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Eagles Class Archive Pages

                  Autumn Term 2014

Eagles wish that it could be Christmas every day especially with Hot Dogs and DVD's!

What a great day we had on Monday 15th December with our first Clifton Christmas Day! Our Clifton Christmas Fun Day was organised by the School Council to help raise money for our school garden competiton entry at the Malvern Spring Show in May 2015. We came to school looking as christmasy as possible and the festivities began with a christmas fashion show! We all paraded our outfits down the runway with some fantastic supermodel poses! All the teachers dressed up in their brilliant christmas jumpers and even went down the catwalk too! Evie got a prize for the best walk down the runway! Well done Evie!


Mrs Williams and Mrs Wakefield served some yummy Hot Dogs at breaktime which certainly warmed us up on a cold day!


We also made christmas cards using our fingerprints for the reindeer, sleigh and of course Father Christmas. Mrs Hughes made one for her Nan to show us what to do! We hope her Nan likes it! Here is an example of what we made:

We had an amazing, fun-filled day that really got everyone in the christmas mood! We can't wait for the next fundraising event which is in January. We will be raising money for our garden project by dressing up as a vegetables, competing in a Vegetable Fun Run and having a Wellie Wanging competition! 

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Eagles Classroom smells of bread after amazing yeast science experiment!       December 2014

Whilst shipwrecked on Ape-adillion Island, we have had to learn all about the living things that we might find on a desert island. We have learnt all about how living things are grouped into 5 kingdoms and we have found out how the scientist Carl Linneaus named plants scientifically with a Genus and Species name in order to help classify them. We then looked at some of the smallest living things - micro-organisms and how they are harmful and helpful to humans. 

On Tuesday December 9th - we asked ourselves two key questions:

1. What happens when you mix yeast, warm water and sugar together?

2. Does yeast prefer a warm environment or a cold environment?

We mixed the yeast, water and sugar together in a bottle and put a balloon over the top. We calculated that in 1 bottle there would be 175 BILLION yeast cells!  Amazing!!      

Here are some pictures of what happened:





Mrs Hughes put her one in the fridge to see if temperature affected the activity of the Yeast. It certainly did as even after 3 hours the balloon did not inflate! We concluded that as the yeast eats the sugar, it releases a gas called carbon dioxide. The gas fills the bottle and then fills the balloon as more gas is created. Yeast does this better when it is in a warm environment. This is really useful for helping dough rise when making bread. Super science by all of us! Have a look at our time lapse video to see the results. Watch the orange balloon! Be patient as it may take a little bit of time for the video to load. Don't forget to go full screen to get the full effect!


       MOV format for Apple Devices                          Flash format for PCs - starts automatically

Eagles support Operation Christmas Child Appeal - November 2014

Eagles are always thinking of their values and our value this month is Caring. Mrs Throup showed us a DVD all about a charity called Operation Christmas Child. This charity wants to amkes sure that all children around the world feel loved and have a present at christmas time. Here are a couple of videos to explain more:




We loved putting our shoeboxes together and we hope that whoever receives our boxes enjoys the gifts and has a great christmas!

This Half Term's Book Study ... Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo


This half term we are studying the novel 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by the childrens' author, Michael Morpurgo. It has lots of links to our Shipwrecked topic in class as it is a story about survival under difficult circumstances. We looked at objects, a variety of book covers and various book reviews to try and deduce as much as we could about the story using our inference skills.

Chapter 1 sets the scene brilliantly and we are introduced to the main characters. Click on the links to listen to chapter 1 to find out more!

(WARNING! - Each file is a WMA file which may not work on some devices!)

Listen to chapter 1 Part A:   

Listen to Chapter 1 Part B:

Listen to Chapter 1 Part C:

Listen to Chapter 1 Part D:

Listen to Chapter 1 Part E:

Click on the picture of Michael Morpurgo to go to his official website!      

For Homework we were asked to complete a research project al about Michael Morpurgo, his life and and his works. We found out so many interesting facts such as:

  • Michael's favourite animal is the Elephant
  • He doesn't write at a desk - he writes hos books in bed propped up by pillows for comfort
  • He loves prawns
  • He has written over 100 books for children
  • He has started his own charity called 'Farms for City Children' and over 50,000 underpriviledged children have benfited from having a week working and learning on the charities farms. The farms are in Devon, Gloucestershire and Wales.
  • Michael listens to the music of Mozart to help inspire him when he writes.

