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Fledgling Spring 2016

Spring 2 2016

Week 5

Our Easter models are finally finished!







Week 4

 As it was Commonwealth Day on Monday we all went over to the church to witness the raising of the flag.


The High Sheriff popped in afterwards and the children were very keen to ask him all about his sword!

Painting our Easter models.



We had a sad little hen in the classroom, that needed our help so we spent some time trying to make nests for her precious egg.  It was harder than it looked!



The next day she told us which one she thought was the best.


The inspiration for Art Attack was Easter bonnets.




This week we have been practising measuring.




In Cookery we made hummus for the Last Supper.  We had some peas and some beetroot to add.

“We could make half of it green and half of it pink!” – So we did!


We began by opening the tin of chickpeas.

“What about a chick lays them?”

“They’re from a tree.”

“No, not a tree – a plant.”

“I think they grow at the bottom of a tree.”

“I think they grow underground.  We could ask somebody who grows chickpeas…I bet they grow in greenhouses.  Those plants need to be hot like tomatoes…Do you think chickpeas are a kind of pea?”



“The water leaked into the holes and the chickpeas didn’t because they are really big.  The holes are really small and the chickpeas are big.  Only the water goes through.”

“If chickpeas were small, they would fall in too.”

There were lots of opportunities to think about similarities and differences, such as comparing the peas and the chickpeas.

“These peas are attached.”

“Cos they’ve been frozen.”

“The water froze and attached them like glue.”

“I untached them.”

“Those are warm and those are cold but they’re both peas!”

“They both grow.”

“These are so cold.  They’ve been in the fridge a long time.  These have been in the shop – they’re not cold.”

“They both roll.”

“One’s yellow and one’s green.”

“The peas are really heavy…They’re both heavy actually.”


How could we get the juice out of the lemon?

Someone found the juicer but it didn’t work.

“You need to cut it in half.”

“It’s working!  Water’s coming out – not it’s juice!”



That afternoon the children got in role as Jesus and the disciples and shared bread and wine (and our lovely hummus!) at the Last Supper.

“We live together.  We came on our horses.  It took 10 hours to get here.”

“I’m Judas and I live down the hill.  I want to kill Jesus.  I’m gonna tell the soldiers, “Put Jesus on the cross.”  Jesus doesn’t know.”

“I’m gonna say kind things to Jesus.”

“Jesus is going to die.”

“But he will come back to life again.”



On Thursday we had a problem to solve:  Can you have triangles with 3 sides that are all different lengths?

We investigated using classroom objects and found that you can!



Adding detail to our models.





Week 3

Today we thought about ears and wings for our Easter decorations.



Hot Cross buns take too long to make so we made Hot Cross Cookies instead! “These biscuits will help us to remember about Jesus and the cross.”

Cookery is great for practising turn taking.

“Pass it to each other cos you need to share.”

“If you don’t share, you’d be sad.  That’s mean – it won’t be fair.”

There were various methods used to break up the white chocolate!





The children are sill keen on role playing Police.

“We need to find the steeler.  He keeps taking things that are not his.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll help!  What’s the problem?”

“The steeler’s here!  Come over here!”


A police officer got 2 emergency calls at once.

“I can’t go at the same time.  One police officer has to do this one and I’ll do this one.  I’ll stick police officer posters up so they know I need help.”


Art Attack

“Do you like mine?

“It’s really cool.  I like the fire coming out of it.  Do you like mine?”

“Yeah!  It’s really nice.”

“It’s a night aeroplane.  It protects the Easter people.”

“I can’t find a pen.”

“Here you are.  You can have this colourful pen.”


         A snowman                                    An aeroplane                          An Easter truck to carry

                                                                                                                    all the Easter eggs.”


                                                                An extending telescope


Block Play Challenge:  to make a car for a soft toy.

The children cooperated and collaborated really well on this challenge, paying close attention to detail, remaining focused for a considerable time, thinking of ideas and being proud of their achievements.








Week 2

This week has been dominated by our trip to Brockhampton Estate, beginning with compiling lists of all the things the children thought we needed to take (a bit of wishful thinking too!)


The trip was a huge success despite the very changeable weather! Click here to view the gallery of photos.



Week 1

The children came back refreshed from the half term break and put their learning into practice straight away – by making 2D shapes with their raisins at snack time!





