grow in India.”

“Indian people love mangoes.”

“It’s hot there.”

“It’s far away.”

“They grow on trees…they’re yellow inside.”

“They grow on trees, but only if you plant a seed.”

We wondered what the seed would look like…

“It’s really hard.”

“Maybe there’s another seed inside the big seed.”

“There might be loads inside it.”

“Mango is so slippery.  It slips out of my hand.”

“’Cos it’s got shiny on it.”

 The finished salad.

“It’s all different colours.”

“A rainbow!”

 “I love this so much, I’m going to have it every day.”

“I like mango.  Now I do because I tried it.  I really loved it.”


Role Play: Doctors

“We need chairs (for a waiting room)!”


 “I need to sort this patient out, but I haven’t got the right stuff.  She’s got a broken ear.  I need a bandage.”


“She’s OK now.  I’ll show you where her temperature is.  Number 4, so she’ alright.”

“Oh no!  My teddy has lost his heart beep.”

The waiting room suddenly got very busy…What could we do?

“We’ll have to a patient them out.”


 “What’s the matter, Hippo?”

“It hurts in his mouth.”

We made a list of patients.  “Anybody is next.  They need to come.  Basically we need to shout the names out.”



Non-standard measuring




 Forest School – Mud painting

“The woodlice would love this!  They love mud!”




Building challenge – a bridge using only tape and lolly sticks.




 The children persevered endlessly with this task and were delighted when their constructions actually worked.


Art Attack

“Are you going to make a car?”

“No, I’m going to make a spider.”

“How are you going to make a spider?”

“I’m going to get 8 legs.”



 “Open the scissors wide.”

 “It’s a spider to scare my mummy…I’m thinking hard. I’m making it perfectly.  Write in your book that I’m doing it perfectly! ... If I have marvellous Me, I’ll put my spider in!  I’m making a butterfly now.”

 “It’s a treasure chest.”

 “It’s a car for my monkey.  He’s getting really excited.  I’ve put some feathers on to make it soft.”

 “I’m making a ‘dozer.  This is the hatch to keep the rain out.”

 “I’ve helped her do the hard work – now she can crack on!”

 “It’s a Thai fighter.”


This week we started painting the troll models – it encouraged a lot of chat about colour mixing.

“I need light blue.”

But how do we make it?

“Use yellow – that’s light.”  We added it to some existing dark green paint.

“It made light green.”

“I think white is the lightest colour.”

“I’m going to try orange and green…Now I’m going to try a bit of orange and a bit of yellow…It’s making grey.”

“I’m going to mix yellow and orange…it makes light orange.”

“I think I’m finished today.  I’ll do the feet tomorrow.”

“I’m painting all of mine.”

“I’m gonna paint all of my troll today because tomorrow I won’t be at school.”



“I chose black because it’s the darkest colour.  Some trolls are light and some are dark.  Mine’s a dark troll.  Dark trolls are the scariest.”

“Mine’s scary too…Oh, the paint is so slippy!”

“I need pink.”  We thought about pink actually being light red.  We put white into red.  “It’s turning pink!”

“I’ve done armour to protect my troll from the trolls the other children have made…. What if we mix green and red together to see if it makes another pretty colour…it’s turning brown…It’s for the side of his leg.  It’s grizzly bear hair!...  I’m almost happy with mine - just a bit more grizzly bear hair… I’m a bit happier…I’m happy because I like it now! … Tomorrow I might pick green for his eyes because it’s my favourite colour.”

“My troll lives under a bridge.  He just lives on a stool.  I wouldn’t like to meet my troll.  He would eat me up… He’s got long hair because you think it’s brown dead leaves and you think it’s a bush – but it’s not – it’s a troll! … He’s all different colours so he’s called beautiful troll.”


“Mine and yours are roughly similar… Yours is more good than mine ‘cos it’s got more prettier things on.  Mine is a bit too dark.  When I make another one I might use pink.”

“That one’s taller…That one hasn’t got the same eyes as that one – they’re different colours… Look at those foots!  They’re so big!”



Week 5

 Cookery.  This week we made chapattis – a very flat kind of bread.

“Our bread is fluffy.”

“When ours comes out of the bread maker, it’s that high!”

“Ours is soft and crumbly.”

“They use theirs for scooping.”


We compared 2 different flours.

“This one looks like sand because it’s similar…because it’s got white and brown.”

“There’s white in that one and bits of white in the sand one.”

“They feel the same.”

“The white one is the softest.”

Next we needed olive oil, but where did it come from?

“I think it comes from chicken.  You squash it so all the juice comes out and that’s oil.”

“Does it come from cows and goats?”

“Does it come from India?”

We talked about squashing other things – like olives – to get the oil.

“Some are black and some are green.”

Even after adding the oil, the mixture did not look like dough. 

“Put some water in.”

“Use our fingers to squeeze it.”

“It’s working because it’s sticking together now.”

“It’s getting stickier and stickier.”

“It’s sticking to the spoon… Let’s squash it now.”


“It looks quite ready now.”

“It smells like porridge.”

“It’s a bit like pancakes.”

