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Eagles Remote Learning Page

 Welcome to the Eagles remote learning page. Here you will find the Weekly Update that informs you of the work to be completed each week and the relevant downloads that you need. There will also be links to external sites to make it easier to access. Hopefully this will be a 'One Stop Shop' for all of your home learning needs.

Class and School Assemblies

Here are the links that you need to be able to join the class assembly on a Monday at 10am and the whole school assembly on a Friday at 9am. We hope that you can join us each week as we love seeing you! Remember you will need to log in using your google account details first before joining.

See you there!!! 


 Useful Links and Templates


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Previous Remote Learning

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Eagles Remote Learning: 1st - 5th March 2021 

Dear Eagles

We are so excited that there is only one week to go until we are all back in school together! This week, there is a wide variety of learning set for you that covers lots of the Eagles curriculum so do try and complete it all. We loved all of the videos and songs that you made based on last week's survival story so, we cannot wait to see what your create this week! 

This week we will be focusing on World Book Day which is on Thursday 4th March. To celebrate this, we have lots of fun English activities for you to choose from this week all about books. You will even have the opportunity to turn a potato into your favourite book character! As well as this, we will have another new notable scientist to learn all about. This week it is all about the incredible life of Stephen Hawking! We hope that you enjoy learning all about him and the important contributions that he made to science!

Lots of you have finished and completed your bag designs on the piece of material that you received over half term. The ones that we have seen have been fantastic! We have begun to make up some of the bags that will go on the back of your chairs in the classroom, so please make sure that your design is ready to come into school with you next week so that we can make up your bag!

Make sure you look through everything on this page and your seesaw journals so that you know what to complete this week. We recommend discussing the work for the week with an adult at home and then working out a timetable for each day. This way it all gets done and you will be more than ready when you return to school. 

 Stay safe and well everyone!

Mrs Hughes, Mrs Williams and Miss Evans laugh

Click on the picture below for the Weekly Remote Learning Update which details all of the tasks for this week:  

Key Resources for English: World Book Day Pick and Mix


To celebrate World Book Day, this week we have a range of different English activities for you to choose from. Like the Maths pick and mix from a few weeks ago, there are three activities that you will need to do at the start of the week and then the rest of the week you can choose which activities you would like to complete! There are 9 activities plus the reading Olympiad to pick from; we would like you to to do at least 6 of the activities or more if you can! There is a link to a special World Book Day quiz that we have written. When you click on the link, it will take you to google form which you can then fill in your answers on and then submit your results. 

The Reading Olympics: This challenge is for the whole week.  As a part of the challenge, there are lots of different mini challenges for you to have a go at all about reading! Each challenge has a certain number of points, so the aim is to get as many points as you can by the end of the week! It has been uploaded as a word document, so that you can easily shade in the squares on the screen rather than printing it out. Once you have completed a challenge, colour or cross that square off on the sheet (or record it on your own piece of paper) and upload a picture of your grid to Seesaw at the end of the week or save it as a PDF and upload it to your journals. We would love to see how you are getting on throughout the week so keep sending us your photos of each challenge in action!        

Session Resources Needed
Whole Week Challenge

Reading Olympiad Document  

Session 1



How would you survive in space for a long period of time? This comprehension activity is the start of a science-fiction story all about surviving in and exploring space! Want to listen to the story as you are reading? Then click on the MP3 audio book of the text to listen along.

  Adrift Comprehension 


Session 2



This comprehension talks about a future where you can go on holiday to space and stay in a space hotel! Want to listen to the story as you are reading? Then click on the MP3 audio book of the text to listen along.

Space Tourism Comprehension


Session 3



Creative Writing Session- download the instructions in the link below and choose which animation you are going to use as your inspiration this week! 

Creative Writing Session Outline

Lucky Dip animation

Bebo animation

Pick and Mix for the rest of the week


Mrs H and Miss E's World Book Day Big Bonanza Quiz (google form)

Letter to your favourite author Book Spine Poetry

Book Review  Potato Book Character

Design a Book Cover  Story in a Jar

Book Character Top Trumps Recreate a book scene

Want to discover some new books? Then click below to view your own virtual library! There are lots of different books for you to explore, just click on the book cover and it will take you to an E-Book. We would love to hear which books you have explored! 

Virtual Library

Key Resources for Maths: 

This week there are 2 White Rose sessions, an Among Us challenge, and two Emergency Maths sessions to complete this week.


  Link to the remote learning maths pages               Emergency Maths 2               Emergency Maths 3                     (password protected)               

Key Resources for Notable Scientists Science Session: Who was Stephen Hawking? 

This week you will be finding all about the fascinating life and work of English physicist Stephen Hawking. Not only did he help us understand the Universe even more, he also showed just want you can do even when you have a disability! Click on the links below to watch the virtual lesson and find out more about him. The lesson will ask you to be inspired by him to create your own presentation about an area of science that you are interested in. Upload your work to the activity set on Seesaw!

NB: You not have to do the quiz at the start of the session as you haven't completed some of the previous learning in the series!


             Link to virtual lesson                                                 Link to BBC Bitesize video 

Key Resources for Art Room @ Home: Calm Project Session 3

This session is called 'your own SPACE of calm' and, like last week, it is all about creating calming pieces of art. We loved seeing the forests that you created last week on Seesaw! This week, instead of a forest of calm you will be creating your own space world. This space world will represent you and, again, the things that you find calming. You have the choice to create this in anyway that you like so be as creative ass possible! There are links to a story and a Spotify playlist in the instructions however, you can also use the link below too. If you do not have a Spotify account, just choose some of your own music to listen to whilst working.    

       The Way Back Home StorySpotify Playlist