There was a great discussion today over items that conducted electricity and those that didn’t.  if something was made of both plastic and metal should it go on the ‘yes’ plate or the ‘no’ plate?  The children in the end decided it would have to balance across both plates as it needed to be a bit on one and a bit on the other.


A challenge:  can you make the Beebot draw a circle?


Practice makes perfect!

 “I finded out the Beebot can make a circle.”

“And mine didn’t – cos I pressed it and it went straight then round.”

“Like a semi-circle.”

“I pressed the sides one – 3 times, I think.”  (We tested this out and found it had to be 4 times to make a circle.)


The paper challenge was out again today and this times several children managed to do it! 


Great perseverance!


Having worked hard on shape lately we are now concentrating on using money. During Nifty Numbers, the children bought items to make a picture. 



 Meanwhile in Cookery they made a shop and sold each other the ingredients to make a healthy wrap.




The children couldn’t help but notice the shapes of some of the ingredients!


The wraps were a hit with the children despite choosing healthy ingredients they thought they wouldn't like!


Art Attack

“It’s a house for a mouse – and some mouse trousers!... And a slider for the mouse!



“They’re plain muffins with cherries on the top and some long cookies.  I cooked them in the oven.  Hot!  I’ll just cool them down for you… I just blowed on them!”


 “It’s a barn for the farmer and the sheep.  The curtain stops the sun getting in their eyes.”“A little roof for the people and the other bit is for the animals.”

Why don’t the animals need a roof?

“Because they’ve got a warm back.”




Block play

The challenge was to build something that the children could later draw – trickier than you might think!

The pig goes in the roof.  It’s called a hotel.  It’s not very done yet…. Now I just need a couple more things…



I’m taller than you.  I’m 5 and ¾ and you’re only 5 and ½.

Are you able to do it?...Yeah!  Ta da!



Today we started some Easter art work – what is it going to be?

Friday afternoon was very exciting with a visit from Rich Parker, a professional vert skater, Fledglings thoroughly enjoyed joining in with all the activities.  


For more photos goo to our Sports Pages.



Spring 1 2016

Week 6

As we have been thinking about shape, it seemed a good idea to make shape biscuits!


“Can I have the knife so I can make a semi-circle.”

“The rolling pin is a cylinder like the dough cylinder.  Them has got flat bits and them has got flat bits.  The flat bits are round – a circle.”

3D biscuits! 



 “This is my creation.  It’s a cylinder.  It’s round and it looks like a rolling pin.”

We made cubes and thought there might be 8 faces but when we counted there were only 6 – but there were 8 points!


Role play:  Following on from their cookery the children were keen to play ‘shops’.  They made all sorts of signs and lists and even a cash card with ‘cash’ written on it!



“You be the shop keeper…I’ll be the customer.”

“Squares are 10”

“Can I have a square please?”


“I had a square, then a rectangle, then a semi-circle.”

“These are both squares – 4 corners and 4 sides – they’re the same!

A shopping list for the meat shop…mince, beef, pork, bacon, chicken.


Soon there was trouble.

“I’ve been arresting bad guys but I got hungry – it’s yummy!”

“Police!  A thief has stolen our biscuits.” 

“Where are you?  Did you see the robbers? ….. Don’t worry – I’ll go! ... I’m arresting you!”



Block Play:

“It’s a river…it goes through the gap…there’s bridges so cars don’t fall in the river…the river is going to the sea.”


“It’s a pet shop.  This is the shop keeper.  The lion is here – so he can’t eat the other animals.”

“It’s a toy shop.  These are the people what buy – customers.”

“Now I just need to make a counter.  It’s for the people to buy things – to put the animals and fruit on.”

“Excuse me, can I buy the farm?”

“Hello!  What kind of things do you want?”

“People…Can I have a bag?”

“Here’s a bag.  Do you want some animals?”

“Yes.  Can I buy a pet as well?”


It was lovely and sunny on Thursday but very cold.  The children loved exploring the ice that had formed in various containers outside and were delighted to find lots of different shapes – just like the ones we had been learning about!  Afterwards we brought some ice inside to watch it melt.




Week 5


Before we watched a short video about how to walk through a piece of paper, we thought about how it might be done.

“Cut through the paper…a straight line through the middle.”

“But the girl wouldn’t be able to squeeze through.”

“Use magic paper that’s invisible.”

