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Autumn 1 2018

Week 8

Cookery this week was Little Oat Biscuits.

First we melted the butter and syrup together.

“Cold things melt into water.”

“It will still be yellow…When it melts it goes slimy.”

“You’ve got to put it on some hot stuff to melt it.”



“It goes orange.”

“It’s going to go in tiny pieces.”

“It’ll go different.”

“It’ll go like water.”

“It will stick together the other stuff.”

“We need scales so you can see how much weight you need.”

We looked at the flour.

“It’s made of talc.”

“From a factory.”

“The factory gets it from the fields, the combine gets it from the crops – corn – in the field and makes it into flour.”

“They mix it up to make the flour.”

“They cut the corn into little pieces.”

“The tiny bits go through (the sieve).”

We rolled the mixture into balls.

“It’s like dough gym from earlier!”


Making hedgehogs






This inspired the children to then draw some.



Making pumpkins


Exploring light









Week 7

Investigating magnets




As this week is our Send a Cow fundraising event, we thought we would focus on milk in Cookery and decided to make fruit smoothies.

“We’re gonna make some money to buy a cow.”

“We’re gonna give it to people to buy milk.”

“No!  To buy a cow… So your bones get strong.”

“You squirt his udders.”

“You get a metal bucket and a metal thing the same shape and it drops out.”

“No, it sucks it out.”

“Goats have milk.”

“And they have cheese… After they milk the cow, they get a container truck and take it to the shops.”

“it needs to be cold.  The cow’s breath makes it fresh and cold.”

The children tried to think of products made with milk…

“Chocolate mousse…milk shake…cream…yoghurt…”

We began by looking at the frozen fruit.

“It’s hard.”

“It’s turned to ice…It’s melting when you hold it in your hands.”

“My ice has disappeared…it’s turned into water.”

“Because my hands are hot.”




We put 3 raspberries each in, then we needed some orange juice, but how would we get it out of the orange?

“Squeeze it.”

“You push it and turn it.”

“It will turn into orange juice.”

We added yoghurt and sliced banana.

What next?

“Stir it.”

“Mix it…”

“With a spoon.”

“Oh!  It’s pretty hard.”

“Stab it with a knife….”

“It’s still too big and lumpy.”

“It’s gone pink because I stabbed it and all the strawberries and raspberries breaked.”

“It looks like summer pudding!”

“Blend it.”

“We’ve seen it when we made soup.  All the vegetables were gone.”

“It twists it and goes into a drink.”

“It cuts it up.”

“Into little pieces…It shrinks.”

“Into teeny tiny bits.”

“It’s lovely.”

“I can taste all of them fruit.”

“It tastes like strawberries.”

“I like it because I love the taste of bananas.”

“I want some more because I like it.  I can taste strawberries and bananas.”


Role play: shopping

First the children set up the shop.

“Just put that there for a few seconds.”

“We need to put the prices on.”

The microphone was popular!  “We need some help here!”


 “That’s sixty pounds zero six, please.”

“I can only do 9serve) one at a time!”

“‘Beep’ here you go ‘beep.  One pound please.”

“There we go.  I done the shopping.”

“It’s very busy today.”

“I’ll get my groceries, then go.”

“Thirteen pounds please.”

“It’s a all sort shop.”

“I got you some toys.”  I paid for it.  I’m going shopping for Lego now.”

 “Can I buy these please?”

“Sorry it’s out of date.  That’s out of date too.”

 “We’ve got to put these blankets out…out of the store room.  There’s hats, if you want any hats.  There’s some boots if you want any.  I’m the put outer, ok?”

 “I’ve been waiting for ages.”

“Do you want to spend some more?”

“You have to do the password (pin number).”

“That’s ok, thank you.  You can go off now.”


Our Send a Cow fundraising afternoon was a big hit.  The children joined in the activities with enthusiasm and lots of perseverance!




Threading autumn leaves




This afternoon’s challenge was to make a tube system long enough to get a ping pong ball across the room.

“Mrs Johns!  I’ve got a great idea!”

“Shall we put another pipe at the other end?”

“Can you get me another chair…Actually, never mind.  I’ll do it like this…”

“Let’s test ‘er out!”

“It’ll just stop there ‘cause the thing’s bended.”

“It’s tricky. It has to balance on here.  We need a ‘nother one attached.”

“What about conkers instead? ...It works!”

“I’ll stick this bit.”

