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Autumn 2 2017

Click here to see a photo gallery of the Christmas play.

Week 6

 This week has been dominated by practising for the Christmas play, but we have managed a few fun things along the way…

Learning how to draw Santa…



Sewing Christmas decorations…



Painting stars and planets for the scenery…



Exploring what a Beebot can do…



Play dough and very careful artwork...




Finishing our Christmas reindeer.




Week 5

 This week we made date and apple squares as dates are from Israel.



“We should make these every day.”

“I think I want another one!”

“I can taste the oats.”

“It’s like a cake.  I could taste 3 things: dates and sugar and apples.”



 Taking inspiration from the nativity story, we talked about how to check if babies are healthy.

“Check the bones are alright with an x-ray.”

“Make sure that it’s breathing.”

“make sure its tummy is the right size.”

“Check their heads – they are a bit wobbly.”

“Make sure its heat is beating…I would use a – what are they called? – stethoscope…or you could feel it beeping.”

“You could lift it to check how heavy it is.”

“Yeah, on the scales.”

The children were keen to become baby doctors.



“Yes, her heart is beeping.”

“She weighs 7.”

“I’m gonna make a ‘clipboard’ – it’s for names then I know which one is next at the doctors.”

“This one weighs 11.”

“This is how heavy nearly all the babies are…This one is 7 and 8 and that baby is 2 and 6.”

“the ticks are to make sure they’re done.”

“Look how hot my baby is – 104!”

“Oh no!  This one’s a million hot.”

“Mrs Watson, this really works – my heart is bumping!”

“This baby can’t breathe at all so I had to put a circle with an x.  It might be because the lungs are broken.  We’ll call an ambulance just to make sure.”



Forest School – How could the shepherds from the nativity story keep the sheep safe from the jackals?

“Get some wood and make some holes and put string in and swing it on him.”

“We could put some food up and when he goes under we could drop the trap on him.”

“If the jackal had black glasses he can’t really see where he’s going and he’ll fall in the sea.”

“What if you get some metal and drop it on the jackal?”

“What about we could get some wood and string and it could bash the animal away and you could get some food and he’d smell it and we just move the wood and we bash it away!”

“We could get some metal at the bottom and at the top and when the jackal comes it will crush him.”

The children were keen to get going…



“Shall I bring my (headband) ears to listen for the jackals?”

“This will smack him on the head and he’ll be dead.”

“The jackals will see the note and then go away because it says ‘No jackals, allowed.’


“I need this more looser – no, more tighter – it keeps falling.”

“This won’t balance…we could do it like this.”

“Yeah!  And the jackal would slide down here – a sliding trap!”

“We could put this heavy rock here and it will fall on his head!”

“I could pull this branch back and let it go and it will get them.  Look! … I’ll wait for another jackal… Oh!  I just got another one!... I did this idea with no-one telling me.”

“There’s a hole in the wood.”

“Put some string through it.”


“It will go through and when a jackal comes, it will tickle them and they will run away!”

“Can we do a jackal trap again tomorrow?”


We had a great morning at Longlands Care Farm, looking around the farm and re-enacting the nativity.  As we have practised re-telling the story in class, the children were well prepared for the action and didn’t seem to notice the cold, asking lots of questions and really getting into the spirit of it.








Sewing Christmas decorations.






Week 4

 In Cookery we made jam tarts to practise our understanding of repeating patterns.



 We arranged them on the table.

“It’s an eating pattern!”

“We should cook ‘em every day!”

“This is absolutely scrummy yummy!”


Role play:  Baby care - inspired by the baby Jesus.

 What do we know about babies?

“They’re smaller.”

“They cry in their cot.”

“It’s to stop them from falling out.”


 “They drink milk.”

“They don’t have any teeth.”

“The mummy has to feed them.”

“I feed my baby!”

“Mummies have to change nappies.”

“The babies would fall down the toilet!”

“They have bibs ‘cause they dribble.”

“Babies can’t talk.”

“’Cause they haven’t got teeth.”

“We try to guess (how they’re feeling)”


“You look at their faces.”

“You can do funny tricks to make them laugh.”

“They can’t walk.”

“Grandma holded me and I could balance.”

“You have to rock them to sleep.”

“Sing them a lullaby.”

“When I smell her head, my baby laughs.”


“I have to hold her head so it doesn’t fall and drop off.  I’m trying to calm her down.  I rock her to sleep.”


“We’ve got 3 babies.”

“We need to make a cot.”

“Let’s build it up.”

“We need sides to stop the baby falling out.”