After carefully watching how to do it, some children wanted to have a go, but it was tricky cutting the paper in just the right place.  We need to try this one again another day!


Testing which materials conduct electricity.  The ones with metal on them worked but the others didn’t.

Investigating a wasp’s nest.

The children discovered a centre made up of hexagonal cells, but why was there so much other material covering the outside?

“To keep the wasps warm and safe from the Big Bad Wolf then they can get out and sting him!”

The children even found some dead wasps inside.



Making a 3D construction from flat pieces of cardboard.”

“It’s a dinosaur!"


 Is it possible to make a boat to float the pig using just tin foil?

One pig got very wet so we compared its’ weight to the dry pig.  It was much heavier but why?

“This one’s full of water!”


This week we have been thinking about shape and exploring them through lots of different activities.



The children were challenged too make a stick house large enough to fit a child in - and they succeeded!

Here's how they did it!




“Leave it to me – I’m very strong.”

“I can do this one – it’s light.”

“That’s the door – it needs to go round the back.”



Role Play: the children were keen to continue the theme of Refuse Collectors but with a focus on recycling.

Labels were written to show where each item needed to go.


“There’s a lot of recycling going on here!”

“I’m cleaning out the smelly pot so I can put more yogurt in…Now I’m cleaning the box.  I’ve got the eggs ready to go in.”


“I love being a bin man!”


There was lots of team work in Block Play this afternoon.

“We’re making a church.  It’s a animal house too.”

“This is the slide…”

“And they’re trees.”

“I’m making a plan…Oh I’ve made it after!  It’ll all go wrong!”


 “I’ve made a castle.  The roof is so they don’t get soakting wet…This is the dinner room and carpets and food for the pigs.”



 Great cooperation in making a caravan for the pigs.


Art Attack – a huge variety of creations this week!

            An elephant.                        A collage of bottle tops.                                 A fairy.



                                       A rocket.                                                               A tumble drier.



                                        A pirate ship.                           A sonic screwdriver.



                                           A rocket.                                 An electric fish.



Week 4

 Adding detail to our house models.


This week we made Quick Vegetable Pizza.

We looked at the recipe.  “So we don’t do the wrong thing…How do you make a recipe book if you don’t know the recipe?”


We had a taste of all the raw vegetables before we started slicing.

“Slices are really thin chops.”

 “I can see the juice coming out…it’s not stinging nettle, ‘cos nettle is a leaf.”

“The juice makes your eyes go dizzy.”

“It comes apart without cutting it!”

“There’s squeezing on my face.  I think the farmer put juice in this pepper.”

“How ‘bout it went from the tree into there…trees get it from the rain.”


“Spooning is taking it and blobbing it.  Spreading means moving it and making it flat.  That’s to make the ingredients stick to the base.”

“You have to keep the spatula and the knife flat.  All of it goes round.”



We could hear water in the bag of mozzarella.

“Why does it need water? …It’s not for the pizza.”

“It would get all wet.”

“And make the pizza soft.”


We tore the mozzarella up.

“It’s all wet and squidgy.”

“You can’t tear the other sort of cheese – it’s too hard…I think someone left this one out in the rain and it went all soft.”


As The Big Bad Wolf makes so much mess blowing the pigs’ houses down, we wondered what to do with all the rubbish…

“If you didn’t collect rubbish you’d have to put it somewhere in your house and it would go all smelly.

“I think there’s a hole for rubbish to go in.”

We watched a video about Refuse Collectors and wondered what recycling meant.

“If the glass smashes, it means we can make more things.”


The children were keen to get in role as Refuse Collectors.  They collected rubbish and put it in the lorry (under the table).


They sorted the recycling.

“10 minutes everybody then we’re going to the factory.”

“This rubbish is to turn into a toy.  I’m making it into a car.”

Notices and reminders were written: “Bins need to go now!”  “Don’t forget the coke bottles and the water bottles.”


“We’re nearly ready to go!”

“We’re taking all the other rubbish to the hole….Quick diggers, dig!”

A special button was pushed.  “It’s all coming out!”


“You pushed the mega fast button.  Oh no!  It’s come out before it’s even sorted…I think you should turn off the booster button because the lorry is going too fast!”

We had had a great afternoon:

“I liked putting the rubbish in the lorry so it got squashed.”

“I wrote a letter to my mummy, ‘Don’t forget the rubbish’.

