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Super Science: February 2018

This half term, our science topic has been Forces and Magnets, and this week we had fun investigating magnetism. Mrs Allen gave us the challenge to make a paperclip hover in the air, just by using the strength of a magnet, It was quite tricky, but we managed it!



Watch our Egyptian Dance Video inspired by the story of Moses: December 2017

As part of their Egypt topic, Woodpeckers have been choreographing and rehearsing their own dance, to the opening song from The Prince of Egypt. This song describes the biblical story of Moses. It follows the plight of the slaves in Egypt, and one mother’s heart-breaking decision to let her baby float away on the River Nile, rather than let him grow up to become a slave too.

 Woodpeckers class followed the narrative of the song, and have acted it out through their own interpretative and choreographed dance. It took great patience and concentration, as well as several weeks of hard work to get to the finished product, and the results are fantastic to see.

 We are all extremely proud of how hard Woodpeckers have worked on this PE topic, and how brilliantly they performed their final piece. Well done Woodpeckers!

Mummification DT project: December 2017


This half term, Woodpeckers class have designed and made their own felt mummies, and ‘buried’ them in their very own sarcophagi!

The children spent several weeks painstakingly drawing, cutting out, sewing and stuffing their mummies, before carefully wrapping them up in bandages.


They then moved on their sarcophagi. The children spent time painting patterns and hieroglyphics onto large pieces of sugar paper, which, once dried, were carefully cut into pieces and stuck onto shoe boxes. Finally, the children glued beads onto the sarcophagus lids, to represent the jewelled lids of the ancient pharaohs.


The very last step was nestling their mummies into their beautifully decorated sarcophagi.


The children showed amazing perseverance and patience in this project. In order to succeed, they needed to use several different design skills, including, cutting, threading a needle, tying a knot, sewing, gluing, painting, and many more! We are extremely proud, both of the finished products, and of our amazing class. Well done Woodpeckers-they look fantastic!

Super Skeletons: October 2017

During our recent science lessons, we have been finding out about the important jobs our skeletons do. Without them, we would be unable to stand up, bend or move, and our important internal organs would have no protection. We have also been making our own skeletons and have used Skitch on the Ipads to make comparisons between different animals.

Can you identify the animals from the skeletons below? 



Big Art day: October 2017

On Monday 9th October, Woodpeckers class took part in a whole school Art day. Our focus was cross sections of various fruit and vegetables, in keeping with our Harvest theme. We started by learning about basic shading techniques, as well as the rules of 'draw what you see', and 80% observation:20% drawing. To begin with, we used only pencil, before moving on to coloured pencil. 


We then moved on to investigating colour using paints. We spent some time on creating colour wheels, using only the primary colours to create the secondary and tertiary shades. 

After that, we had a go at mixing colours to match given paint samples. We really had to focus on only adding a tiny bit of colour each time, and this activity really helped with our understanding of the subtleties of colour and paint mixing. 


After all this preparation and hard work, we were ready for our final piece; a painted observational drawing of a fruit or vegetable cross section. We took our time and produced some wonderfully high quality, well observed pieces of art, and we were all quite rightly very proud of what we had achieved. 


Very well done Woodpeckers!

Year 3/4 Quick sticks Tournament: October 2017

During this term, Woodpeckers class have been enjoying developing their hockey skills in P.E lessons. This week, 6 children took part in an after school tournament which put these skills to the test.

The sun was shining as we waited to start the tournament, and all six children were excited and raring to go. The first match was against Astley, and it was a battle from the very start. William scored a fantastic goal which would have taken us into the lead, but unfortunately it was disallowed as he hadn’t played the ball within his own third. Clifton continued to play well, forcing Astley to defend to the best of their ability, and the match ended in a 0-0 draw.

The children played a further three matches, resulting in a loss against Martley, but two wins against Broadheath and Grimley. We then had to wait to see if we were through to the next round. All the teams were gathered together, and cheered each other when we heard the results. Everyone had played really well and it was a delight to hear we were to play Abberley in the semi-finals.

The five minutes flew by as both teams tried their very best to score the first goal. Eventually it was Abberley who made it through the Clifton defence to go into the lead. Clifton worked hard to equalise but Abberley were able to sneak through and score a second goal before the referee called time. We congratulated Abberley and wished them well in the final.

As always, the children showed their Clifton values through determination, perseverance and team spirit. It was a pleasure to watch them play with such enthusiasm and encourage each other through each new challenge. Well done Clifton Harriers, you are all winners in my eyes!



Dance Festival: September 2017

Woodpeckers class had a brilliant time at the cluster dance festival at the Chantry school last week! We enjoyed workshops in 3 different areas of dance: cheer-leading, street dance and Bollywood, and then we cam together at the end of the morning for a celebration dance in front of all the other children and teachers. We would like to thank the staff at the Chantry and the Young Leaders for organising such a fun morning!