“Ok and I’ll test it.  Let’s give it a go!  Ready, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 zero!”

“It’s stuck…There’s something in there.”

“Oh!  I know what it is…Now try.”




Dinosaur models

“You have to scrape your brush so you don’t have too much paint.”

“Look!  Two hands!”

“I want light blue…dark blue and white.”

“What colour does red and blue make? … It’s making dark red.  It’s smoky bacon colour.  What about green and yellow? … Look!  The yellow changes to dark.”

“It’s a four legged T-Rex.  I’m getting a toothbrush.  I like making patterns with a toothbrush… The sharp bit makes lines…I’m getting a tiny paintbrush for the dot of his eyes.”

“Mine’s coloury.”







Week 6

This week we made apple and blackberry pies.

We started by washing the apples.

“They float…”

“Because they are bright and they are not heavy.”

“if you plant it in the ground, it will grow into a tree.”

“I’ve out my knife down, so you don’t cut yourself…. Be careful when the knife gets close to your fingers.”



If we cook the apples…

“They will be different.  The apples are going to change to a different colour.”

“The pastry’s getting bigger!”

“It’s getting flatter like a pancake.”


“That’s a rectangle and that’s a circle.”


Later we had a picnic with our own pies.

“I took a really big bite.”

“I like it.  Look!  It’s nearly all gone.”

“I found a berry.”

“I love it.  I want another one now.”

“I like it.  The blackberries and the apples taste different now.  They taste like pears now.”

“The pastry has changed to a crisp.”




A game for adding two numbers.


Role play:  in the home corner

First we talked about kitchens – what’s in them, where things are kept, who uses them etc

“It could be a pub!”

“I could be a chef.”

“I could help you.”

“I could be a waiter.”


 “I’m looking for a pie…Here’s the recipe!”

“Mmm, lovely!”

Teddies became customers.

 “Chef, can you get a little portion of something for little teddy?”

“I’m going to give them the menu to look at.  What do you want for dinner?  … We haven’t got the pudding you want.”

“let me see what I’ll have then… Gingerbread mans.”

“We need cutlery.”

“I’ve got some apple crumble pie.”



 “We have to take all this money because the chef has got no money.  He’s old.  He’s got no food.”

“This has gone off.  We have to chuck it in the bin.”


We've been reading a story about a caveman, so decided to do some caveman painting using mud!







Funky Fingers – cutting circles



This week we began painting the dinosaur models.

We talked about the process of painting – not as simple as you might think!

“Backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards…”

“That’s good painting…because he’s going slowly.”

“I used a ‘raker’ to make patterns.”

“I’m using a roller…because, look!  It makes it smoother.”

“I want to make purple.”

“I made brown…red, red, green, yellow.”









Week 5

How many things can you fit in a small pot?



As we have been thinking about the similarities and differences of dinosaurs, we made Herbivore Soup for the plant eating dinosaurs.

We had a variety of vegetables.  How do we know it’s a plant?

“You can see it’s stuck out the ground.  Carrots grow in the ground.  They’ve chopped the top leaves off.

“Carrots grow underneath the leaves from seeds.”

“The farmer gets them with his tractor.”

Where are potatoes from?


“The tractors in the fields – they have a plough on the back.”




We needed to use a peeler.

“It can cut you.”

“I know what you can do…You hold it at the top…I peeled a strip!”

“How does it do that?”

“It has a sharp thing.”

“It has a blade.”

We looked at the butternut squash but no one knew what it was…  “A pear…a mango…a carrot… a potato…an orange…”

“You can grow that (seed) in there.”

“Into another butternut squash.”

“It’s from the field.”

“They give them to the shops and the people get them from there.”

What will happen to the vegetables when we cook them?

“They will melt.”

“They will disappear into the soup.”

“They will shrink.”

“They’ll shrink really smaller.”

“The water gets boiling and it burns it to death and makes it water.”

“They might start to fall into pieces and turn into juice.”


The soup turned out to be a huge hit.

“I enjoyed that!”

“There’s good things in those vegetables.”

“It’s got little black bits in that make you healthy.”

“This is delicious.  I love it so much, I could eat 14 pieces for 14 days.”


Later we watched some video about potato harvesting and the children decided to be farmers.

“We need some water for them to grow.”

“I need boots because of the mud.”

“This machine cuts the potatoes up.”

