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Fledglings 2014-2015 Archive

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Summer 2  - Dragons, Knights, Castles and Princesses

Week 6

What a week!  Not only did we get to see the Key Stage 2 play Cinderella Rockafella but we had a lovely day out at Horners Mill too.

Please see the Galleries page for lots of lovely photos.


Week 5

On Tuesday we found some eggs that had already hatched.

“The dragons hatched out!”

“There’s nothing in there!”

“I saw a baby dragon in the playground.  He was the size of the egg.  He was so hard to see.  He was running into the forest.”

 We decided to fill the empty (sterilised) shells with cake mixture to make dragon egg cakes.

“We don’t want to make sheep eggs by mistake!”

“What do baby dragons eat?”


“No, hot spicy stuff.”

“Do you remember the dragon sauce?!”




The last of our butterflies were released.



Role play – Kings and Queens and Knights.

The King was announced with an alarm.  “6o’clock and the King is coming!...I know what makes the bell work.  This (hammer) hits the bells.  You turn this knob for the bell.  The power comes from batteries. There’s wires inside to make it work.”

The King was bowed to as food was brought.

“You are the best king in the world.”

 Letters and notes were written to warn of various dangers and castles were built.



On Thursday we went to the Early Years Music Festival at the Chantry High School.  The conga was everyone’s favourite!



Week 4

Our story this week  was...



This led us to investigate musical instruments and their sounds:



A drum.

“You need goat skin to make a drum" (but we didn't have any!).  Cling film was not very successful so paper was used.  "I'm going to need to cut it the right length… Hmm, that's better...because the cling film is thinner than paper… Listen to the noise when I bash it on the side - cos there's a tin there.  See!  It makes a different noise."

"Listen!  Mine makes a light sound on the top. The box is thinner (narrower) than the side. The sound has to go through the Sellotape and this (fabric) then out - so it's lighter (quieter).


A guiter

“You strum.”

“String won’t work.  It wouldn't make a good sound...String doesn't wiggle. It would just hang down."

“The strings at the top are high and the one at the bottom is low.”



“The end of a trumpet is so wide so it makes a bigger noise...”

A cardboard tube was covered in foil "to make it metal...One button makes it loud and the other one makes it quiet.  They're different sizes."

“You can blow down this tube and this tube.  It's got buttons.  It's electric and it makes different sorts of noises.  There's holes so we can plug it in.  It doesn't have batteries.”


We also explored other sounds such as rubbing a fir cone with a stick - "a scratching noise." Then  wrapping the cone in foil - "a softer noise".

“Mine is less scratchy – it’s got smaller thingies.”


The next day Mr Vincent brought in his didgeridoo to show us how to make different sounds down a tube!  The children were fascinated!


“It sounds like a blue whale...”

“It’s a motorbike!”


After careful planning we started making our dragon models. 


On Tuesday we had a Fledglings and Robins Sports morning organised by the children in Eagles class and on Thursday it was the whole school sports afternoon.  Check the galleries page for photos.



We wrote thank you letters to the children who had organised it all.



Role play inspired by the story if the knights and princesses - 

The children took turns in the hot seat.

 “Where is your horse?”

“Outside the door.  I tied him to a hook.”

“What does your castle look like?”

“It’s got 4 massive towers so you can go up and see for miles.”

“What do you eat?” 

“I absolutely love fish and chips.”

“What do you drink?”

“Hot chocolate.  Sometimes I drink water because it’s healthy for you.”

“Do you have your helmet on all night?”

“No I take it off.  I have to go now.  I haven’t much time left before I have to fight a dragon.”




Block Play:  the challenge was to build a tall tower – but there was a catch!  It needed to be hollow so there would be room for the dancing princesses.  This involved a lot of perseverance and re-thinking of strategies!

“It’s got to be stable.  I’m making a base.”

“Oh no!  The princesses will escape through all the gaps!”

Pillars were used “to make it taller and a bit posh.”