Moving up morning: July 2017

On Tuesday 18th July, our new class had their first morning together. We started our Autumn topic of Ancient Egypt with two brilliant activities; the first was making Egyptian biscuits, using a recipe that is thousands of years old. The children worked together really well, and the finished products were delicious!



After break, we learned about Ancient Egyptian amulets, and how the wearer believed that they would bring them luck. We made salt dough and then used the salt dough to create our own amulets, that we will paint in September. Hopefully they will bring us luck all year long!


Mrs Quill and Mrs Allen loved getting to know our new class. The children all behaved beautifully and cooperated well, and we very much look forward to teaching them all next year. 

Have a wonderful summer, everyone! 


Bishops Wood trip: July 2017

On Tuesday 4th July, Woodpeckers class visited Bishops Wood in Stourport-on Severn to consolidate our learning about life in the Stone Age. 


Learning in a practical setting really brought the Stone Age to life for us all, and we learned lots of fascinating facts, like how they used to move around when they had eaten everything in a particular area; this lifestyle was called Nomadic.


We spent the morning shelter building, mammoth hunting and cave painting, then in the afternoon we hunted and gathered, wove nets, crushed seeds to make flour and even made fire!


The children were so excited and loved every second of our trip. They represented our school beautifully and we are very proud of them.


Baking Stone Age Rock Cakes: June 2017

As part of our Stone Age topic Woodpeckers class made rock cakes today-a slightly tenuous link perhaps, but there is evidence that during he Mesolithic period early Homo Sapiens were farming crops including wheat, which they ground into flour and cooked into a flat, oaty bread. Not only will our cakes make us think of early Stone Age bakers, but they are ROCK cakes-so very relevant to the Stone Age!


Cooking together allows us to use several of our school values such as cooperation, respect, quality, responsibility and perseverance for when things might not go our way.  


The step-by-step nature of following a recipe helps build children's comprehension and reasoning skills. Children practice patience, follow directions, enhance their creativity, and build self-confidence.


Cooking experiences also build children's knowledge and skills in science, maths, reading, and communication.

Making Stone Age nettle string: May 2017

As part of our summer topic of the Stone Age, Woodpeckers class have been making nettle string! 


First, we carefully picked and stripped the leaves off the nettles, using two pairs of gardening gloves to protect our hands. Then we rubbed them until all the poisonous hairs were removed. After that, we cut the heads and roots off and left them to soak in water overnight; this removed any last sting from them and made them safe to handle without gloves.


The next afternoon, we bashed them with a rock to split them open, then removed the pith by cracking it and pulling it out, leaving just the strong nettle fibres. We then twisted a few fibres together to create cordage. This part was rather fiddly, but we persevered and were all able to make some strong string of which a caveman would have been proud.


The children worked really cooperatively together, and I think we all have a new found respect for the skills of Stone Age men and women!







China open afternoon: February 2017

It was really lovely to welcome parents to our open afternoon today. The afternoon began with a Chinese song, which the children performed with their own actions. The children then had the opportunity to share their learning with their parents before enjoying a tasty snack of spring rolls, prepared by the children earlier in the day. Then it was time for something a little sweeter, as fortune cookies were passed around with messages from the children inside. The afternoon ended with a session of Tai Chi, where both children and adults enjoyed performing together.Thank you to all the parents who came, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! 



Fantastic Fire Engine Visit:January 2017

Today, Woodpeckers had a lovely surprise to end the week. Firefighters from Bromyard station visited in their engine and invited us to experience life on board. The children loved trying on the uniform and asked some very interesting questions. Many thanks to the team who seemed to really enjoy the enthusiasm of the children! Thank you Mrs Fisher, for organising the visit. 





Introduction to China day: January 2017 

To begin our new topic of China, Woodpeckers class spent the whole day immersing ourselves into aspects of the Chinese culture. 

To start the day off, we had a go at Tai Chi, which Chinese children all do at the beginnings of their school day too. 


Then we played some strategic Chinese maths games, that some children recognised as forerunners to chess!


After break, we cooked and ate healthy spring rolls-and invited the Fledglings to come in for a taste as well. 


We all learned lots about China, and had a lot of fun too. 

What Inspires us?: January 2017

Today, Woodpeckers had a very special visit from Mrs Wojciehowski. She had been invited into school to talk to us about how Jesus inspires her as a Christian. The children asked some very thoughtful and interesting questions, and listened exceptionally well whilst they were answered. Thank you Mrs Wojciehowski, for taking the time to speak to us.

Woodpeckers Mayan Feast: December 2016

To finish off our rainforest survival topic, Woodpeckers class prepared a feast, using all ingredients from the rainforest that the Mayan civilisation would also have used. We made guacamole using Guatamalan avocado, and salsa using chili and ripe tomatoes. We also enjoyed traditional Mexican tortilla chips and some pieces of delicious Brazilian chocolate. We washed our feast down with a delicious Mexican milkshake called 'horchata', using rice milk, cinnamon and sugar.