“Look at my machine.  It has knives in to cut the skin off.  It makes the vegetables better for us.”




“This is my potato field.”

“I’m putting them in the truck.”

“Here’s some fresh ones.”

“This is my special tractor with big wheels.  It’s a threshing potato tractor.”

“I gave them too much water.  Now they will grow so fast.  Crops everywhere!”

“I’m tipping the potatoes out so they can dry.”



Forest School

Making a den with a trap to keep out monsters and baddies. “But we’re the baddies!”

Tying knots.

Riding a horse that is also a gun.

Looking for bugs.  “I think that one is the brother…Look at that one it’s stripy … and 2 different colours….It’s going now.”


Which stick is long enough?



Making dinosaur feet!



Water Play

“Oh!  You’re stopping the water.”

“No, it’s getting through.  Look!”


“Shall we see which balls win to the bottom?”

“I win!”

“Now which water wins.”


 “We could make 2 of these.”

“This lid fits on there.”

“Oh, thanks.”



 “I need the bottle filled up.”

“I’ll do it – hold it on that side…Quick!”


“This has got numbers for the water!”

“This is too heavy to lift up …I can use a cup to get the water out…The sponge sucks all the water up.”

“Oh no!  I’ll get a bigger bucket!”


As we have been thinking about herbivore dinosaurs, today we investigated the things they might like to eat – green cabbage, red cabbage, sprouts and peas.

“You get the green bit off and I’ll get the yellow bit.”

“I’ve got the stalk.”

“It’s tough – you need to pull it.”

“I’ve got peas!  What’s inside it?  I might be a seed.  Oh! It’s really soft.”

“You could eat peas.”



“My soup has lots of things.  Now I need cabbage.”

“These sprouts are funny!  Now I’ve found a tiny brain!”

“I’m peeling mine.  I’ve found more sprout!”

“This cabbage is called red cabbage but it’s purple!”

“Can I have some water?

“Can I have some water and then it will be proper soup.”



“Smell it!”

“It’s going different.  The water is a different colour!”

“It’s turning blue!

“Look at my recipe.  Look how flat my dinner is.”

“I’ll smash it up for you.”

“And I’ll cut it up.”

“I’m snipping this to make sure the recipe is right.”

“It’s looking good, this dinner.”

“It feels like rotten eggs – all hard.”

“If you eat it, you’ll get died.”

“It would be all mouldy.”

“I’m making a crumble pie.”

“I’m making dessert.”

“What’s your dessert, man?”


“Chocolate topping?”

“Yeah!  It smells delicious.”

“Yeah!  It smells good now.”


Dinosaur models

“My dinosaur plan has a hairy tummy…this is soft…I like these better…I think he’s stripy now…I’ll cut this in half, then it will be a mouth.  He’s spotty and stripy and colourful.”

“I’m gonna use sticks for his claws ‘cause they’re hard.”

“I’ve put lots of tape on his back and head to make him stronger…It’s got long, long hair.  It’s a girl dinosaur.  She is a mummy dinosaur.  She’s got blond hair – I’m pretending it’s blond, it’s really purple…This hair won’t do.  It’s won’t stick, it’s too hard.”

“This roll is too big…Why don’t I like cut it?”




“Could these be shorter?”

“I’m doing teeth – that’s a triangle and that’s another triangle shape.”

“Look!  I’ve got eyebrows.  He’s angry.  He says, “Get out of my volcano!”




Week 4

Funky Fingers

This week we tried out a few different techniques in Cookery by making sandwiches.

Grating, spreading (“It’s like a smoothing machine”), slicing and cutting.





Afterwards the children remembered lots of safety aspects:

“Wash your hands – germs don’t like hot water.”

“Put an apron on – clean, so the cheese doesn’t get dirty.”

Grating cheese – “Hold it at the edge”.  “Keep your fingers away from the sharp bits.”

Slicing – “Put your hand at the end of the cucumber and your other hand at the other end.”

“Put your knife down when you’re not using it.”

“Wrap the sandwich up so it doesn’t get dirty…there might be germs and you’d get poorly.”

“Be careful there is no mud in it.”


Later we had an Explorer’s Picnic.  We sat by a T-Rex nest!

“Maybe the fastest dinosaur is in there.”

“I just saw a head pop up.  It was a T-Rex!”

“They can smell our sandwiches.”

“I can see a long neck with a small brain.”



Role Play:  What do you need to take with you when you are exploring Dinosaur land?