Here are some pictures of our presentations:




Here is some examples of some of our presentations:

This soundless animation shows the story of Kensuke's Kingdom so far. The family have made the big decison to go on a once in a lifetime adventure sailing round the world.

You will need Windows Media Player installed especailly if you are using Chrome as your web browser to see the animation.


A fantastic autobiographical video where 'MIchael' tells us a little bit about himself!


Eagles have an amazing trip to Malvern Outdoor Elements Centre 22nd-24th October

Eagles visited Malvern Outdoor Elements Centre before hafl term for 3 days of outdoor and adventurous activities. What an amazing time we had even if some of the activities were a little scary! Our aims for going on the trip was to increase our independence skills, do things that were outside of our comfort zones,  overcome personal challenges and above all .. have fun. Everyone at the centre commented to Mrs Hughes and Mrs Williams that we were a lovely group and that we always showed our Clifton Values. Thank you to everyone at the centre who helped us especially our instructors Kate, Luke and Tom. A special thank you also to Mrs Mansbridge (who actually did the Kingswing even though she is scared of heights!), Mrs Williams and Mrs Hughes who looked after us throughout our stay. Here is a flavour of what we did whilst on our trip:

Eagles' Bikeability Cycling Training - October 2014

What an exciting week we have had Eagles class as we have busy doing our Level 1 and Level 2 Bikeability training. Even though it has been quite wet at times, we undertook our training with confidence and determination. We started on the playground so that our instructors could see how well we controlled our bikes, our cycling confidence and in addition we learnt how to check our own bikes to make sure that they were road-worthy. Here are some pictures of our Level 2 training when we were training on some of the roads in the village. Our instructors were very impressed with our cycling skills and our Values. Many of us felt much more confident by the end of the week and we can't wait to get out on our bikes soon so that we can put our training into practise. Thank you to our instructors who worked very hard with us all week. You were brilliant!

Eagles Autumn Term Theme: Shipwrecked!

Our learning this term has a 'shipwrecked' theme. We have been marrooned on a desolate island that we have called Ape-adillion Island and over the next few weeks we will be exploring this mysterious island.  We brought items into school that we had made that might be useful to help us survive or would help us pass the time whilst we await rescue.  We really looked the part too!

How will we survive? Come back soon for important updates!

Getting Ready for our Malvern Adventure - September 2014

We are all very excited about our residential trip to the Malvern Outdoor Elements in October. We can't wait to do all of the exciting activities whilst we are there and show our values of courage, determination and teamwork.

On the 23rd September 2014, we were visited in school by Kate who will be our course leader whilst we are at the centre. She explained all about what the centre is like, the activities, the dormitories and answered many of our questions. Here are some pictures of Kate's visit:

She spoke to us about the centre and the activities that we will be doing when we are there. We especially liked hearing about the Zipwire and the KIngswing. All of us like heights so we can't wait to do those. In addition, she explained all about the dormitories and the canteen. We have to make our own lunch everyday but we are looking forward to the cooked breakfast. Apparently if we are really well behaved we might get cake and Hot Chocolate before bed!

Kate explained that a key skill we would need would be teamwork. She got us doing an activity where we had to work together to achieve the objective. We had to make different mathematical shapes with the rope but we had to have 2 hands on the rope at all times. It was harder than it looked especially when we had to do the challenge in silence and then with our eyes closed!


We then had a dressing up relay race! kate had brought some items that we would need when we are staying at the centre such as wellies, waterproofs, helmets and harnesses. Then we had to dress up 1 member from each team. Evie and Rebecca were the brave ones who dressed up.

To help to decide which was winning team, Mrs Hughes suggested that Rebecca and Evie had a 'dance-off' in their outfits.They certainly had some fantastic moves; there was even some Break Dancing!!! Both dancers were so good that Kate and Mrs Hughes declared it a draw!

Kate's visit got us even more excited about our trip and we are counting the days until the 22nd October! Thank you Kate for coming to see us!