“I got all the traffic ready to go to the yard.”

“I was the driver.  It was a bit difficult when I had to turn.  I watched the TV all the time.  Loads of traffic behind you.”

“Bin lorries are a bit dangerous because they are so big.”

“I collected the rubbish.  I couldn’t get in quick enough so I dived in the back.”


Last week we thought about making strong walls using a pattern.  This week we wondered how to keep the pattern going around a corner.

The small cubes proved tricky for this.  “They’re not long.  Rectangles are 2 squares – they’re longer.”  Using the real bricks was much more successful.


The challenge soon led to retelling the story of the 3 Little Pigs.




Art Attack

Exploring colour, media and technique!



Collaboration and cooperation


Thoughtfulness - making and wrapping a present for a poorly classmate.





Week 3


If you mix water into paint will you be able to blow it across the paper?

 “I saw the straw blowing the paint and a bit went on the newspaper.”


Would tea, coffee or soil added to water make a muddy pig?

“I saw the tea stuck on the paper.”


Can you make a stone float?


“I saw the stone floated in a cup.  It didn’t float when the cup had water in it.”

“I wonder how stones sink.”

“I wonder if the sugar cubes will float…Oh!  They sunk.”  “It’s falling to bits!”  “It’s melting.”


Which can you blow the furthest, pencils, straws or sugar lumps?

  “I think the straws will be the best…They were!”


Can you light 2 bulbs with just one battery?

“I think I will clip one on the bottom and the other bit on…Oh! The light didn’t come on!”

"Now it does!"


Building with sticks, straw and stones.

“I wonder if we can build the chimney up to the ceiling.”


Making stick houses for a pig.

We collected sticks from the wood and took them into the sunshine to start building.  The ground was hard for pushing sticks in.  The children thought the mole hills would be softer but even they were frozen.  Luckily the children persevered and made a collection of very different houses.






Electricians continued…

Before you work on electricity…

“You have to turn it off…a special switch.  If you forgot you would burn your fingers off.”

“Where’s the school’s special box?”


 “This box makes the power to make the metal bit hot.  It’s a hole burner.  That button turns the hole burner on.”

“Is the electricity on?”

“Press that button – it will turn it off at the mains.”

“The holes let the light out of the telly.”


Making a television.


“We’ve got wires inside.  It makes the inside work.  It takes a picture in there…This big cable is for the walls – the light.  Some are cables, some are wires.”

 “I’m making a switch for the lights to come on…64 wires…they make it work better.”


“We’re making an aeroplane…The wires lead to the engine.”


“We need some things to press – buttons.”

“Let’s see if it’s stable.”

“We need wheels.”

“The electricity doesn’t go to the wheels, just the engine, cos the engine makes it go and the wheels move.”


“I’ve made an electricity box for the plug…so things stick together.  You connect it to your TV.”



Brick Houses.

We watched a video of a real brick layer, which led to us looking for brick patterns outside on the school wall.

 The children then had a go at building in the same pattern.



“Put the brick in the middle of the gap.”

“Cement is to fix the bricks together…You chuck sand and stones in the barrow and it goes round and round…You have to wait til it’s dried.”

"About 40 minutes.”

“We put them on top of the holes to make them stable.”

“Some of it’s not under the brick and some of it is.”

“It works!  It won’t blow down.  It’s strong because we did a house pattern.”

“Can we do this again?”


We wanted to make some sand bricks but most of the sand was frozen solid!

“I remember the pattern – one and one and one in the middle.”

The inspiration in Art Attack this week was The Big Bad Wolf.  Some decided to make masks, others models, some drew and some experimented with making brown paint from primary colours.






Week 2

Drawing plans for our house models.


In PE we thought about the movement of shuffling. In order to get the idea of not picking their feet up, the children had to move pieces of paper around the floor with their feet!



Drawing shadows using a torch and the projector.


“His hand was moving and I kept getting the drawing no good.”

If we leave the torch on “it will waste out of batteries if it’s til bedtime.  It will go dark and no-one will see.”


An electrical circuit.


“I wonder what will happen if I click the wires on here…”

“The light’s working!”

“When it comes off the metal bit, the light goes off and when it touches it, it goes back on.”


Drawing with a floor robot.


“One Beebot drew but the other didn’t draw very well.”