As well as learning more about the tastes of the rainforest, we used a number of important food technology skills, including safe knife handling, fine chopping and understanding flavour combinations. 

Super Science: November 2016

The children in Woodpeckers have really enjoyed learning all about Animals and Humans during science this year. We have found out about digestion, different animal diets and their teeth, the importance of keeping teeth healthy and food chains/webs. Today we learned how animals are dependent on green plants, and each other, and created our very own food web!

Fantastic football: November 2016

Following on from our P.E focus of stability and object control in Tag Rugby, this half term we will be reinforcing these skills through football. The children were introduced to some of the basics today, but will move on to developing ball control, attack and defence skills, sending and receiving and awareness of the tactical game. We look forward to seeing their progress.


Rainforest Dioramas: October 2016

Woodpeckers spent a wonderful day creating dioramas as part of our Rainforest topic. We used lots of different Design and Technology skills, such as cutting, sticking, and creating 3D models, as well as using art skills with drawing and painting. 

Year 4/5 Gymnastics Festival: April 2016

On Friday April 22nd, the Year 4 children from Woodpeckers, together with Year 5, travelled excitedly to Chantry school to take part in an afternoon of Gymnastics. On arrival, we were put into groups and were shown to our starting activities. There was a wide variety of skills demonstrated from forward rolls, to jumping on and over the vault. The amazing afternoon ended after a super demonstration of gymnastics skills from several Young leaders. They showed us what hard work and dedication could achieve. Well done to all those who took part.  



Super trip to Selly Manor: April 2016

After having to postpone our trip due to the awful flooding a few weeks ago, Woodpeckers were very excited to finally be going to Selly Manor in Birmingham. We have been learning all about significant events that took place during the Tudor times, and wanted to find out more about what every day life was life for Tudor people.

The Sun was shining and the children were smiling as we met our guide  Mary. She was brilliant at bringing history to life and was impressed by all our Tudor knowledge. We enjoyed a fascinating tour of the house, dressed up in Tudor armour and clothes, and played a variety of Tudor games. We all enjoyed our day, which ended with a visit to the shop. As usual, the children were a credit to Clifton and we all had a memorable day. 


Year 3/4 Rounders Tournament: February 2016

On Thursday 4th February, 9 members of Woodpeckers took part in a wonderful afternoon of rounders! The games were fast and furious and we all had lots of fun. The team enjoyed taking turns as fielders and on posts, and there were lots of impressive catching and throwing skills demonstrated. Unfortunately they didn't win the cup, but were winners in our eyes for showing such enthusiasm and sporting behaviour. A special well done must go to Willow and Jonah who were talented spotted during the afternoon. 


Young Voices: January 2016

This week, the children from Eagles and Woodpeckers class took part in a special concert to mark 20 years of Young Voices. It was a very long day, but we all thoroughly enjoyed singing our hearts out and dancing the night away. We are incredibly proud of the dedication and enthusiasm shown by the children, leading up to, and during the concert. They clearly gained a lot from the experience and we are sure they will have many happy memories of the day. Well done every one! 




King Ramses II Treasure Hunt Challenge: October 2015

This week in maths, Woodpeckers class have enjoyed a variety of challenges which tested their knowledge of comparing and ordering numbers, place value, addition, subtraction and times tables. They worked hard to complete the challenges and earn amulets, in the hope of opening the treasure chest of goodies. As a class, they earned over 150 amulets and were all able to take home a half term treat. Well done Woodpeckers! 


Worcester Warriors: October 2015

Woodpeckers Class have really enjoyed the opportunity to work with members of Worcester Warriors Rugby Club over the past half term, improving their rugby, but also their maths skills. They were very proud to receive their certificates this week.

Super Skeletons: October 2015

As part of our science topic 'Animals and Humans', we have been looking at the human skeleton and finding out why it is so important.  We then used art straws to create our own animal skeletons, and went on to use the Skitch App to label them. Take a look at the photos below. Can you guess which animals the skeletons belong to?




Dance Festival: September 2015

Today, children from Woodpeckers enjoyed a fabulous afternoon of dance where they had the opportunity to master a variety of dance styles, including  Bollywood, Street and cheerleading. As usual, our children were brilliantly behaved and it was a pleasure watching them overcome their shyness to share their routines at the end of the afternoon. Why not ask them to teach you a few moves?


Welcome to Woodpeckers: September 2015 

 It has been a pleasure getting to know our latest additons to Woodpeckers. They have shown that they are incredibly hard working and enthusiastic about their learning. The year 4 children have been setting a super example, and have helped them to settle in really well. 

We have already learnt lots about the Ancient Egyptians, including Howard Carter and his amazing discoveries, mummification and all about the Egyptian gods. The children  enjoyed making amulets, and then wrote detailed instructions so other children could enjoy making them too!