It was hoped that one tower would be as tall as the measuring stick, but then it was decided this was not a good idea.  “No, it will fall over.  Maybe we can go to the green (marker on the stick).”




Week 3

For hunting dragons you need a boat.

The challenge was to make a sail boat to sail the length of the drainpipe. The children tested materials before making them.
"We need plastic. Plastic floats. It's got air in it. Air floats. Cardboard doesn't have air in it."


"My boat got wet and the tape lost its stickiness because water makes everything wash off."
"It went all the way to the end. I blowed it super fast. It worked because it was a paper sail (not fabric or plastic)."

"It needs a flaggy piece on it too... It needs to be lighter or the water needs to be more deeper...The big plastic post made it fall over. Next time I could try a cardboard roll."

 "Plastic gets wet but it stays the right shape."


Making Dragon Chilli Sauce:

A chilli: "It's a trick. If you hold it, it's not hot but if you eat it, it will get all hot in your mouth."

We needed arrowroot and  wondered where it came from. It was suggested that we ask a farmer.

"Use a SatNav - it will get you to the farmer quicker."

The children wrote labels for the jars.


Be careful. Don't eat. It is too hot.


Later we tested it!

 “It’s a bit spicy and a bit hot.  I can taste the chillies and the honey – not so much.  Maybe it’s because we put water in.”

 “I need a drink of water so my tongue can be not so spicy… Now I need some more sauce!”

 “It’s nice.  Fire came out my nose!  I like it…I need a drink of water…The flames have gone now!”


As the dragon ate Grandpa's boat we thought we would make him a new one.  We discussed the different ways boats were powered.

“Cars have engines and they break when they go in the water…I think boat engines have something to go all around (protect them).”

 “What about air? ... And a big fan?  It fills up with air then it goes on top of the water.  It doesn’t touch the water.”


“You need to press the buttons to make it go.  This is the propeller.  It turns on.  It goes round and round.  It makes the water go backwards and the boat goes forwards.”





Week 2

This week we were given some caterpillars to watch grow and change.  Click on the word caterpillar above to see their progress.


We began this week with some problem solving to do with capacity based around the story of Zog.



Next for some investigation...

In the story  there is an enormous dragon footprint.  

We wondered what the best medium would be for making footprints. The suggestions were varied - mud, snow, chocolate, chocolate sauce, tomato sauce but in the end...

we tried playdough 

sand, both dry and wet   

flour (no good at all), paint  


and water.   

The children decided the playdough was the best.

"The heel went down the most."

"Because the heel is stonger."

"The middle is not heavy."

 In Forest School the children had the idea to make people.  They came in various guises and involved various methods of construction.




In role play the children wanted to carry on the theme of First Aid.  Some children had even put their parents in the recovery position after last week's session!


"Everybody be quiet while I listen to his heart...I can't hear it!...Oh yes, it's working now."

"Come over here and I will sort your bone out..."

"It says it's broken in half.  He needs 2 sticks to help him walk...I'm coming with you in case you fall down."

The leg was put in an x-ray machine.  "Ok, this is going to hurt...  Done!"

"I've found the broken bits.  We have to make them better.  Maybe chop his leg - the skin - then fix the bone and put some new skin on it."


Inspiration for Art Attack was the texture of dragon skin.



"When you stroke your dragon it's rough."

"It's so scaley with lumpy bits. The bubble wrap is smooth and bumpy! It's knobbly now (Rice Krispies)...Look! I made brown by mixing green and red. I needed brown!"

Using a sponge roller. "It makes a skin pattern already!" Next for bubble wrap: "Because it's just like scales...It looks even more scalier!...Tomorrow we could use our skins to make dragons!"

"I made bumpy skin. I put krispies and hard bits. It's thin skin on this bit and thick skin on this bit. It's off a daddy dragon. He's got really strong skin."

An ingenious idea was to cover a piece of paper in tape to create texture then paint over it. Apparently it felt different if you ran your fingers up and down versus left to right. 