“Some people look after babies when people go to work….They’re looking after my baby - I’m going mountaineering!”

 “I need a snuggy for my baby.”

“These are all my babies…I’ve got so many.  It’s hard work!”


The block challenge this week was to build a menorah.

They were very inventive with their use of resources and it took a lot of thought and patience to balance the blocks carefully…





 More work on the reindeer.





Week 3

Playing What's the Time, Mr Wolf.



This week we had a problem to solve.

As we were making Israeli latkes (grated potato pancakes), we noticed that the recipe said to get the juice out of the potatoes.  We tried squeezing them …

“Just pressing – nothing happens.”

“I think they are not juicy.”

“It’s not coming.”

“It’s too hard.”

“Cut it.”

“Peel it.”

We decided to peel them.


“There’s juice!.”

“It was just a little drop – I just see-d it.”

“I’ve got juice in mine too!”

“It’s all slippy.”

“There’s juice because it’s slippy – but you can’t squeeze it because the skin is holding the juice in.”

“Juice!  Everywhere!”

But we still didn’t really know how to get all the juice out…

“Mash it?”

“Cut it?”

“But what if we wanted tiny pieces? 

“I think we would run out of time.”

We remembered the graters  -

“My mummy showed me how to do it.  Hold the top that’s why the sharp bits not go on your hand”   - and decided to use those, but it was still taking ages.

“It turns into cheesy bits.  Not cheese, no.  Rectangles.”

“Put a motor in the grater!”

That gave us an idea.  What did we have with a motor in it?

“I spotted that turny thing.”

“What goes round and round.”

“That will make it even quicker.”

“It’ll go really fast.”  - And it did!

“It looks like it turns really fast.  It all breaks up.”

“It grated really fast!”

“It would take hours with our hands.”

“(With the blender) it took 1 minute.”

“2 seconds!”

Squeezing out the juice was really good fun!



The latkes turned out to be a snack for the shepherds around their fire!

First the children gathered sticks.


“That fire will last for a long time because there’s loads of wood.  It wouldn’t go out until all the wood is burnt.”

“We could rub 2 sticks together to make the fire.”

We found some flames!


But why did shepherds have fires?

“Maybe to light up so they could see.”

“To scare away the wolves and keep them warm.”

“Shh!  I can hear wolves!”

“I can hear sss.”

“I got a bucket of water.”

“From the dam.”

“A spark has gone onto the grass and it’s over-heated.”

Luckily the fire-fighters arrived!

“Keep the sheep safe!”

“We’re working as a team.”

“This might have been what made the fire get really big.  Who put this in the fire?  It made it too big!”

“I’m getting a fence for the sheep so they don’t escape.”

“I’m re-lighting the fire with my powers!”


The shepherd theme then continued into Forest School!

“Look!  A crook!”




“We can use this as a tent.”

“But it’s all wet.”

“We need sticks that are wider than that edge.”

“We need to make it big enough for all the children, don’t we?  And for you and Mrs Johns.”

“It looks good already, doesn’t it?  I’m going to check it out.  Everyone could fit – some on top and some underneath.”

“Shall I make the fire for you?  These sticks are the same…I attached this on top.  Now let’s see who’s is the tallest!”

“We’re making a wolf trap!”

“There’s a cage.”

“Yeah!  They walk on here and just fall down a hole.”

 “I’m finding a stick to walk with…because shepherds do that…I can also use it to dig for more food…sausages!  They just grow in the ground!”

“We need a table.  That will be good.  We need to clean it.  I don’t suppose we’ve got a cloth, have we?”



Learning to draw houses.


This week we started thinking about repeating patterns.







On Wednesday we had a block challenge – to make a church like the one in Clifton or a synagogue like they have in Israel.





There was careful attention to detail - Numicon as windows and the protusion on top of the synagogue was made with a lolly stick and pipe cleaner. 

Some had noticed the cockerel on the top of Clifton church – we couldn't find a cockerel so they put a turkey on top of the synagogue!  "It's more better than the stick thing."



We’ve started a new project – reindeer!  It involved lots of use of tools (scissors and a hole punch) and some very careful threading.






Week 2

 With Christmas looming we are beginning to think about the Christmas story and are also focusing on the country of Israel.  Consequently, we this week we made falafels.

First we needed chick peas.

“A sort of peas.”

“They’re not from chicks!”

The chick peas looked like they were in tea!

“Why don’t we just drain them?”

“We don’t want it all salty.”

We snipped the parsley. 

