Life at Clifton-upon-Teme Primary School Life at Clifton-upon-Teme Primary School Life at Clifton-upon-Teme Primary School Life at Clifton-upon-Teme Primary School Life at Clifton-upon-Teme Primary School Life at Clifton-upon-Teme Primary School Life at Clifton-upon-Teme Primary School Life at Clifton-upon-Teme Primary School Life at Clifton-upon-Teme Primary School

Welcome to The Eagles Class Page


Mrs Hughes and Eagles class welcome you to our class pages. We hope that you enjoy finding out all about the work we do in Eagles class. We aim to work hard to ensure that we become more responsible and independent learners. We always ensure that our learning is flying high so that we can be the best we can possibly be. Please keep checking our pages to see our amazing work and hear all about our learning in class. Here is a gallery to give you a flavour of learning in Eagles class:

Eagles Class - Our Current Learning

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Eagles Archive Pages

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                                                  Eagles Class Archive - Autumn Term 2016


          Eagles Class Archive - Spring Term 2017                Eagles Class Archive - Summer Term 2017

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Eagles Class Gallery (23 images)

This gallery gives a flavour of all the exciting learning that we do in Eagles Class!

Our Learning in Eagles (24 images)

Here is a gallery that will give you a flavour of all the exciting learning that we do in Eagles class

Horner's Mill 2017 (35 images)

Sports Day 2017 (31 images)

A collection of photos of our school sports day 2017

France 2017 (40 images)


Miniature Gardens (17 images)

Palette of Colour (18 images)

Pond Dipping (42 images)

ICE CURLING (47 images)

Den Building (16 images)

Mud Homes (40 images)

Xmas Tree Creation (10 images)

Jigsaw run and Small Dens (14 images)

Making Bird Feeders (31 images)

Born in a Barn (16 images)

2016 Christmas Show

Making Gingerbread Men (7 images)

Hedgehog Homes (15 images)

Map Reading and playing among the leaves (13 images)

Eagles Malvern Outdoor Centre Residential October 2016 (38 images)

Here is just a flavour of what Eagles go up to on their recent residential to Malvern!

senses (7 images)

SKELETONS AND I SPY... (16 images)

MUD FACES (26 images)

Robins 2016 -2017 (14 images)

Horner's Mill 2016 (30 images)

Special Awards 2016 (5 images)

Mystery at Magpie Manor (23 images)

KS2 end of year show 2016

Animal Man Trevor's Visit (24 images)

Eagles First Aid Training June 2016 (16 images)

Here are some photos of our First Aid Training with Michelle from St John Ambulance

French visit 2016 (32 images)

Birds nests (18 images)

After School Club Gallery (6 images)

Fractions (10 images)

Plants (15 images)

Mud Faces (23 images)

Den Building 2016 (13 images)

What's Under Your Feet? (16 images)

Picasso 2016 (13 images)

Brockhampton 2016 (19 images)

Hey Ewe (15 images)

Robins & Fledglings Christmas Musical

Fledglings farm Nativity 2015 (23 images)

Eagles Cross Country Championships 2015 (21 images)

On Friday 16th October Eagles competed in the School Games Cross Country Championships held in Malvern

Pirates (53 images)

Cinderella & Rockerfella (33 images)

KS2 End of Year Show July 2015

Horner's Mill 2015 (25 images)

Clifton School Sports Week 2015 (39 images)

A gallery of images that give a flavour of our School Sports Week in June 2015

Fire of London (23 images)

SHORTWOOD FARM (101 images)

Hero Graduation Day 2015 (24 images)

Show Garden Public Days (7 images)

Show Garden Results Day (12 images)

Show Garden Judging Day (4 images)

The Finished Garden (11 images)

Show Garden Build Day 13 (7 images)

Show Garden Build Day 12 (3 images)

Show Garden Build Day 11 (14 images)

Show Garden Build Day 10 (7 images)

Show Garden Build Day 9 (6 images)

Show Garden Build Day 8 (6 images)

Fledglings bedroom and kitchen collages (9 images)

Woodpeckers African Masks (20 images)

Show Garden Build Day 7 (12 images)

Show Garden Build Day 6 (12 images)

Show Garden Build Day 5 (7 images)

Show Garden Build Day 4 (8 images)

Show Garden Build Day 3 (7 images)

Show Garden Build Day 2 (9 images)

Show Garden Build day 1 (14 images)

Fledglings maths (23 images)

Fledglings PE and Funky Fingers (24 images)

Fledglings Cookery 2015 (22 images)

Fledglings House models 2015 (10 images)

Fledglings Forest School 2015 (10 images)

Fledglings Art Attack 2015 (20 images)

Fledglings Santa 2014 (9 images)

Fledglings role play 2015 (13 images)

Fledglings Water Play 2015 (10 images)

Fledglings block play 2015 (9 images)

Fledglings Investigation 2015 (15 images)

Fledglings bowls 2015 (13 images)

Red Nose Day 2015 (54 images)


Seed Sowing and plant dividing (5 images)

Dens, JIgsaw Rebuilding, Pass the Wombat/Joey (27 images)

Orienteering (10 images)

Ice race, ice pass (9 images)

Bird Feeders and Big School Birdwatch (8 images)

Two for One Christmas Decorations (14 images)

KS2 Intra House Sports Feb 2015 (29 images)

Robins Forest School Autumn / Winter 2014-2015 (196 images)

Frozen Day (42 images)

Frozen January 2015 (5 images)

Vegetable Fun Day (48 images)

Christmas Fun 2014 (37 images)

Away in a Manger (35 images)

Christmas Show 2014

Longlands nativity 2014 (45 images)

Eco - making bird feeders (10 images)

Eco Activities 2014-2015 HEDGEHOG HOTEL BUILDING (15 images)

Michael Morpurgo Pictures (16 images)

Poppy Making 2014 (15 images)

Multi Skills at Chantry 2014 (41 images)

Eco/Gardening 2014-2015 (10 images)

Eagles Malvern Residential Visit October 2014 (49 images)

What an amazing time we had on our residential trip to Malvern Outdoor Elements. Here is a flavour of the things that we got up to whilst there.

Fledglings' Wild Things (9 images)

Fledglings 2014 (29 images)

House Sports Competition Sept 2014 (6 images)

Art Day Sept 2014 (18 images)

Aladdin Trouble (26 images)

Our 2014 end of year show

Robins Forest School - Spring/Summer 2014 (74 images)

Spring and Summer 2014

Pond dipping (15 images)

Horner's Mill 2014 (42 images)

French visit 2014 (35 images)

Victorian Museum ~ Eagles Class (21 images)

Fledglings house models 2014 (9 images)

Pig puppets (9 images)

May Fayre 2014 (9 images)

Robins Forest School (71 images)

Robins Forest School Spring 2014

Date needed Photos (12 images)

2000s Photos (9 images)

1970s Photos (1 images)

A Blast from the Older Past (15 images)

Archive from early 1900s

Easter Fun Day (17 images)

Fun activities on the last day of term

Fledglings Brockhampton April 04 (48 images)

Sport Relief 2014 (18 images)

Our Fun Run for Sport Relief!

Magical Christmas Jigsaw (23 images)

Cast photos