Week 1

We began this topic by reading the story Zog, by Julia Donaldson.


Zog is at dragon school, learning to do all the things that dragons need to do.  We had a dragon in the classroom with a damaged wing.  How would he be able to fly?  The children came up with ways of getting him across the classroom by means of a zip wire.

They tried using string and a coat hanger. The string was used to tie the hanger tightly to the zip wire but the hanger wouldn't slide. "I need to undo it a bit." This worked a bit better.
"I've got the best idea ever!" This time a pipe cleaner was used with a loop at the top. This worked as long as you gave it a little push to start it off: "The more times you do it, the faster they get because it makes it slippier."

But this didn't work terribly well: "Maybe it didn't go because it's not smooth enough...I know what might make it slippier - I'll put tape on."

"The coat hanger is the best. It's slippy. It's made of plastic. Wood's not slippy enough."


Later in the week we had another go in the woods.



Zog is constantly injuring himself and Princess Pearl administers First Aid.  We thought it would be fun to have a go too!


"I fell off the roof. I was fixing the chimney. Do I need a wheelchair?"  The answer was 'yes' so a wheelchair was made! 



In Block Play  Zog's classroom inspired us to make our own!

Can you spot Teddy the Teacher sat at his computer with a bookshelf nearby?


Artwork inspired by fire-breathing dragons!



"The middle is the hottest. Red and orange are cooler but they are still really hot. The white bits on my fire are the coolest of all. You can touch those white bits. The dragon hasn't blown it and the dragon has flown away."

"I got shiny stuff because it looks like proper fire. I wanted it to look like real fire. The red is so hot. It goes 'shhh'."

"The red bit is the dragon. The fire is coming out of his mouth. I think I know how to know where the dragon gets the fire. I will ask my tab(let)."

"Flames are all different. Orange and light orange. They are yellow and dark."

"The trees are falling down because the fire burnt them down."




Summer 1  Space

Week 6

This week our story was about aliens    so we role played being aliens.


"I'm from the moon.  I got here inmy spacecraft.  Look and yiiu will see it.  I came with an invisible alien.  it took ne 20 seconds...Time to go to my soacecraft.  I need to go home.  I've had enough of earth.  There's no craters.  I live in a crater... I'm making suckers on my fingers.  I hang upside down when my spaceship's upside down."

We made models of alien spacecraft and even ones big enough to fit in!




"My spacecraft's got floors for all the different rooms. My dad knows how to make a real spacecraft. You just have to get golden iron so it doesn't break. Golden iron is very powerful. You can have different kinds of iron. Some iron is silver but golden iron is the most powerful. If it didn't have floors it would fall down. Next time I would make bigger floors."




Week 5

In the story How to Catch a Star there are lots of shadows to show the passing of time                                                                 so we investigated shadows both inside and out.


"It's making it dark - we make the dark bit."

"When we're standing in front of the light."

"If you go in the sun bit, it makes a shape like you - all your body bits.  It's just the same."

"It starts from your toes."



Some children noticed that the torch could move the shadow even though the object was not moving!


Following on from this we made sun dials, then went to eat our rocket lollies.  


What will happen to the sun dials whilst we are not looking?

The children predicted the shadow would move but then the sun went in!  But after the children had gone home - success!  The shadows had moved.




The boy in the story wanders onto a pontoon.    Once we had worked out what a pontoon was and why we needed them, we had a go at building one with blocks.

"We need flat bits to go on our posts so you can walk on it without falling between the gaps."
The pontoon wasn't quite right. It was too high and not long enough. "I've got some pebbles. 
I'm making a beach where you can get on the pontoon."



We finished the week with Art Attack.  Our inspiration was the night sky and the children experimented with techniques for various effects.





Week 4

Rockets were a big feature of our week as we read the story    

We began with rocket shaped fruit lollies.


"What if the juice is the fuel in the rocket?"

"You know the mixer?  All the blades will cut it fast and the juice will come out."

"I didn't know strawberries had juice!"