“A phone in case you are in trouble and you need to ring somebody.”

“Goggles, so you can see the dinosaurs when they are far away.”


“A wooden suit, so you don’t get hurt in the tummy.  The dinosaur might kick you.”

“A back pack.  You will die if you don’t have any food.  You could take sandwiches and everything else.”


“Because they are healthy.”

“And to chop.  I like chopping.”


 “Dinosaur Land has a black sky so we need the lights off.”

“We need umbrellas in case it rains.”

“Trees – mango trees.”

“A torch to go in the dark.”

“Like a cave or something.”

“Dinosaurs lived a very long time ago.”

“An asteroid hit on their world and they died.”

“I got my back pack so I can eat and have a drink.”

“If the baby dinosaurs are crying, I’ll blow them with this (hairdryer) and dry their eyes.”

“I’ve made a big cave.”

“I’m putting my boots on.  It’s so muddy.”

“I’ve got 14 pictures (photos)… When I get home I’ll get printing them everywhere.”

“I’ve found a pterodactyl bone – I’ll take a photo.”

“Do you like my video?”

“Don’t forget I’ve got a back pack.  I’ve got plenty of food.  We can all share.”

“I’m a T-Rex.”

“I’m a different sort of T-Rex.”

“This is my explorer hat in case a tail hits my head.”


On Wednesday we had a lovely walk across the fields and even made dinosaur masks on the way back!







Investigation – Flubber



“It’s melting!”

“It’s like sticky jelly!”

The dinosaur footprints “suck back in.”

“It’s ghosty.”

“It’s an armband.  It stays on because it’s sticky.”

“I can’t get it off my hands.  It keeps getting on my nother hand.”

It’s starting to dry up.  This is what happened to the dinosaurs a long time ago.  They got dried up.”

“Is it glue because it sticks to you?”

“It’s melty glue.”

“You’re right!  It’s melty glue!”

“It’s cold and it stretches.  I’m going to cut it.”

“It’s like drool.”

“Spider web fingers!”

“It hangs onto the spoon.”


Water Play

“There’s lots of bubbles that end.  Let’s play there.”

“Yeah!  That’s a great idea!”

“We’re making milk.  It’s for the cows.”

“No.  It’s for the people.  Cows can’t drink out of a cup.”

“No.  They haven’t got any hands.”

“I think this one’s done.  I’ll take it to the container.  He’s gonna take it to the shops… This one’s full.  Can you take it to the container?”

“It’s too heavy…I’ll tip some out…Now I can carry it.”

“The milk goes in here and the little wooden people mix it in the machine.”

“We’re makers, aren’t we?”

“Yeah!  We are!”




“I’m washing my car.”

“Can I wash it with you?”


Dinosaur models

“I’m using glue and tape… to make the claws stay on even more.”

“I’ve got a good idea…Buttons would make good eyeballs!  I’ve got one green one.  I need another one…  I’ve found some white buttons because some dinosaurs have white teeth.”

“I’m putting my eyes on with glue.  It’s better than Sellotape because if you use Sellotape you can’t see the eyes…. Oh!  the plastic doesn’t like these buttons.  Let’s have a change of plan… Oh yes, this will be perfect.”

“I’m doing spikes down his back.  I’m doing yellow, orange, yellow, orange.  It’s a pattern. ‘Thank you God for my spikes’ (said in a dinosaur voice) …. Now I need to do the same number of claws on each foot.”

“This is team work – like Bob the Builder.”






Week 3

Funky Fingers




Cookery this week was Gingerbread Men.

“The scales are for how many sugar you need.  You have to pour some out if you get too much.”

“How much ounces do we need?”

“When that moves it means it’s getting heavier.”

“Ginger comes from a ginger factory.”

“Hey look!  I found my name on here!”





“This is so the gingerbread men don’t stick.”

“I don’t know where that butter’s gone…it’s gone into the sugar.”

“The butter’s melted into the ginger.”

“I can’t see any butter.  It’s all gone in the flour.”

“I can smell the ginger.”

“Eggs come from chickens.”

“And from shopping.”


 “This makes things smooth.”

“It’s getting really flat.”


“In the oven they will get bigger.”

“They will get crunchy.”


Making paper dinosaurs



Role Play

“I’m a helicopter man.  I’m taking people to Helicopter Land so they can go on the rides.”