We wondered why Indian people liked flat bread.

“Because they pick up their food with it.”


In the afternoon the children went camping!

“Get some clean sticks.  Do it really fast and fire comes up.”


“We need a compass so you can find your way.”

“I’ve got food.”

“I’ve got lots of stuff in my bag – clothes, shoes, food and stuff to make a fire.”

“I’ve got clothes and a torch.”

“We can only have 2 in our tent because it is so small, so tiny.”

“I wonder how many people will fit in this tent.”

“Oh no!  Let’s fix it.  I forgot about the holes.  I think we need pegs because it keeps falling down.”


“I’ve got a good idea to make it bigger – another blanket!”

“Yeah - and we need more pegs.”

The children ate their chapattis in the tents – a huge hit!


Forest School

“We’re making an insect hive.”

First we have to make our design…We need string to keep the insect hive up.”

“I need string to detach my bridge.”


“I took millions of photos of my fairy house (that I built) and I sent them to my sister on my (pretend) phone.”


Collecting slugs and seeing if they would stick to a tree!




Block Play Challenge: to make a bridge to go over the river.

“It keeps falling down…That’s too tall.  We can’t get up there.  We can do another plan…What about some straight things…?”



“I think I’ve got a good idea…that one needs to go under that one.”

“How about we put this one underneath?”

 “Do you like the support in the middle? – So it doesn’t just fall down.”



Water Play




Art Attack






Making the trolls

“I got these because they are long and sharp like trolls’ shoes.”

Some of the children looked at their own feet to work out how to put feet on their trolls.



“When I cut these (matchsticks) they are even sharper (for teeth).”

“I need this for his hat ‘cos that’s why it’s round, but it hasn’t got edges…I’ll make them out of these (bits of egg box)….I like (my troll’s hat) because it sticks out.”


Week 4

Funky Fingers




Cookery this week was an Indian dip of fresh coriander and mint.  We began by looking at the ingredients.  Ginger was a mystery.


“Is it a potato?”

“Is it a parsnip?”

“Is it a bone?”

“Is it watermelon?”

We established that it was ginger and that it was a root, not a stalk.

“A root is what helps plants grow…When water goes into the mud, the roots suck it up.”

“Roots grow plants…There’s a hole in the roots.  You can’t see the hole.  You need to use a telescope to see them.  If they don’t have holes, the water can’t get in.”

“Then they will die.”

“We thought of other things flavoured with ginger… Ginger biscuits, gingerbread, ginger sweets.”


Next we compared the coriander with the mint.


“I know that’s mint – I go to my Nanny’s and look for it.”

“It smells like perfume.”

“The pattern is different.”

“The coriander has more stalks than this one.”

“The mint leaves are bigger than that one.”

“Coriander grows in vegetable patches.”

“In India.”

“I love the smell of it.”


We needed 30 mint leaves so we put them all the leaves in a big pile.

“We can’t count all them…We just keep going round in circles.”

“We might count the same ones.”

The children remembered what we had done in class…

“We need to move them away (to count out 30).”


Next for the juicer…

“There’s holes in the juicer… It stops the seeds.”

“The seeds are too big to go through.”


Finally, we needed the blender, but how did it work?

“It goes round and round and round…Them will go away…the blender is really sharp…them leaves will snap in half.”



 In the afternoon, we pretended to take a flight to India.

“Because aeroplanes can go farer than us walking.”

“If we drived in a car, we would not be able to get off England.”

“There’s lots of openings where you can get off England.”

“The wings are glued on the plane.”

“No, screwed on.  To build aeroplanes you have to choose engineering.”

“We need Indian money.”


Some children made a cockpit, tickets and general paperwork.


“Everybody, we are going to take off.  Fasten your seatbelts.”

“I can see water and sharks (out of the window).”

“Bing bong!  Hello.  Please hold on ‘cos it’s going to be a bumpy ride…  The flight attendant is coming round with some food.”

“Can I be the flight attendant?”


“You can’t come on the plane ‘cause you haven’t got a ticket.”

“We flied past Clifton, Martley and past the sea.”

“We’re going down.”

“So please hold on.”

“Half way!  Going down!”

“When it hits the ground, it bumps up in the air.”

“Click, click, click (the sound of everyone undoing their seatbelts.”



Once in India, we ate our Indian snack, remembering to scoop it up with the naan bread just like Indian people.

“I like this, it’s my favourite.”

“It’s really yummy.”

“It’s a bit spicy.  I’m gonna tell my mum when she gets here to have some of that sauce at home.”


A walk across the fields.


Getting over all the stiles was hard work!

“That (pattern on the toadstools) looks like my mum’s sandals!”





In the afternoon the children investigated Flubber.

“It’s like lava… It’s custard…It’s really heavy.”



 “I’m going to smell it…it smells like glue! ... You say ‘Can I have some custard’ and I’ll give you some.”

“Can I have some custard, please?”

Soon the dinosaurs made their way into the Flubber.


“My dinosaur says he doesn’t like this.  He says it gets all in his mouth. (In dinosaur voice) “I’m all slimed up.  Can someone help me?  I’m stuck.”

