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Eagles Class Archive Pages - Summer Term 2017

 Eagles Summer Term Overview

     This term, Eagles class will be learning about the legacy of William Shakespeare and studying one of his best known plays - Macbeth.  We will be actively exploring the story through active storytelling and learning many famous parts off by heart.                           


        We wonder if Shakespeare got his inspiration for Macbeth due to a cold as in this video!


Click below for a virtual tour of the famous Globe Theatre:

We are also looking forward to another one of our topics all about Democracy. We learnt about the birth of democracy in our Ancient Greece Hero Training and now we are going to look at what it means for us today in the United Kingdom, We are quite excited as when we are studying this, there will an unexpected General Election and we can really see all of our learning put into practise. We will also be having our own General Election with each of us representing our own political party. 


A group of us are also looking forward to visiting our partner school in Asfeld, France. We will be visiting our french friends for a week in June and we can't wait. It will be fun to test out our french and to meet with the children from the school who visited us last year. We hope we have a Bon Voyage! 


             The church in Asfeld                                                      The Town Hall in Asfeld

Globe Theatres Under Construction - 28th April 2017

To start our project on William Shakespeare, Eagles class have been exploring the Globe Theatre; one of the most famous theatres in the world. To start our research, we constructed our own models in our Design Technology lessons. It was quite challenging as we had to build each net, join all of the tabs correctly - it was definitely a two-man job! 




Our models so far:



Science - States of Matter: Dissolving (Potion) Investigation 24th May 2017

In science this term, we have been investigating the properties of materials and the changing of states of matter. We have carried out various experiments including: filtering / separating materials, evaporation, the water cycle and soluble & insoluble materials. We had some very exciting and surprising results!

We found a very strange letter hidden in a broomstick from Esmerelda, Head of Witches. In the letter, she asked us to investigate some new ingredients for her new spells. She wanted to make sure that if they were added to a potion, the ingredient would 'disappear' and would be undetectable to humans. We were given many strange items to test to see if they dissolved in liquid and therefore would be what Esmerelda was looking. 

We discussed our ideas and made predictions about what we thought might happen to our ingredients:



We noticed that some materials were soluble, some just sank to the bottom to make a sediment and some did both such as Troll's Dandruff (Porridge Oats). We wrote back to Esmerelda to inform her of our results and give her suggestions for future potions.

Eagles begin their Theme Park Maths Project - 6th June 2017 Task 1

In Maths, we are doing a project all about Theme Parks. Our first task was get into groups and decided on our roles: Project Director; Graphic Designer; Finance Director and Presentation Director. The brief was to plan and build a Theme Park with a business loan of £5 million - that's quite a bit of money! Different types of rides and attractions cost different amounts, so we had to keep a tally of how many of each thing we had built and how much it would cost. At the end, we worked worked out how much of our loan we had left. Here are some pictures of us in action:


                  Mythical Madness Land                                 The Four Elements Adventure Land

             ' Release your Inner Beast!'                             'Experience the whole world in one day!'


           Wild Outback Adventure Park                                             Fantastic Futures

            'Wild rides for all the family'                                           'The past is the future'


                                                         Pentagon Park

                                                     '5 corners for all ages!' 

Our next task will be to work out how much our park costs to run per day, per week, per month and per year. This will help us decide on the ticket prices so that we can make a large profit.

Eagles Macbeth Topic: All Hail Macbeth! 

This week in our English lessons we have been exploring the meeting between Macbeth, Banquo and The Witches. Our Key Question was: How is the meeting between Macbeth and The Witches Important?

We learnt a lot about Macbeth: he is a good fighter; he's loyal to his king and friends; he's single-minded as well as respected by many. Mattie suggested that this was why he had been 'chosen' by the witches - it would have the most impact if they could make him change his personality.

We used drama to bring this moment to life - to see if we could could show the witches' power and Macbeth's confusion. We also met some other key characters such as King Duncan. 




I think that Macbeth is shocked by what the witches tell him - especially about being King of Scotland one day. Part of him likes to hear this but another part of him is worried about what will happen to King Duncan.               Emily Yr 5
This scene is important because the witches are telling Macbeth about his future and he becomes greedy for all the riches he will have.                 Deakon Yr 6

 After these lessons, we then wrote some list poems in order to really show our understanding of this moment. We thought about Macbeth, Banquo and The Witches. Here are some to listen to:



Finally. at the end of the week, we watched the same scene from a production at the Globe Theatre to see how it is shown on stage. We looked at how the atmosphere is created and how the actors showed the thoughts and feelings of all the characters. Watch it below:


We can't wait to see what happens next in the story. We are all agreed though that King Duncan's days might be numbered!

Macbeth - The Witches' Spell - 3rd July 2017

Over the past few lessons, we have been learning the famous witches spell from Macbeth and thinking about why it is important in the story. We thought about it as a poem and discussed what it told us about the personality of the witches and also why Macbeth goes to see them again after he has been crowned King of Scotland. For homework, we were given the challenge to learn it and perform it in order to bring it to life for an audience. We could do anything we liked as long as it created the correct atmosphere and showed their personalities. Some of us worked together and filmed our performances. When they were assessed we were graded in 4 different categories:

1. Knowledge of the words

2. Use of voice, gestures, costumes

3. Individuality of the performance

4. Overall effectiveness

Here are some of our videos: WARNING ... they are a bit scary!!

Eagles test out Virtual Reality software - 12th July 2017

Eagles had a fabulous morning having a go at playing games using virtual reality games. Mr Elliott brought in all of his 'kit' to show us and we all had a go ourselves - even Mrs Hughes and Mrs Williams. When we first put the headset on, we were transported under the sea where it felt like we were swimming in a tropical ocean. Mrs Hughes did scream when she turned around to see a huge jellyfish swimming towards her! Once we had got used to everything, we could choose to play on a few different programes such as: painting, Space Raiders or Star Wars. Mrs Hughes definitely got into killing Stormtroopers with a Lightsaber - she killed quite a few too! Mrs Williams chose the more sedate painting game - much more up Mrs Williams' street!






We had a brilliant morning! It was so much fun playing on these games and really feeling like you were actually there! We would like to thank Mr Elliott for coming into school to show us and letting us have a go. Please come back soon as we loved every second!

Written by Kai, Lia, Maddie and Daisy