We’re pirates.  I’m driving the pirate ship.  We can’t all go… The boat’s too small.”

“I’m a pirate too. It’s cool. I’m a baddie….I’ll be so good now, I’ll fill your bucket and you will be so happy.”

“This is for listening to people.  I can see loads of clouds.  I’m above the clouds…”Hello…hello….they said ‘Hello, where are you going’.  I said I’m going to Helicopter Land to take off.”

“Blast off!  We’re above the clouds.  We’re going to Malvern.”

“I’m an explorer in the jungle.  Here’s my map.”

“Let’s put it down to see where we are.  We splore to the beach.”

“I found some secret stones – magic stones!”


“Now more treasure from the beach.  Look!  A ball from Madagascar.”







Block Play – building Clifton.

“This is a road and those are bits on the edges so they can park on the side.”

“Our house is the biggest one.”

“There’s a ramp and you go up the escalator and over there and down there into the shop.  This is a pipe the drink goes up when someone’s thirsty.”

“That’s a tower and the bells and a tree on the green bit.”




This week we started our dinosaur models using junk.

“It’s not junk if we use it!”

“I’m going to be Mr Maker!”

“Look!  I need to attach this.  I need a longer one for his neck.”

“I’m gonna use this (small tub) because a T-Rex’s head is this metres long.”

“Oh!  Why’s it not staying on? … Now it stays on.  I put more tape on.”

“This is his eyeball…he needs two.”




“When Mummy sees this, she won’t believe here eyes!”

“Mine’s got binoculars eyes – so he can spy things.”

“I need to sellotape the other side.  It can’t move now – just the right amount of tape…Oh no! Not the right amount of tape yet.  Just need a bit more…”

“My dinosaur walks on two legs.”

“I won’t sellotape this bit here because that’s where he speaks… He’s got 2 arms and 2 legs.”

“Mrs Watson, can you hold it while I stick it on?”

“Hmmm, I’m going to have to cut this the same height as the other one.”



 Week 2

Tuesday was the children’s first Cookery session and the recipe was flapjacks.

First, however we had to get to the kitchen really quietly without disturbing Woodpeckers Class.  Once in the kitchen some of the children forgot to talk quietly.

“Stop going ‘ah!’ or you will frighten the birds.”

Safety first - we talked about germs, handwashing, hot things, sharp things – and the need to listen!

The first ingredient we needed was syrup.  Was it the same as water?

“It’s made of gold.”

“Water slips out.  It’s blue.”

“Water goes faster.”

“Syrup goes slow…”

“Becasue it’s sticky.”

“I like honey because it’s more sour and drippy.”



How could we melt the syrup?

“Put it in the sun.” 

“It’s not sunny today.”

“Put it in the oven.”

“Put it on top of the oven.”

What would happen to the syrup?

“It will melt into water or slime.”

“It’ll go dry.”

“It’s gonna shrink and be like water.”

“It’s gonna change to water.”

We added the sugar and watched it dissolve.

“The sugar has gone even brownier.”


Where do porridge oats come from?

“The shops.”

“Container trucks…They go to the porridge factory and take it to the shops.”

“Are oats from chickens?”

“Combine harvesters.”

“From corn.”


“You get them from oat trees.”


“I’m just going to flatten it a bit more then he can have a go.”


We set the timer.  “Does it have to get to zero?”




On Tuesday the children explored the dressing up.

“I’m a shooter.  I shoot pheasants.”

“Oh!  There’s water coming in our boat.”

“Let’s have a pirate dance.”

“I’m a camera man.  I take pictures….Oh no!  It’s snowing.”




 “This is a boat with two chimneys.  Water goes down there and in that hole.”

“I’m driving the ship.”

“You have to press that button to make the ship stop.”

“I’m set sailing.”





Funky Fingers



Forest School





Art Attack



Water Play





Drawing plans in preparation for starting our dinosaur models.


“He’s got spikes on his tail to protect himself.  His name is a bit confusing.  I’ll call him a skepascope-asaurus.  I’m doing the paintwork now.  I need a plan so I know how I want it.  Have you got all those (paint) colours?  That’s a button to make his tail move because I’m going to put batteries in and he will make a noise.”

“The stripes on mine are the blood (veins).”

“Mine’s got a hood.”

Mine’s got plates.”

"I’m making a crescent shape.”



Week 1

Welcome to this year's Fledglings!


We've started off the year just getting to know each other and exploring the resources.