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    Sport @ Clifton - Spring Term 2015 Highlights

On this page you will find out what sporting activities Clifton got involved in throughout the Spring Term 2015. 

Eagles enjoy School Games Orienteering Event - 18th March 2015  


A team of 12 children from Eagles class participated in the West Worcestershire School Games Orienteering competition held at The Chantry School. Graham, who organised the event, welcomed all the teams and explained what we had to do. In our teams of 4, we had 20 minutes to try and find the location of 20 controls that had been placed all over the grounds of the high school, using just the map to help us. At each control, there was a maths question. After finding the control, we had to write down the answer to the maths question to prove that we had found it. After 20 minutes, all the teams had to hand in their cards to see which school had found the most controls with the total being out of 60.

  .    Graham explaining what we had to do

       Getting ready to find the controls

      This is the map that we used to find the controls

      The controls were tricky to find!

Well done to all of the Clifton teams. 2 of the teams mananged to find all 20 of the controls which was superb. As a school overall we managed to find 49 out of the possible 60 which meant that we came joint 3rd, only a few points behind the winners. We enjoyed having a go at Orienteering and we think we did a good job for our first time competing! Thank you to Graham for organising the event and thank you to Mrs Hughes who took us even though it was her birhday! 



                                                                                           Written by Joe, Nathan and Ellie

Clifton Hawks Netball Team update -  March 2015

What a busy couple of weeks the Clifton Hawks Netball team have had competing in league matches against, Hallow Primary Schhol, Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Primary School and participating in the cluster netball tournament at Tenbury High School, all within a few days. The team played well on all occasions, co-operating together and showing super determination at all times. Even when the score line was not in our favour, the team did not give up. A super effort Clifton Hawks - well done!


Key Stage Two Intra-School Sports Championships - Friday 27th February 2015

A great morning was had by everyone in Key Stage Two as they competed in our regular Clifton Sports Championships. All the girls competed in a Girls' Football tournament and the boys played Quicksticks Hockey. Well done to all of the winners and those who won an Outstanding Skills Award or a Sportsmanship Award. Enjoy the gallery of photos!           

Thank you Mrs Hughes and Mrs Allen for organising the tournament, thank you Mrs Williams for some excellent time-keeping and thank you Mrs Yarnold for being a great official photographer! 

                                                                                                    Written by Evie, Henry and Laurie

Clifton Falconettes Football Success!                                                                      Thursday 5th February 2015

On Thursday 5th February a team of girls from year 4,5 and 6 participated in a girls' football tournament at Chantry High School. There were many schools from the area with about 120 girls competing for the Rebecca Lloyd Football Trophy. Rebecca Lloyd is an ex pupil of Chantry who is so good at football, she now plays for the England U17 team. It was a brilliant night and the team was lead superbly by our very own Rebecca. We played well in our group matches; winning 4 and drawing 1. The most amazing thing is that no team scored against us and some of our team had not played football competively before. We got through to the final which was against Grimley. The Falconettes scored early on in the match and their brilliant defence meant that they were able to retain the lead, finally winning the final 1-0. We are very proud of ourselves and what we have achieved! 





Woodpeckers show off their dance moves at Dance Festival - 4th February 2015

The children in Woodpeckers class had great fun when they attended the annual dance festival at Chantry High School. They were split into groups and were taught a range of different dances including: Cheerleading, Street Dance and the Hakka (which was Mrs Hughes' favourite as she is rugby mad!).  Here are some photos:

I loved the Hakka as it made my heart beat faster! I liked stamping really hard on the floor and poking my tongue out!                                    Alex (Yr3)
I was a little bit nervous about doing Cheerleading at first but I enjoyed it. I liked the music as it had a good beat and I like making letter shapes with the pom poms.                                                                                         Deakon (Yr4)
The Street Dance was cool! My best move was doing 'The DJ' and I liked the body popping too.                                                                                   Lia (Yr4)






Eagles class compete in the West Worcestershire School Games                             Indoor Athletics Competition - 28th January 2015                                

Eagles class were excited to be invited in the Indoor Athletics competition organised as part of the School Games initiative. Watch a video all about it here:



Event Report:

We competed against 10 other schools from West Worcestershire as part of the Level 2 part of the School Games. The class were put into two teams - 1 boys team and 1 girls team. We had to choose 2 track events and 2 field events each. These included: obstacle races, 4x1 relays, 2x1 relays, vertical jump, triple jump, javelin, and the speed bounce. Every distance thrown, height jumped or race time we achieved all went towards a final score for each team.  The team totals were:

       CLIFTON BOYS TEAM: 110 POINTS      -     7th place        

       CLIFTON GIRLS TEAM: 162 POINTS.   -      3rd place

       COMBINED TEAM SCORE: 272 POINTS -    3rd place overall 

We are very proud of these scores as it was the first time many of us had completed in an event like this. We had a great time and we want to thank all the adults and Young Leaders at Tenbury High School for organising such a brilliant afternoon! 

                                                                              Report written by Ellie M, Amelia and Cameron





           Eagles Young Leaders organise Sportshall Athletics competition!    

On Thursday 8th January 2015, the Young Sports Leaders organised a sports morning for children in Pre-school, Fledglings and Robins classes.  We came up with 6 different athletic activities that all helped the children with LOCOMOTION, OBJECT CONTROL and STABILITY. The children were put into teams and the teams went around all of the activities, earning points for their team. 
Activties included:
Standing Long Jump, Target Throw, Balance Challenge, Speed Bounce, Agility Run and Triangular Fetch. 
We had a brilliant time and we were very impressed by how all of the children had a go at all of the activites. 

Written by:  Matthew Davis and Amelia Smith - Young Sports Leaders




                                        Winners of Outstanding Skills Awards

Winners of the Best All-Round Performer Awards

       A big well done to our winning team who scored an amazing 1,456 points overall!!