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Eagles Class Autumn Term 2017

The Perfect Moves Company  - Open September 2017


        Whether it is to the other side of the street ...


                    to the other side of the world ..

       We are here to help!


This term, Eagles class are finding out all about different places and regions in the UK and Europe in order to help families decide where to relocate.  

Client Information:

The Fowler Family are keen to move from London but are unsure where to relocate.

The three possible places are:

Clifton-upon-Teme in Worcestershire 

Bristol in the South-West of England 

Asfeld – in the Champagne-Ardenne Region of France

Family Facts:

The family are concerned about the environment so would like to go from three cars down to just one.

Marnie and Pippa are in Year 4 and 5. Jason is in Year 8 beginning to work towards his GCSE’s.

James’ parents, Christine and Graham are selling their house too. All the money will go towards one house for them all.

Graham currently belongs to a historical society and has always loved finding out about British History. He believes that he has found a family connection to Isambard Kingdom Brunel which was why Bristol was selected as a possible location.

Dad James is a single parent. He is a keen Table Tennis Player. As he is on his own, he would like to become involved in groups in the community such as; sports, walking, volunteering or a reading group.

The children are very active and enjoy being outdoors. Jason enjoys meeting up with his friends in town to go bowling or to go to the cinema.

The whole family are very keen on relocating to somewhere unique; the place must have lots of history 

Rocky the family's dog is 3 years old. He enjoys going to the park, rolling in the grass and eating Winalot biscuits. He also loves chasing Squirrels. 

Looking carefully at the Fowler Family Facts, what location do you think would suit the family the best? 

Fill in the survey below to vote or, if you prefer, click on the Fowler family picture below

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Eagles present their Bristol Power Project - 5th September 2017

 To get ready to help the Fowler family, Eagles class spent the summer holidays finding out about Bristol for their Power Project. They then presented their projects to a small group, who then gave them feedback. There was many different power projects, all unique and different and each person had to make sure that they put the information across in a clear and enjoyable way.



Here are some photos that show our Power Project Work:



    Congratulations to this project which received a grade of 98% 

We didn't realise that there was so much going on in Bristol and there are many things that Bristol can offer the family. Here's a video about why people think Bristol is brilliant:


Year 5 Begin their Brunels' Brilliant Bridges Project - 13th September 

During our investigations into the 3 locations that the family are interested in, we have discovered two things: each location includes an important bridge and there seems to be a distant link between James and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. With Mrs Williams, Year 5 have been exploring the science behind all types of bridges and it really shows just how talented Brunel was. We can't wait to start designing and building models of our own bridges.




Eagles Street Art - 22nd September 2017

We have been finding out about other famous people from Bristol for our family. Today, one of the most famous residents of Bristol is the Street Artist called Banksy. We love the idea that no-one knows who he is and that his artwork can pop up anywhere, overnight! All Graffiti Artists have their own 'Tag' which they use to sign their work. We have been turning our initials into a graffiti tag, thinking about what the tag says about our personality. We have lots of budding Bankys in our classroom. 



We know that Banky's artwork is very popular with many people. This video shows what happened when a 'Banksy' was found one morning in a school playground in Bristol. We think its really cool! Maybe Bansky would like to place his next piece of art in Clifton-upon-Teme! 


Eagles go on fact-finding residential trip to Bristol - 18th - 20th October 2017

To help our family decide on their perfect location, we went on a three day residential trip to Bristol. Our job was to visit the sights, find out even more about Isambard Kingdom Brunel and find out information about the different areas of Bristol using fieldwork activities. We will be looking at our results soon and informing the family of our discoveries. Here is a slideshow of our Bristol exploits:


Bristol Infographics based on data from residential trip - October 2017

Bristol Infographics - October 2017