“It’s nice and cold on my arm.”

“This is a gluey situation!”

“This dinosaur’s having a bath.  Don’t cover his head – it’s a bath, a lovely bath.”


“I’m going to make a pirate ship with it.  I hope it doesn’t fall apart…Or I’ll make a hot tub.”

“This is a bandage.”

“It can’t be glue because glue doesn’t go that high… it’s like a waterfall… It’s a resue net… I’m having lots of fun.”

“I’m having lots of fun too!”


Water Play


“Can you help me?  We’re drowning!” (said the animals).

Perseverence – filling a bottle using just a sponge.  “The water goes in and you just have to squeeze it.”



“Does anybody want some perfume?”


“It’s too early for customers.”

“Ok.  Let’s fill these cups up ready.”


Some children had a go at walking with buckets of water on their heads, just like we’d seen of pictures of Indian life.




Exploring cellophane.

“I’m making a butterfly.”


“I’m making glasses – I need the tape a bit longer.”

“This is a telescope – this end works better than that one.”


“It’s not nice to say, “That’s mine!”  When a teacher gets something for the class, it’s not nice to say that’s mine.  You have to share.”


We covered the windows and door.

“Purple!  Red and blue is purple!  It’s so cool!”

“That is awesome.  Everyone is going to love it!  I’ve covered up the sunshine! ... Oh wow!  Look!  A rainbow!”





The troll models are making progress.




“I like everything because it’s stayed stuck on… If things fell off, you could just build it again…I like making things a lot.  It’s good if I ask for help but I try first.”

“I’m getting the hang of it now!”




Week 3

As our focus story is The 3 Billy Goats Gruff, we made goat shaped biscuits!

But how do we know how much sugar we need?

Someone spotted the balance scales – “Make it so it’s the right amount on both sides.”

And what was a sieve for?

“It makes it all into holes.”

“To make it smaller…it’s coming out in tiny bits!”

“There’s really little holes and watch what happens when I do this – it goes through and it goes through!”

“When I do it, I use a spoon.  You need to move it and it goes down really quickly.”

“You drag the spoon back and forwards and the lumps break up and they go through the holes.”


We compared the sieved sugar with the other and it wasn’t the same.

“Beautiful and smooth!”

“We don’t want lumps in our biscuits!”

“The mixture turns yellow when me and Mummy make cakes.  ‘Cause you put the butter in and it’s gone inside the butter.”


“It’s difficult to stir ‘cause we put some flour in…it’s sticky.”

“He’s got yummy fingers!”

“It was all soft before.  Now it’s all squidgy.”



In the afternoon we ate the biscuits.  The children remembered that Indian people sit on the floor to eat, so they dressed up and did just that!  They remembered our discussion:  “They don’t have knives and forks.  They sit on the floor.  They scoop the rice up with the bread and use their fingers.”

“How do you say ‘thank you’ in Indian?”

We looked it up – ‘dhanyavaad’.


Funky Fingers




Forest School

The children quickly busied themselves making various sized bridges for goats and trolls (“I need straight wood because we need to walk on it….” “You’ve got the longest…” “That’s really heavy and that’s not heavy…” “This end is the Billy Goat Gruffs’ field and this is the tasty grass”) and even a campfire.

“We’re going to make a fire.  I’ve got the recipe.”

 “You just use 2 sticks.  They have to be long so you don’t burn yourself.  It would be better if it was metal.  The sparks would be better.”

“Some people move the wood around in the fire.  It helps burn the other big bits of wood.”

“Be careful!  When one man lights the fire, you must stay back so the sparks don’t get you…if a spark hits you, it will really hurt you and if it’s on the floor, it doesn’t hurt it, but if it hits the roof, there will be a hole in the roof.”

 We watched a slug crawl off the end of a log and hang upside down underneath.  Would it fall off?  “No, it’s sticked under!”




Water Play

“I’ll sell the drinks…The party’s started!  They’re perfume drinks.”



“I need to get some more water so the flowers come out.”

“The dog sinks cos he’s heavy.  The petals float cos they have less weight….The petals are so thin, they rip so easily.”



Art Attack with flowers



On Friday we began our troll model, inspired by the story of The 3 Billy Goats Gruff.

Cutting and using tape is always a bit problematic at first.

 “Can you help me to cut the Sellotape.  It’s so difficult, I need another arm.”


“I just sticked it on the table then cutted it off.”

“I’m going to copy him.”

“I just cut it without a friend!”

“I put Sellotape on the box and inside of the rolls to make it stick on.”


“These legs are perfect because they’re the same (length).”

“You see, his arm’s floppy.  I have to put sellotape on the back.”

“These are slightly different.  I want 3 the same so he’s super scary.”


“This is dark blue and light blue, but the light blue is slightly higher…Oh, I’ve found 2 green ones the same.  Same height and some colour.”

“I need eyes…Oh, those are not the same.”

“Next time I think I’ll make the mouth.”




It's only been a few days since the new Fledglings joined us, but they have settled so well it feels like they've been with us for weeks.

Here are a few of the things they've been up to so far.