The rocket's going to take off. 5,4,3,2,1,Blast off! The ladders are coming down. It's going through the's going to Mars - the red planet. We have to press the red button. I can see Mars and I can see Jupiter - that one with the gas all around it. I can see the stars burning.
These are green buttons (on the control panel). They switch on the engine. Now I'm doing the switcher thing that goes up and down - it starts the fire. I've got the code inside too - to make the door lock and to make it open.


"That tiny spot is our earth...I'm checking for meteorite showers. Watch out everybody! The meteorite shower is coming now!"


Making telescopes to see the stars.

"The little bit is the eye hole and the big bit is the 'see' hole.  You need to look the right way.  One end it looks small, the other end it looks big."

"It goes in and out.  When it's in, you can't see the stars.  When it's out, it works!"

"It goes out further so you can see higher."





Week 3

In the story The Way Back Home the little boy climbs back up to the moon using a rope.  Our 'rope' isn't very strong.  How could we make it stronger?


"I'm winding around. The red one makes the white one stronger. More than one piece won't snap...This one is only made of one wool."
We made Moon Rocks and ate them in the sunshine.
Then we made our very own supersized rocket!
What would we see through the portholes?
"I think there might be stars...planets...Mars!  The red one."
"It's got red dust all over it."
"I'm doing the fuel tanks and these are the bolts."
"There's air vents for if they are too hot.  The air vents are so tiny that nothing can get through except cold air.  They will still be able to breathe."
"The fins are looking good.  If you don't have fins it will stay on the ground."
And maps to show the way back home!


Week 2

This week we are reading The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers


The little boy is stranded on the moon with a martian. He parachutes down into the sea and swims ashore.

This got us wondering about parachutes and lifejackets, so we made parachutes for play people ( "Fabric is more heavier. Plastic doesn't feel more heavier. It will float down. The little girl will feel good because she won't crash on her head.")


and we made lifejackets for  pebbles - the challenge was to make the pebble float.  

The children tried all sorts of materials such as cotton wool, paper towels, foil, bubble wrap and finally got the pebble to float.  "The air in the bubbles holds it up."


As the little boy got to the moon in his aeroplane we pretended to be pilots.

"Shall I do a loop the loop?

Then we built our our planes from blocks - big ones and little ones.  

"It's so long we can all fit in it.  This is our pilot exit.  And I'm doing a gate afterwards."

"Look!  It's got passengers.  It's off to Greece where I've been...I got a joystick."


We have finally finished the bedroom and kitchen collages - look on the galleries page for more photos.


The children enjoyed water play in the sunshine


and made moonscapes.


"I'm making a crater.  First I put this stuff on and built it up and then I splodged a painty hole!"



 Week 1 

The children have shown a great interest in Space over the last few weeks so it was a natural choice for our new topic.  We began by reading the story Whatever Next about a bear who goes to the moon in his home made rocket, which was a cardboard box.

This got us thinking about other objects and what they could be.

 "Look what I made - ice skates!     

It's a racing car. it's blue. the wheels are green. it goes one hundred million thousand (miles an hour). I got it from a superstore...


This is not a brick, it's a thing for cooking, for making pancakes."


The bear used a colander for a helmet but the rain got through.  How could we waterproof it?  Various ideas were tried and tested.


The bear's box had the word 'Fragile' on it.  We talked about what this could mean and what could have been in the box originally (biscuits, a computer, a window...), then experimented with ways to keep something fragile (an egg) from breaking.


Once on the moon the bear has a picnic with an owl. The children took it in turns to write the instructions as others made carrot cake.


So, of course, we had to have our own picnic!


And make our very own owls!

"I used egg boxes to make claws 'cos they much easy to cut."

"I did a Eagle Owl. My Eagle Owl is blue. I did wings sticking out 'cos he's flying."

"The straw makes big long eyes. Some owls do have big ears."

"I don't want the tape to lose its stickiness...If you put sellotape over glue it doesn't work."


On Friday we went to Malvern to help build our show garden.