“The pen's not right.  I think we need new Sellotape.”

“I wonder if the Beebot can draw a circle…”

“I wonder if the Beebot can draw a Beebot!”


Polystyrene packaging, stones and water.





"Will the tray sink?"  "The white things are not heavy.  The stones are heavy."

“The stones are sinking…the white things are floating.”

“I wonder why one breaks and the other doesn’t if we squeeze them.”



“The water melted into the potion stuff.”



Our recipe this week was pasta sauce.

We began by talking about which foods were good for us.  The children suggested lots of fruit and vegetables.

“That’s why you can get big and strong and live forever.  If you are big and strong you can learn words.”

We looked at what was the same (“That one is juicy and that one is juicy!”) and what was different about the 3 tomato products (“That’s chopped up and that’s not.” “That’s hard and that’s soft.” “That’s soggy and that one’s squidgy.”)

“I think they squashed the tomatoes with something.  Something with hard sides.”

“They’re cut up.  Maybe the shopkeeper did it.”

“They cut it up so they can fit it in the can.  If they were whole they wouldn’t fit in.”


Then it was our turn to cut and chop.  The children gave each other good advice.  "Hold it on the edge so you don't cut your fingers."

Such concentration!



We looked inside a courgette.

“A cucumber is whiter.”

“And juicier.”


We estimated how many seeds were in the pepper.

“About 10.”

“No!  Way past 10!”

“I think 69.”

“I think 68 and one million.”


We predicted what would happen to the leeks in the pan.

“I think they will melt.”

“Like snow.  All the water will come out…I think they will go all mushy.”


“The blender works by electric.”

“Electric makes all things work.”

“The sun makes it because the sun is hot and electricity is hot.”

“That was just delicious!”



Thinking about houses we decided to role play being electricians.

Building a wall  - “I’m putting the leads in.”

“I’m trying to put the wires down the pipes.”




“We’re going to make a telly – they make the telly work with electricity.”

 “I’m going to plug it in here…so it can make the telly work.  I just plug it in the back…”


Making a plug socket.


“I’ve got 2 plugs – one for the telly and one for the computer.”

“I’m charging my tablet.”


“You put this one up high and plug it into the solar panels…They catch the sun to make electricity.”

Non fiction writing  - labeling houses.



Block Play – building houses for the 3 Little Pigs.  The criteria were that the pig had to fit in, he needed to keep dry if it rained and he needed to be safe from the Big Bad Wolf.

“I’ve made the walls tall enough for the pig to sit up.”

“Piggy can fit.  This is a good roof.”



 The children tested the walls by blowing.

“The wolf can’t blow it down ‘cos it’s a brick house.  The bricks are so heavy.”

We blew on the smaller bricks and they moved.  “They are so small – they are not even heavy.”

“The rain falls down the shells and the piggy stays dry.”

“It fell down a few times but we persevered.  We didn’t give up.  We just did it! ...The wood is stronger than sticks.  It’s heavier.”

 “The door needs to be wider…the house is a bit low…he will have to lie down.”


In Art Attack this week we used the 3 Little Pigs for inspiration.  The results were many and varied!




On Friday we began making our house models.



Week 1

This term we are focussing on the story of The 3 Little Pigs.  After reading the story we watched a DVD about real builders constructing a house.  They began with a plan “so it looks like what we want it to look like.”

“So we can build it level.”

“The base is the wood.”

“After that they do the bricks.”



We watched as the builders poured the foundations. “Concrete stays wet at first.  Wait 60 minutes and it goes hard.”

“Yeah!  It goes dry.”


Later the children wanted to be builders.

“I’m doing beams for the roof.  If it doesn’t have beams it will fall down.”

“Yep!  It’s level!”

“An architect, that’s what I am.  He’s my builder.”

“I need some tiles for the roof.”

“Let’s get a stick for a door handle.”

“Do you think my house looks the same as my plan?...Yes, that’s the bit there.”

“The numbers are how big it is.  It’s measuring it.  I got stairs in my house.  It’s a very tall house.  It’s got lots of stairs.”

“Tiles stop the rain coming in.”

If tiles were paper…

“They would tear in the wind.”

They might get wet – go soft.”



We walked around the village, looking at the buildings and their materials.


On Wednesday we had a whole school treat - a professional performance of Beauty and the Beast.  Here are some of the children’s responses.





Art Attack