“It’s tricky.  It’s getting mushy.”

“The chickpeas are gone wonky.”

“They’re squashed.”

Why did we need a masher?

“It crumbles in the holes – the stuff goes through and it really crumbles.”

“The peas will push up through the holes.”

“Is it like dough now?”

“The smell is actually inside of the seeds.”




We whisked the egg, but why were there wires?

“So the egg can go in and out again.”

“I’ve got an electric whisk… They’re much more stronger.”

“If you’ve got an electric whisk, you can go off and do something else.”

“It smells like what India smells like.”





The children bravely tried the falafels later.  Some enjoyed them, and some not so much!



Today we thought of all the things we would need to make a fire, then set off into the woods to make one.

“If you see a box of matches, leave it…If you play with it, it might go on fire.”

“It’s dangerous.”

“A spark might hit the floor.”

“The smokes making my eyes watery.2

“I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow the fire down!”




We looked and listened carefully to the sights and sounds (“I can hear crackling”…”The flames are triangles,”  “They’re orange and black”), then we needed to go back to class.  But could we leave the fire as it was?


“Why don’t we water it?”

“Stop the fire.”

“There will be smoke.”

“It’ll go quiet.”

“I think it’s gonna go loud – hiss.  At our bonfire, when they put it out, it made a hiss…I want to watch it go out.”



We looked at some photos of typical Israelis…

“He’s wearing a scarf but no coat!”

“They’ve got hats…to keep their hair dry.”

“You don’t wear hats at home – that would be silly.”

“It depends if you’re trying a hat on.”

“I thought the hats were actually bowls ‘cause they look like bowls.  Are those called headscarves?  They look like a bit of towel.  They don’t really look warm hats.”


We had a go at drawing a person, remembering all the right bits!


Water Play


 We added some ball-pool balls.  It was so exciting to see them bob up when we added water to the cups!   They were also good for sliding down the helter skelter!





Week 1

 We began the week by talking about Halloween and watching a video about Halloween around the world.

“Halloween is where you have spooky stuff.”

“It needs to be dark because the lights in the pumpkin won’t light up.  It needs to be dark as can be,”

 “Ghosts are persons covered in sheets.  They’re not real.”

 “There’s spiders and skeletons and witches.”

“I’ve seen ghosts in a life.”

 “Halloween means when you go trick or treating.  It’s like a walk and you get all different sweets.”


Why do we celebrate it?

“Because it’s Autumn.”

“Because Jesus died.”

“We cut faces in pumpkins.  First draw it then yoyr parents can cut it out so it will look spooky.”

Apple bobbing is when …

“You put your head in the water and get an apple out.”

The video showed that for many countries it was a way to celebrate and honour family members who had died.

“In America, when someone in your family dies, they do dances for them.”

“It’s like what we did for my Great Grandad.”


In Cookery we made Chocolate Monster Cookies.  This was a good opportunity to use some tools, such as a cutter, scissors and even an icing bag.




 “If you eat then every single day you would get sick.”

“There’s too much sugar.”

“Your teeth get rotten.”

“Then they will fall out.”

“You go a bit green.”

“You need to brush your teeth every day.”

“And every night.”

“And every morning.”

“If you eat good stuff, you will get bigger and bigger.”

We thought of some foods that would help us grow strong and healthy…

“broccoli…chicken…carrots…beef…salad… pig…lettuce…mushrooms…spinach…fruit…water…milk.”

The Monster Cookies were delicious..

“Mine bited me when I was eating his teeth!”


Funky Fingers





With Fireworks night approaching we talked about fire safety.

“Fires can lose your homes and take all your clothes and toys and you wouldn’t have anywhere to go.”

“Ring the fire fighters.”


“If there’s a box of matches, you leave them.”

“If they did burn the pack, you go outside.”

“If you run you might fall over.”

“The alarm would just beep.  Always come out of the house – out of the windows.”

“My fire has a gate round it – cause my brother might burn hisself.”

“A smoke alarm tells you when there’s a fire.  It’s got see-through eyes and it can see fires when you can’t see them.  If you were blind, you wouldn’t be able to see them.”

“Sometimes if a cat is stuck in a tree, how do they get down? – call the fire fighters!  Fire fighters are like guards for us.”

“I’m the driver of the fire engine.”



“Help me!  We haven’t got time to get the fire out!”

“Oh!  Someone’s in trouble.  Where are you? …  There’s water over there!  999 999 999!”


Water Play





PE – exploring hula hoops


We made candle holders to celebrate Diwali – the Festival of Light.